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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #223

8/7/06 8/11/06

What has happened to Pilar?
What on earth was wrong with her this week?  She told Theresa to go after Ethan again.  Can you believe that?  Pilar has spent years telling Theresa not to come between Ethan and Gwen, but now she thinks she should go after him again.  Did something happen to Pilar's brain while she spent months off screen?  Pilar claimed that marriage is sacred, but now Gwen is supposed to be considered collateral damage.  Why would she feel this way?  What type of religious person would suggest that her daughter break up a marriage?  What has changed her mind about the importance of marriage?  She should have been grateful that Theresa finally wanted to do the right thing.  This is definitely a time when Theresa shouldn't listen to her mother.  Since she never listens to anyone else's advice that differs from what she wants to do, that shouldn't be a problem.

Spike replacing Alistair as the new villain
This is a terrible idea.  Spike is such a poorly written character and the last thing the writers need to do is make him have power.  This will make his part bigger.  We really don't want to see that happen.  We would much rather see Alistair play the main villain on the show than see Spike's part bigger.  He doesn't seem intimidating enough to us.  He also doesn't have the acting chops to pull off this role.  John Reilly was a really good actor so he made his role more believable.  He rally seemed like a true bad guy.  Spike doesn't play the bad guy well at all.  We were really hoping that he would have been written off the show, but that didn't happen.  The writers could have kept Alistair or made Julian the bad guy again instead of beefing up Spike's role.

Fancy wanted to risk her life again
Fancy wants to be a cop.  She doesn't want to do it to help people the way Paloma does.  She just wants to do it so she can get closer to Luis.  Now this new career moves makes no sense.  First, she already has a job with Crane Industries.  Second, she can barely defend herself.  Noah and Luis were constantly saving her.  She's also not very observant either.  Chris was able to in the police station right under her nose.  If she weren't so obsessed with getting closer to Luis, Spike wouldn't have been able to get his gun back.  Chris could have been busted if she weren't scheming to get Luis.  Thanks a lot, Fancy.  Another thing, police work is supposed to be serious and danger work so why would Fancy do it because of a crush?  She is such a spoiled princess that it's hard to believe that she would risk her life to help someone else.

Luis is so sexist
He didn't want Paloma and Fancy to be cops.  They decided to be cops this week.  We can understand why he didn't want Fancy to do it, but there was no reason why Paloma couldn't do it.  She actually wants to be a cop to help people and not to land a guy like what Fancy wants to do.  If being a cop is such a bad thing, why does he do it?  Why is it good enough for him and not Paloma?  We understand that he's worried about her getting hurt, but that could happen whether she's a cop or not.  If Palma were a man, Luis would have signed her up with no problem.  The scenes at the police station were funny, but they proved that our boy is sexist.

Here are some random thoughts:

How come Theresa let little Ethan spend the night with Ethan and Gwen when she doesn't want them near her son?

Wasn't Theresa being a hypocrite this week when she said that Gwen was a conniving liar?  She is the same way so they have more in common than she thought.

Why didn't Endora stop up Fox's ears so he wouldn't fall victim to Siren's curse?

Since Jared knew that Alistair married a younger woman, why didn't he know who Theresa was sooner?

Speaking of Jared, why didn't he notice that Theresa was wears a huge rock on her finger?

How did Spike know where Luis put his gun at the police station?  It could have been anywhere.

Why are the writers forcing Jared and Theresa's relationship?  The woman spent years loving Ethan so it's not believable that she has fallen for Jared so fast.

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