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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #219

7/10/06 - 7/14/06

Sam was a little too willing to go along with Kay and Miguel being together
Maybe we saw it wrong, but Sam didn't really seem bothered by the fact that Kay could have had sex with Miguel in the shower.  When Fox tried to stop them, Sam stopped him.  He thought that Miguel would have stopped Kay on his own.  When Fox thought that he wouldn't stop it, Sam threw Eve's advice in his face.  You would think that Sam would have been bothered by Kay and Miguel possibly having sex in the shower too.  He was just a little too calm about it.  As we said in the beginning, we may have seen it wrong, but Sam wasn't reacting the way he should have been reacting.

Miguel is taking advantage of Kay
Miguel was told to keep the act going that he is engaged to Kay, but he's getting too carried away.  He all but had sex with Kay in the shower.  Sure he told Fox that he tried to stop it, but we all know differently.  Then he had the nerve to fight with Fox because he accused him of taking advantage of Kay.  Fox was well within his right to accuse him of that.  He would react the same way if the shoe were on the other foot.  Miguel keeps hiding behind the fact that Eve told him to pretend to be Kay's fiancÚ, but he failed to mention how he's in love with Kay.  He acts as if Fox's accusations are baseless.  he thought that Fox was being nothing more than a spoiled Crane.  We read the spoilers about Kay and Miguel so we know that Fox has reason to accuse Miguel of trying to be with Kay.  We won't spoil it for you, but you'll most likely find out what's going to happen.

Ethan disapproved of his friend's situation
This week, we found out that Ethan advised his friend to she for custody of the child that he conceived out of an affair.  That's not the gripe we have.  Our gripe is with the fact that he disapproved of Gary's (his friend) affair.  He thought that it was disgusting that he did that to his wife and the least he could have done was wear a condom.  That was something coming from him.  Since the writers chose to rewrite the way Jane was conceived, he did the same thing.  Granted Theresa tricked him into sleeping with her, but he still did it.  It's a wonder Theresa didn't throw that up in Ethan's face.

Theresa lied to Ethan
Theresa had the chance to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan, but she lied to him.  She was afraid that Ethan and Gwen would take little Ethan away from her.  That was just one more reason to justify her lies.  It didn't make sense for her to keep Ethan in the dark about his son.  That was a very selfish thing she did and even she knew it was selfish.  Why should Ethan and little Ethan be deprived of knowing the truth just because she's afraid of losing little Ethan?  They both have a right to know the truth.  She was ready to tell Ethan the truth when she thought she was going to get him back.  The second she thought wouldn't get him back, she chickened out of telling him the truth.  No matter what the writers try to do, we know that Theresa's main concern was getting Ethan back.  She was going to use her son as a way of accomplishing that.

To get back to Theresa thinking that she would lose custody of little Ethan, why does she feel that she should have sole custody of little Ethan?  Ethan has a right to be a part of little Ethan's life whether he's with her or not.  The writers are sending a bad message with this story.  They always make it seem as if Theresa is the only one entitled to her children just because she's the mother.  It's as if Ethan doesn't have a right to have custody of his children.  We're not trying to say that Theresa shouldn't have custody of her children, but why shouldn't Ethan have custody too?

Fancy got hurt again
What else is new, right?  When Luis had a chance to get Beth and Marty, Fancy got hurt by a lion.  She told Luis to leave her and go after Beth and Marty, but he didn't.  He saved her again.  Then when Fancy and Luis were trying to find a car so they could go after Beth, Fancy got hurt again.  As we mentioned last week, Fancy is turning into Sheridan.  It's really getting tiresome watching her get hurt every week.  Maybe Fancy should consider not helping Luis.  He would have been better off finding Marty on his own. 

TC suddenly wanted Eve back
Why does TC want to be with Eve?  He had his chance to be back with Eve, but he chose to let her go.  Now that she's happy with Julian, he wants to be with Eve.  Too little too late TC.  He should have thought about how great he had it with Eve.  When she wanted to make their marriage work.  We have a feeling that he will use his condition as a way to get Eve back.

New Sheridan
Where in the world did the writers find this new Sheridan?  This girl is not Sheridan.  She's a worse recast than the other one who played Sheridan.  The writers don't know how to recast to save their lives.  We didn't have a problem with the actress when she was on Sunset Beach, but she is not playing this role right.  We'll try to give her another chance, but we're not expecting her to be any better.

Here are some random thoughts:

What happened to the people who were in Rome?  The some of them disappeared.  Simone, Paloma, Jessica, and Spike all disappeared.

Why wasn't Fancy limping?  Earlier this week, she twisted her ankle, but she was walking around like nothing happened.

Why did Gwen think leaving Rome would get her and Ethan away from Theresa?  Did she forget that Theresa lives in Harmony too?

Why would Theresa want to die because she doesn't have Ethan?  Why wouldn't she want to be alive for her children?  Aren't they enough of a reason for her to want to live?

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