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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #224

8/14/06 – 8/18/06

Jared really flipped out on Theresa
The man really went off on her this week.  He was upset that she kept her true identity from him.  It’s understandable that he was upset, but he was really going off on her.  He was getting mad as if they were really a couple.  Theresa never said that she wasn’t a Crane.  He just assumed that she was poor.  She did try to tell him about who she really is, but he wouldn’t let her talk.  We would understand his anger if he asked her about who she was and she didn’t say she was rich.  It would also be more understandable if Jared and Theresa were a couple.  They just met a couple of days ago (Harmony time).  They don’t know each other we enough for her to start telling him everything about herself.  She doesn’t know everything about him, but she was supposed to tell him everything about herself.  We have another problem with Jared’s anger towards Theresa.  He has some big problem with the Cranes, but he wasn’t mad at Chad for being a Crane.  Chad didn’t tell Jared that he was a Crane either, but he still wanted to talk to him.

Pilar was at it again
Once again Pilar told Theresa to go after Ethan.  What is with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds?  They seem to think that they have to be with the mothers or fathers of their babies unless the loves of their lives aren’t the parents.  Pilar seems to think that Theresa should be with Ethan because he is little Ethan’s father.  Where was this “great” advice when Theresa had Jane?  She didn’t tell her to break up Ethan and Gwen’s marriage when she had her. Does Pilar think that little Ethan deserves both of his parents, but Jane doesn’t?  Is this something to think about here?

Theresa should have told Ethan and Julian the truth
She really backed herself into a corner this week.  Once again she tried to make excuses for why she couldn’t tell Ethan and Julian the truth about little Ethan.  Well, that bit her in the butt this week.  Julian wants to sue her for shared or full custody of little Ethan.  Julian tried to reason with Theresa by asking her if he could spend more time with little Ethan.  She said no once again.  Ethan also tried to reason with her, but she still refused to allow Julian to spend time with her son.  Pilar kept telling Theresa to tell Julian and Ethan the truth, but we all know how Theresa is so you know what she did.  She refused to listen to Pilar. If she told the truth, she wouldn’t have to worry about Julian going after her son.

She also found out this week that Ethan would want to have shared custody of his son too.  We like how Gwen can’t be blamed for this.  A lot of Theresa fans as well as Theresa herself thought that Gwen would be the one who talked him into wanting joint custody of little Ethan.  Well, that wasn’t the case.  Gwen wasn’t around when he said that he would want to do the same thing Julian wanted to do.  Now she’s really screwed because she could lose her child either way and she only has herself and not Gwen to blame for it.

Who is Theresa to decide who should have custody of her son?
Theresa said a couple of things that really bothered us this week.  First, she thinks that because she raised little Ethan she is the only one entitled to have him.  She is the reason why she is the only one who raises him because she won’t tell Ethan and Julian the truth.  Actually, the nanny should be the one who is entitled to raise little Ethan since she is the one who sees him more than Theresa.  The woman was too busy to watch little Ethan’s softball game, but she thinks that she’s entitled to have sole custody.  Give us a break!

The other thing she said that bothered us was that little Ethan would lose his inheritance and that Ethan can find out the truth when little Ethan is older.  Are you kidding?  What right does Theresa have to deprive the Cranes of their money or more importantly, to deny Ethan the right to know his son?  She seems to think that her child is more important and should inherit money that he doesn’t deserve.  It’s not right at all.  She also has no right to deny Ethan the right to know his son just because she’s afraid she’ll lose him six months out of the year.  She’s worried about losing little Ethan for six months, but what about what she’s doing to Ethan?  He won’t get to be with him at all.  We really hope that the writers don’t think that everyone in the audience approves of Theresa’s decisions.  We don’t think the writers are doing her any favors by having her act this way.

Luis and Fancy’s relationship is contrived
As most of our long time readers know, we are Shuis fans.  With that being said, we don’t like the way the writers are building up the Luis/Fancy relationship.  It’s so obvious that the writers are trying to recycle the Shuis love story, but it’s not working with us.  We liked the story the first time around.  Luis and Fancy’s relationship is forced and that didn’t happen with Luis and Sheridan.  Luis and Fancy’s fights are not the same as Shuis’s fights.  It was interesting to see Shuis fall for each other.  They weren’t in love with other people or scheming to be together.  Luis and Fancy were in love with Sheridan and Noah.  Fancy is also scheming to spend time with Luis.  The best thing about Shuis’s relationship was that they didn’t have to scheme to be together.

Here are some random thoughts:

Theresa is willing to go through so much trouble to fight to keep little Ethan, but she has given up on fighting for Jane.

Jessica must have amnesia too since she forgot that she worked for Mark Cosmetics once.

When will Eve realize that she doesn’t have to keep watching over TC at the expense of her relationship with Julian?

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