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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #218

7/3/06 - 7/7/06

Why did Gwen think she won?
When Gwen thought that she was in the clear for the tabloid mess, she thought to herself that she won and Theresa lost.  We don't really see how she's won.  Sure she has Ethan, but that doesn't mean she's won.  She pretty much won him by default.  It's a safe bet that she would lose him if he found out what she's done.  That doesn't make her a winner in our book.  If she really wanted to be a winner, she would kick Ethan to the curb and move on with a real man.  She doesn't need someone like Ethan.  If she has to continue to lie to him in order to keep him, he's not worth it.

Why didn't Gwen leave?
Speaking of Gwen kicking Ethan to the curb, why didn't she stand her ground when she said she should walk away from him?  That would have been the best decision.  At least she wouldn't have to worry about Theresa any more.  She seemed as if she was trying to manipulate Ethan by threatening to walk away from him.  She knows that he will try to stop her from leaving.  She needs to stop playing games and leave him.  She shouldn't let him have the pleasure of dumping her.

What kind of doctor is Eve?
She has got to be one of the worst doctors in the world.  Back when Theresa found out she was pregnant with little Ethan, Theresa told her that the baby could have been Ethan's.  She let Eve know that she was only on the pill one night when she slept with Ethan.  That wasn't enough for Eve.  Eve insisted that the baby had to be Julian's because she was with him last.  Now fast forward years later and the time of when Theresa took the birth control pill is a factor.  According to JT, the pill didn't have enough time to work before Theresa slept with Ethan.  Now if a tabloid editor knew that, why didn't Eve?  Eve is supposed to be a doctor, yet she never told Theresa that the pill wasn't in her system long enough to be effective.  Maybe JT needs to take Eve's place as a gynecologist since he knows more than Eve.

Theresa thought she could get Ethan back
We don't know why Theresa assumed that she was going to get Ethan back just because he's little Ethan's father.  She already has a child with him (Jane) and she still doesn't have him.  What's so different now that little Ethan is his son?  Is little Ethan supposed to mean so much more to him that he would be willing to leave his wife and be with her?  If he didn't leave Gwen for her when they had Jane, why would he do it now?  When Whitney tried to remind her of that, she wasn't hearing it.  She was still convinced that she would get Ethan.  What if Ethan tries to take him from her again?  He may end up with custody of him and Jane and have her dream fantasy with Gwen.  You never know.

Theresa forgot about the tabloid
Did you notice how Theresa suddenly forgot about the tabloid once she found out that Ethan is little Ethan's father?  All she did was mention and mention it, but now she's only focused on Ethan being little Ethan's father.  This "earth shattering" news is supposed to get her Ethan back.  She must have forgotten that he still thinks she sent his paternity to the tabloid.  That alone will keep her from getting Ethan.  It doesn't matter if they have 2 children together, he's most likely not leaving Gwen.  Perhaps she celebrated getting Ethan back too soon.

Kay and Miguel are boring
If Kay's alternate reality is an indication on the type of couple she and Miguel would make, they would be no better than she and Fox.  We were nauseated watching Kay fawn all over Miguel the way she did.  If they are like this, we don't care to see them as a couple.  When Miguel was still with Charity, we didn't mind seeing Miguel and Kay together.  Now, we could care less.  They might not have been so bad if they got together without her acting the way she is.  They generated more interest in us when Kay knew she was engaged to Fox, but still attracted to Miguel.  She wasn't acting this stepford with Fox.  She didn't fawn all over him the way she does Miguel.

Siren's obsessed with having sex
She acts as if the world is going to end if she doesn't have sex.  First it was with Miguel and then it was Fox.  She had to use magical powers just to try and seduce Fox.  When Tabitha's house was burning, she wanted to have sex with Fox.  She was acting like a mad woman or should we say mad mermaid trying to get it on with Fox.  The mermaid in the movie Splash wasn't this obsessed with having sex with the guy she loved.

Fancy is turning into Sheridan
Every time you turn around Fancy gets hurt.  This week was no different.  When Luis and Fancy were chasing Alistair and Beth, Fancy ended up getting hit.  Alistair meant for the rock to hit Luis, but Fancy got hit instead.  That kept Luis from finding Alistair and Beth.  This was not the first time it's happened.  She has been hurt several times before then. This was the same thing that used to happen to Sheridan.  She was always getting hurt too.  Guess we may as well prepare for Fancy to die every few months the way Sheridan used to.

Luis/Alistair chase scenes
Those scenes were so predictable.  It's always a safe bet that Luis will always be a step behind Alistair.  Whenever it looks as if Luis may be close to finding Alistair, Alistair does something that will make him a step ahead.  When Luis had Alistair and Beth trapped, Alistair made them disappear and Luis lost them.  What else is new?  At this rate, Luis will never get Marty back.

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