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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #221

7/24/06 7/28/06

Can Theresa's cheerleaders put the pom poms down please?
We are really getting sick of Theresa's cheerleaders constantly cheering for their girl.  Noah was the one who did it this week.  He kept telling Ethan how he had to be in love with Theresa.  We all know he loves her, but goodness, does it have to be crammed down our throats?  Noah just seemed to forget that Ethan loves Gwen too.  He was just too focused on how he loved Theresa.  It's bad enough that Fancy was driving that home last week, but it was Noah's turn this week.  We're going to use our psychic abilities here.  Every time Ethan is alone with Noah, Fancy, or Chad, they will tell him about his feelings for Theresa.  We know that will happen if any of them catch Ethan looking at Theresa.  Let's move on to another Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Miguel's horn were showing
He was really enjoying himself this week, wasn't he?  He looked as if he enjoyed pushing Fox's buttons about it.  He told Fox that maybe Kay really wants to be with him.  Does that sound like someone who is upset about being in that situation?  We didn't think so either.  Miguel even seemed like he was upset that Fox wanted to help Kay get her memory back.  What are the writers doing with this ridiculous story?  Which couple are we supposed to want to see together?  Are we supposed to root for Fox and Kay or Miguel and Kay?  Should we see Miguel as a villain because he raped Kay or took advantage of her/  This is really confusing.  We don't think that Miguel is right to take advantage of Kay's convenient condition so that answers one question.  What about the others?  The story is just an excuse for the writers to test the waters with Miguel and Kay without making her responsible for her actions.

Enough already, Fancy
We can't begin to tell you how sick we are of Fancy whining about losing Noah.  We get it.  She thinks he cheated on her.  She knows what Alistair is capable of, but she still thought Noah was lying to her.  Give it a rest, please!  We know why she is refusing to forgive Noah.  It has nothing to do with Maya.  She is sprung over Luis.

We have another problem with Fancy.  We don't like the way she is trying to pursue Luis.  We know that we liked the possibility of Luis and Fancy, but that didn't last long.  She has gotten on our nerves with her constant whining and the way she ruined Luis's chance to find Marty.  Anyway, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat when Sheridan told her that she was over Luis.  Now she thinks it's okay to go after Luis.  She barely let Luis grieve over Marty before she was rubbing her hands together plotting on how to spend more time with Luis.  Guess Esme and Theresa were right about her when they told her about how she felt about Luis.  We're sure that Foah fans must be just as upset with this development in the plot as Shuis fans must be.

Theresa still wanted to play games with Ethan
She tried to make Ethan jealous by dancing very close to Jared this week.  She knew that he was watching her so she made sure he saw her dancing with Jared.  She claimed that she did it to goad Gwen, but we're not so sure about that.

Another thing bothered us this week about her.  She still refused to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan.  She wants him to have the Crane fortune.  It makes no sense to us.  There is no need to rehash this rant over and over, but we wanted to point out that she still refuses to tell the truth.  Will she ever learn?

Gwen was really driving it home that Theresa is over chasing Ethan
You would think that Gwen would be happy that Theresa is finally through chasing Ethan.  No, she had to keep driving it home that Theresa was over Ethan and has fallen in love with Jared.  It's as if she wanted to make Ethan jealous.  Could that be possible?  Maybe she and/or Rebecca hired Jared to fall for Theresa.  It would explain why he doesn't seem to know who Theresa is and why Gwen is so interested in what's going on between them.

Why is Whitney rushing Theresa?
Theresa just decided that she wanted to stop chasing Ethan, but Whitney expects her to move on with her life so fast.  It's good that Whitney wanted Theresa to move on, but why so fast?  What's in it for Whitney?  Why couldn't Whitney talk Theresa into fighting for Jane?  She also could have told Theresa that she shouldn't worry about falling in love again until she was completely over Ethan.  She didn't do that.  She seemed like she was obsessed with getting Theresa to fall in love with Jared.  Here's another theory did Whitney hire Jared to fall for Theresa?  Maybe she wanted to guarantee that she got over Ethan.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why did Whitney go to the game when her father was in the hospital?

Why was the police station empty during the day?  Was everyone at the softball game?

Since Theresa runs Crane Industries, would it have hurt her to put to work down long enough to watch the softball game?  It's not as if she would have been fired.

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