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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #217

6/26/06 - 6/30/06

Ethan was so high and mighty about lies
Didn't Ethan have a nerve practically chastising Gwen about lying to him?  He said that their marriage would be over if he found out she lied about the tabloid.  It would be all good and well if he hadn't lied throughout his marriage.  He hasn't told her of the things he's done with Theresa.  We didn't exactly hear him rush to tell her about kissing her when he saved Theresa from being hit with the stone that JT threw at her.  Why didn't he come clean about that?  He expects total honesty, but he can lie like there's no tomorrow.  If Ethan thinks his marriage will be over if he finds out about Gwen, than Gwen might be better off.  If we had a nickel for the things that he has done to her for why their marriage should be over, we would probably be as rich as Alistair.

Ethan wants it both ways
Ethan was taking his profession too far when he was grilling Gwen about knowing JT.  He was convinced that Theresa could have been telling the truth about him because she was willing to risk her life to get the proof that Gwen and Rebecca sent his paternity to the tabloid.  Now if he really believes that Theresa could be telling the truth, why did he defend Gwen to Theresa?  He told Theresa that he trusts Gwen and that she would never betray him like that.  You would never know he felt that way after the way he interrogated Gwen.  It's apparent that he wants to believe both of them.  That is impossible.  In order for him to believe Gwen, he would have to think that Theresa is guilty and vice versa.  There is no in-between.  Ethan has himself in quite the little predicament doesn't he?

Jessica didn't help Noah
She certainly showed her gratitude when Noah needed her help  After everything he tried to do to help her, she sided with Spike and didn't tell the truth.  When Noah needed her to tell Fancy that Lena and Maya were working with Alistair to break up him and Fancy, she said that Noah was lying.  She said that Sam taught them not to lie and that Noah was lying to Fancy.  When Noah came to Rome and found out about Jessica, one of his main concerns was to save her.  Even when Lena had them at gunpoint, he wanted her protected. He risked his life for her countless times, yet when it was her turn to help him, she stabbed him in the back.  When the coast was clear, she told Spike how she betrayed Noah.  It was a bit late for that.  It's too bad she didn't hear Noah say how he wanted to help her even though she stabbed him in the back.  If she did, she could have felt like dirt.

Theresa's repetitive dialogue
Why do the writers insist on having Theresa say the same thing about the tabloid every five minutes?  Alistair could ruin the world, but Theresa has her priorities elsewhere.  Oh right.  Where else would they be?  They are on Ethan.  Do the writers think that we will want to see her get what she wants if she mentions the tabloid 100 times a day?  The plan is not working.  We could really care less if the truth ever comes out.  The story has been going on so long that we don't care either way if the truth comes out.  Then again, if it doesn't come out, we'll have to constantly hear her bring up the tabloid.  Will we ever get a break from her mentioning it?  We could never play the drinking game with this because we would be drunk after 30 minutes of watching the show. LOL!

Sick of Kay's story
How much more do we have to take of this story?  It's bad enough we have to deal with a mermaid.  Now we have to deal with alternate reality.  Kay got electrocuted when she was trying to fix the washing machine.  Then she had some type of amnesia.  According to Eve's diagnosis, she's suffering from alternate reality.  She conveniently thinks that she's engaged to Miguel.  Give us a break.  She can remember things, but she can't remember that she's engaged to Fox.  This story is getting on our nerves.  The writers obviously can't decide which one to pair with Kay.  They must think that they will have their ends covered by making Kay think that she's engaged to Miguel.  The last thing this story needed was to deal with amnesia.

Do you notice the personality changes in Kay now?  Now Kay's nasty to Fox.  She was never that nasty to Fox even when they weren't together. She's also turned into another Siren. She's just as obsessed as Siren is to have sex with Miguel.  Kay never came on to Fox the way she's forcing herself on to Miguel.

Alistair must be slipping
We find it hard to believe that the most ruthless character on the show would be so careless.  First, he had secrets in his desk unlocked.  Why would he do something like that?  Anybody could have found it and did.  JT was able to find the secrets in the drawer.  He knew that other people were in his office.  The first thing he should have done was lock the drawer.  Second, he turned his back on the chalice.  He made a big thing about how important the chalice was to him.  It would have given him infinite power.  If that were true, why in the world would he turn his back on the chalice?  Did he think that no one else would want to reap the benefits of the chalice?  We would have taken it too if we were in JT's position.  While Alistair was talking to Luis, JT was able to steal the chalice.  We were surprised that Alistair let that happen so easily.  He must be slacking up.

Liz's secret
That revelation left us scratching out heads.  How is it possible for Liz to be Chad's mother?  Wouldn't she remember having Alistair's baby?  Why would she want Eve to think that her son was Eve's?  Liz was very good to rub Eve's nose in the fact that she had Chad with Julian.  Now we're supposed to forget all of that and believe that Chad is her son.  She has never made reference to having a child.  If Chad being her son wasn't enough of a rewrite, it was revealed that Liz is Eve's adopted sister. That was convenient.  This was the best the writers could come up with to fix the incest story?  The least they could have done was have Liz/Julian/Eve around when the truth came out.  That might have made for some good scenes.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why wouldn't Jessica want Luis to kill Spike?  If he did, she wouldn't have to worry about him testifying against her.

Seeing as Jessica turned her back on her brother, was it really hard to believe that he wouldn't be around for her?  Spike said that her family isn't there for her.  We see why they wouldn't be there for her.

How come Noah was able to fight off Alistair's goons, but he couldn't fight off Lena?

If Endora wants Kay to be with Fox, why wouldn't she fix her "alternate reality"?

What were the odds that Simone would find a lesbian club?  She hasn't been to one, but she was able to find it.

If Theresa wanted to catch Gwen in the act of talking to JT, why would she announce that she had the picture?  If she kept it to herself, she could have caught Gwen red handed.  What did she expect Gwen to do when she let her know about the picture?  Of course Gwen was going to destroy the proof.  Hello, she's done that before.  Can you say the computer disk?

If Siren had magical powers, why didn't she use them to get Miguel to sleep with her?  She chose to use them on Fox, but she didn't use them on Miguel.

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