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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #216

6/19/06 - 6/23/06

Gwen gave herself away
Lucky for Gwen Ethan isn't very observant.  When Gwen was talking to him about JT, she mentioned his tax problems.  She did this more than once and Ethan didn't even catch on to it.  Theresa didn't catch on to it either the second time she mentioned the tax problem.  In case you were wondering why we thinks he gave herself away, here's what she did.  Gwen had no way of knowing about JT's tax problems.  Ethan and Theresa never said a word to her about his tax problems.  Unless we missed it (which is possible), they never said anything about it to her.  How would Gwen know about the tax problems unless she knew JT?  That thought never even occurred to either of them.  They would have known that Gwen was lying about knowing JT.

Another way she gave herself away was the way she was acting toward JT.  If she didn't want Ethan to figure out that Theresa was telling the truth about her, why was she acting nervous and jittery around him?  That was a dead give away that she knew him.  As mentioned above, lucky for Gwen, Ethan isn't that observant or she could have busted big time.

Theresa only cared about JT
It didn't make any sense. Alistair could have ruined the world with the chalice, but all she was focused on was finding JT.  There were bigger things to worry about. Theresa has said over and over again that she won't give up on proving that Gwen sent Ethan's paternity to the tabloid.  Well, she proved that this week.  While everyone was looking for Alistair, she was obsessed with finding JT.  We were ready to throw something every time she brought up the tabloid.  Couldn't she give it a rest for more than five minutes?  Would that be asking for too much?

Why was JT running from Theresa?
He kept running away from her like a chicken with it's head cut off.  He pretty much did that for nothing.  Since he wasn't getting the money from Theresa, he never had to confess to the truth.  He was acting like a big chicken for nothing.  Besides, Theresa couldn't force him to say anything if he didn't want to so we didn't understand why he had to beg Alistair to help him get away from her.

Why wouldn't Fox believe Kay
Kay's story of Siren being a mermaid may sound ridiculous, but Fox wasn't even willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Kay is supposed to be the woman he loves, but every chance he gets, he defends Siren and yells at Kay. He barely knows Siren, but he will take her word over Kay's.  That really says something about their love.  It must not be as great as we are lead to believe it is.

Kay should have given up on helping Miguel
If we were Kay, we would have let Siren ruin Miguel's life by making love to him.  How many times did Kay have to warn him about her before he got the hint?  Siren being a mermaid would explain her weird behavior.  Kay went to a lot of trouble to save him from Siren, but it didn't do any good.  He still didn't listen to her.  We would let him have to find out the truth the hard way.  Then we would remind him that he should have listened to us in the first place.

Luis and Noah blamed Alistair for losing the loves of their lives
Since they both blamed Alistair, we'll talk about them one at a time.  We'll start with Luis.  Luis made a big deal about Alistair causing him to lose Sheridan and Marty.  Alistair may be guilty of many things, but he didn't make Luis lose Sheridan or Marty.  If Luis believed Sheridan about Marty, she would have had no reason to turn her back on him.  Beth might not have been able to go on the run with Marty.  Luis wouldn't have had to go after him and be presumed dead.  Sheridan wouldn't have moved on with Chris.  Luis can't put that all on Alistair.  He also can't blame Alistair entirely for what happened with Marty.  No one told Luis to pursue the cab in a high speed chase.  If he didn't, then the cab wouldn't have crashed.  Alistair didn't make him chase after the cab so how was that Alistair's fault?

Noah also blamed Alistair for losing Fancy.  He was as bad as Luis.  If Noah told Fancy what was going on in the beginning, he wouldn't have had to lose Fancy.  She would have known why he had to pretend to be with Maya.  She would have also known his connection to Lena.  Instead, he had to keep her in the dark about the situation.  Now that he knows the truth, he expects Fancy to just buy it.  It was really easy to put it on Alistair.  He needs to take responsibility for his own actions.  If he told Fancy the truth, Alistair's plan wouldn't have worked.  If Noah wants someone to blame, he should look at the man in the mirror.

Fancy messed up again
If Fancy didn't have to save Alistair, Luis might have been able to put him in jail.  Fancy had to call herself helping him.  In her effort to help, Alistair was able to cause the cave to cave in.  Someone could have been killed during that cave in.  What did Fancy care?  She had to save her grandfather.  Then she had the gall to be glad that he was safe.  The same grandfather who would have been willing to let her die during the cave in.  He didn't even take her with him when he left.  He took JT instead.  That says a lot about the way Alistair cares about her.  If Fancy had her way,  Alistair would get away with murder.  As long as he's good to her, she will continue to think that he's a good person.  No wonder he can pull the wool over her eyes.

Here are some random thoughts:

Where is Siren getting her lingerie?  It's not likely that she's wearing Kay's because she doesn't dress like that.  Also, where is Siren getting her clothes?  Kay never wears revealing clothes like Siren does.

When did Whitney take the time to get a french manicure?  After all of the digging and other things that she's done, it's a wonder that her nails looked newly done.

Kay might have avoided getting electrocuted if Miguel pulled the washing machine all the way out.  Kay could have checked the plug easier if he did.  She wouldn't have had to sit on the washing machine in order to fix the wire.  She also would have seen the faulty wires.

Why would Jessica marry Spike when she knows he works for Alistair?  How did she know that Spike wasn't lying to her to keep her from killing him?

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