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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #220

7/17/06 - 7/21/06

What took Theresa so long to give up on Ethan?
We would really like to know what took Theresa so long to give up on Ethan?  He has been telling her for years that he wasn't leaving Gwen, yet she relentlessly pursued him like there was no tomorrow.  No matter how many times he told her to move on, she wouldn't do it.  Now all of a sudden, she wants to give up on him.  What miraculous event took place that made her decide to give up on him?  She's in no different a position from before, yet now it's time to throw in the towel?  We're not buying that it will last.  She's made this claim before and it lasted a short while.

Did Ethan expect Theresa to wait for him forever?
It certainly looked as if Ethan expected Theresa to wait for him to finally decide to be with her.  When Theresa dropped the bombshell that they were finished, he was crying.  He couldn't believe that she was telling him that she was giving up on him.  What nerve did he have being upset that it was over between them?  The man has been married to another woman for years and he's been telling Theresa to leave him alone.  Now that he's gotten what he wanted, he has the gall to be upset.  We assume that even Theresa wouldn't have put up with him pushing her away forever.  A woman should have her pride.  Ethan just hates how he can't have his cake and eat it too.  He must have loved how Theresa kept chasing after him.  He probably felt more like a man having tow women fight over him.  Since one of the women threw in the towel, he's not a happy camper.

Why would Fancy care that Alistair was dead?
The man would have had her killed by lions, but Fancy was still crying over losing him.  You would think that she wouldn't care that much after everything she found out about him.

Gwen attacked Theresa
Maybe Gwen needs to consider taking some anger management classes.  She also might want to consider getting some glasses.  This week when Gen thought she saw Theresa hugging Ethan, she attacked her.  It turned out to only be Noah that Theresa was hugging.  It's hard to believe that Gwen couldn't tell that Noah wasn't Ethan.  After all the years that she has known Ethan, she should know what he looks like from behind.

Let's get back to how she attacked Theresa.  Gwen must be like a bull seeing red when she sees Theresa.  She charged after her like she had the right to do it.  Luckily for Gwen Theresa can't fight to save her life or else she might not be able to get away with attacking her.

Ethan said he would dump Gwen
That was so rich of him to tell Fancy that he would dump Gwen in a heartbeat if he knew what Gwen did.  He has done way worse to her over the years, but he would leave her over the tabloid.  To make matters worse, he told Fancy that he didn't want to be like the men he knew at the country club who left their wives or cheated on their wives.  That should make Gwen feel great.  What a wonderful husband he is...NOT!! If he loves Theresa the way he claims, then why doesn't he just leave Gwen?  Is Ethan that much of a saint that he can't get a divorce?  He has proven over the years that he is not a saint.  Guess only Ethan would stay with a woman he doesn't really love just because he doesn't want to be like other lecherous husbands.

Luis seemed to care more about losing Sheridan than Marty
Maybe we were wrong about this, but we got the impression that Luis was upset about losing Sheridan.  Sure he mentioned Marty, but he was worried about not being with Sheridan anymore.  When he was talking to Fancy, he kept stressing the fact that he lost Sheridan and that he would never find love again. What about the fact that he will never see his son again?  That should have been more important.  Even if there's a chance that he could get Sheridan back, he still wouldn't have his son.

Why wasn't Sam there for TC?
TC is supposed to be Sam's best friend, yet he was nowhere to be found at the hospital.  TC had a stroke, but Sam wasn't there for him.  Some best friend Sam is.  Those could have been good scenes since they haven't worked together for so long.

Theresa is so selfish
Why does Theresa think it's okay for her to be selfish when it concerns little Ethan?  She thinks that it's all right to keep little Ethan in the dark about his father because she's afraid of losing him.  That is a bunch of b.s. If Ethan told her that he wanted to be with her, she would tell him in a heartbeat.  It's not fair to little Ethan that she is putting her needs ahead of her son's.  Pilar tried to warn her to tell the truth, but she wouldn't do it.

Miguel practically raped Kay
We know that Kay gave Miguel the lust potion, but he was very much aware of what he was doing.  He had enough sense to remember that he made the promise to Fox that he wouldn't be with Kay.  That means he practically raped her.  He knows that she isn't herself, but he went along with sleeping with her.  Miguel's not the good guy he carries himself to be.  Please don't misunderstand us.  We think that Kay was wrong too.  She shouldn't have used the potion to get Miguel to sleep with her, but Miguel shouldn't have done it.

Here are some random thoughts:

When did TC have a stroke?  Last week, he had only had a pain in his head, but this week he had a stroke.

Since TC had a stroke, how come Whitney and Simone were at the Blue Note?  Shouldn't they have been at the hospital with their father?

Theresa claimed she had to work and that was why she wasn't able to go see Jane, but she had time to go the Blue Note? What was that about? If she had time to go to the Blue Note, then didn't she have time to see Jane?

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