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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #222

7/31/06 8/4/06

Why is Kay given a free pass?
That is what's really bugging us about this story.  She was the one who was forcing herself onto Miguel while forgetting about Fox, but she's let off the hook for it.  Just because she had selective amnesia that doesn't make her actions right.  Please don't misunderstand.  We think Miguel is wrong for taking advantage of the situation, but it was Kay's fault that he stepped over the line.  She was the one who used the lust potion on Miguel so that's why he couldn't control himself with her.  He was the one who kept trying to fight her off, but she wouldn't give up.  She practically raped him again, but she's given the free pass because of her condition.

Once she got her memory back, she was really being annoying.  She blamed Miguel for taking advantage of her.  She remembered that Miguel didn't want to have sex with her, but she conveniently forgot that she used the lust potion on Miguel.  She also got mad at Fox for being with Siren when she was fawning over Miguel for weeks.  She kept driving it home that she didn't know what she was doing, but he did.  Well, if she has her memory back, then she should remember that Siren was a mermaid.  She knew how hard Siren was trying to bed Miguel so why didn't she realize what Siren did to Fox?  In our opinion, Kay is just as responsible for what happened with Fox and Miguel as they are.  She shouldn't be let off the hook just because she had convenient amnesia.

Theresa rants
Just when we thought that she wouldn't work our nerves anymore, she proved us wrong again.  First, Theresa insisted on allowing Jared to think that she is poor.  Theresa fans may think this is sweet and harmless, but that's not the case to us.  She is not starting this relationship off the right way.  This is the same thing that she did when she wanted to be with Ethan.  She kept her identity from Ethan just as she's doing with Jared.  Will this girl ever learn to tell the truth?  Right, since it's Theresa, it's okay and she's just omitting the truth.  Whether she's lying or omitting, she is still wrong.

Second, Julian wanted to see little Ethan this week.  Theresa refused to let him see the boy.  This is so wrong.  If she expects per precious little boy to get control of the Crane Empire, she might want to let Julian see the boy.  She should either put up or shut up as far as little Ethan is concerned.  Julian was being really good to Theresa when he asked her to spend time with little Ethan.  She insisted on being nasty and then had the gall to say that she is Mrs. Crane to Julian.  Hello?!  Julian is a Crane too.  He has every right to see the boy as long as he thinks he's his.  Here's a thought:  She is willing to throw her weight around to keep Julian from getting joint custody of little Ethan, but she's afraid of fighting Ethan for custody.  Does that make any sense to anyone who is not a Theresa fan?  With any luck, Julian will go after joint custody of little Ethan.  It would serve her right since she didn't want to let Julian see him.  It was a small request, but she wouldn't do it.  If Julian does sue for joint custody, maybe little Ethan's real paternity will be revealed.  We can't wait to see Theresa fall flat on her face.

What will it take for Gwen to leave Ethan?
Gwen is our girl, but what is wrong with her?  Ethan goes overboard letting her know how he feels about Theresa without even telling her, but she won't leave him.  How many more ways will Ethan be allowed to embarrass her before she comes to her senses and leaves this guy?  She can't blame Theresa for why he's acting the way he is.  Theresa isn't the one that's going out of her way to run after him anymore.  He is the one that's too worried about her.  Gwen sees this, but she chooses to ignore it and stay in the marriage.  No one would blame her if she decided to leave Ethan.

Ethan is a poor excuse for a husband
He had to be the first one to check on Theresa when she got hurt.  Jared hit her with the ball during the ball game and she was knocked out.  Well he had to run over to her to make sure she was okay.  He didn't have to do that since there were other people around to help her.  Gwen shouldn't have had to tell him how Jared knew first aid to get him to leave her side.  He also seemed upset that Theresa pushed him off her when she collided into him.  Why would he care if he's over her?  He needs to stop leading Gwen on and free her so that she can find love elsewhere.

Here are some random thoughts:

How did Gwen know that Jared knew first aid?

Why did Noah say that Sam and TC used to be good friends?  Did something happen that we didn't know about?

Why didn't Whitney go check on her father this week?  It was weird that she chose to spend the day with Theresa, Chad, etc. and not him.

Why didn't Julian go to the Habitat For Humanity benefit?  He said it was important, but he didn't go to it.

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