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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #215

6/12/06 - 6/16/06

Theresa should have known who JT was talking to
It was really hard to believe that Theresa didn't know who JT was on the phone with while she was talking to him.  Who else would JT have been talking to about her?  That should have been talking to about her?  That should have occurred to her.  No one else would have cared what she was doing at the time except Gwen and Rebecca.  It shouldn't have taken rocket science to figure that out.  There's no way she didn't know that he was on the phone so there was no excuse for why she didn't know.

Theresa shot herself in the foot
What on earth was she thinking when she tried to bribe JT to tell Ethan the truth?  That was a dead giveaway that she put JT up to saying what she wanted him to say.  If you offer someone $10 million to say what you want them to say, 9 times out of 10, they will say it.  Since Ethan was a hard nut to crack, she should have known he wasn't going to guy JT's confession so easily.  Since Theresa claims she knows Ethan so well, she should have known that he wasn't going to believe that.

Gwen blamed Rebecca for the tabloid
Although the tabloid mess was Rebecca's idea, Gwen needs to share some of the blame for her part in the scheme.  Rebecca didn't force her to go along with the plan.  She had the opportunity to say no.  If she did, Rebecca wouldn't have gone along with the scheme.  Rebecca only came up with the scheme because of Gwen.  Most likely her hatred for Theresa played a part in the plan, but she wanted to do it for Gwen too.  Gwen always forgets that when she blames her.

While we're on Gwen, we will mention how she threw Julian and Eve's situation in Rebecca's face.  That was just dirty.  Rebecca could have easily thrown up in her face how her husband is in love with another woman.  Gwen wouldn't have wanted to hear that so why would she think that Rebecca would want to hear it?

Jessica's constant screaming
Was anyone else ready to reach threw the television and choke Jessica beyond belief.  When Noah had to fight off Spike, she was about as useful as a broken phone.  Noah kicked the gun out of Lena's hand and fought Spike.  The gun was near Jessica.  Do you think she picked it up?  Of course she didn't do it.  We noticed something.  When Noah's life was in danger, she didn't do anything to help him, but when her life was in danger, she got the gun.  Perhaps she didn't want to save Noah after all.  That has to be it.  She out smarted Spike (if you can believe that) when he was ready to kill her, but she did nothing to help Noah.  You can draw your own conclusion with that one.

Kay's obsession with keeping Miguel and Siren apart
We were sick of Kay's obsession with keeping Miguel and Siren apart.  She acts as if Fox shouldn't be suspicious of her actions.  Since she can't say how she knows Siren is a mermaid, she's making herself look guilty.  She acts as if it's her business whether Miguel is with Siren.  She needs to leave him alone.  He didn't care one way or the other about her, but she acts as if it's her mission to make sure he's okay.  She is risking losing Fox for someone who only chose her by default.  Nice work, Kay.  That's a great way to treat someone who has been there for her when Miguel wasn't.

Here are some random thoughts:

Where did Simone learn to pick a lock on a door?  We have never seen her use this "talent" in the past.  Seeing as she grew up in Harmony, it's not likely that she had to use this skill before.

How come Whitney was willing to believe "the monk" when he said that her brother and sister were evil?  She has known Simone all of her life.  She should have known that Simone wasn't evil.  it didn't even take much for "the monk" to get her to believe the worst in people that she has known longer than the monk.  We loved the look on her face when she found out that she shouldn't have believed the monk.  Alistair might not have gotten his power if she listened to Chad and company.

Why didn't Chad take the hood off of the monk's head when they were fighting?  Didn't he want to know who the evil one was?  Maybe if he did that, Whitney wouldn't have helped him get the power he wanted.

What was the point of Noah finding Spike?  The writers made a big production over this story for quite a while.  We were kept in the dark over this guy that Noah and Maya saw shot in the attic.  It was all for naught since it was another story that had to do with Alistair.  Then to make it worse, they kill off Lena and Maya before we got to see them tell Fancy the truth.  What a waste of an ending.  It was so obvious that Maya was going to be toast when she agreed to tell Fancy the truth.

Does Miguel get his kicks using people?  When he was defending his relationship with Siren to Kay, he made it seem as if he would have dropped her in a heartbeat if Kay wanted to be with him.  That's practically what he did to Kay.  When Kay said she wanted to be with Fox, he said that he would be with Siren.  That doesn't sound like someone who cares for Siren.

How come Noah couldn't fight off Lena?  He was able to fend off three guys at once, but he couldn't take Lena on.  We're not trying to say that she shouldn't have been able to beat him up.  It's just weird that he couldn't take on one person, let alone a woman.  Guess Noah's not as tough as he pretends to be.

How come Fancy encouraged Luis to lie to Sheridan?  She didn't like it when she was lied to so why would she advise Luis to lie?  Is it okay to lie when she's not the one being lied to?  It must be okay to keep secrets when she's in on the secret.

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