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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #214

6/5/06 - 6/10/06

Miguel and Fox must have cheese for brains
This week Siren's fin appeared.  Surprisingly, Siren was busted with her fin.  She didn't have time to make her fin disappear the way she did before.  Anyway, when Kay pointed out that Siren was a mermaid, Siren came up with a whopper of an excuse.  She said she thought the fin would make the pictures that she and Miguel were posing for look different.  She also said that she got the fin from a costume store.  That was a neat trick considering she was under water at the time when her fin appeared.  Kay didn't buy that excuse, but Miguel and Fox did.  That was the craziest excuse in the world, but they didn't question it.  Siren being a mermaid would explain all of her weird behavior, but that didn't cross Miguel and Fox's minds. When Kay tried to tell Fox about Siren being a mermaid, he made it seem as if she was just starting trouble with Siren.  What is it going to take for them to see that something's not right with Siren?

Theresa needs to give up on Ethan
Does Ethan have to wear a sandwich board that say "give up on me" in order for Theresa to give up on Ethan?  She has schemed for years to get him and she still doesn't have him.  She even had proof that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who sent the proof to the tabloid, but he still didn't believe her.  Perhaps Ethan doesn't love her the way she thinks he does.  That so called great love was probably all in her head.  Ethan said himself that trust and love got together.  Well that must mean that he doesn't love Theresa.  If he did, he would trust her.  She wouldn't have had to try this hard to get him.  It is really insulting as women to watch her go through all of this trouble to get Ethan.

Noah was able to tell Ethan the truth
It was good that Noah finally told someone the truth, but why couldn't he tell Fancy or Luis?  Fancy's the one with her life in danger so Noah could have told her the truth.  Luis is a detective so it would have made sense for him to know about Lena and Spike.  Luis might have been able to help him solve what was going on between Lena and Spike.  Noah may be ticked off at Luis, but it would have made more sense to open up to him than to Ethan.  What in the world would Ethan do?  It's not as if Ethan could help find them.

Fancy couldn't stay in her room
When Luis wanted Fancy to stay in her room, she didn't listen.  She insisted on going to the opening so she could help trap Beth.  Her plan was to lure Beth to the gallery by showing up at the opening.  Luis was supposed to grab Beth while fancy had her distracted.  Luis told her that eh didn't want her to risk her life that way.  Naturally, Fancy didn't listen.  She was just dying to have something to do in order to get over Noah.  She also wanted to help Luis get Marty back.  Her plan was moot because Beth got the better of her.  Beth was able to poison her just as Luis caught Beth.  Beth couldn't have timed it better.  If Fancy wasn't there, Luis wouldn't have had to worry about helping her. He could have concentrated on Beth. So much for Fancy's help. 

How did Beth know Spike?
It was amazing how Beth spoke to Spike like they were partners in crime or something.  As far as we know, Beth had no reason to know Spike.  Alistair never told her about Spike, yet she knew exactly who he was when she saw him.

Why did Beth expect Spike to kill Fancy in public?
That didn't make any sense.  Anyone could have seen Spike kill Fancy if he killed her at the gallery.  Most likely she would have been the main suspect if Spike didn't get caught.  She must have forgotten that she tried to kill Fancy before.  Who else would have been the main suspect.  She should have had Spike try to kill her somewhere else.

Whitney should have seen Alistair's face
Alistair didn't even cover his face that much, but Whitney didn't see him.  We were able to see his face so Whitney should have been able to see him.  Whitney looked right in his face and she still didn't see him.  We could understand it if Alistair still had the mask on his face, but he didn't.  the hood was barely covering his face so there was no excuse as to why Whitney didn't see him.

Why did JT have to stay?
He knew that hew as supposed to leave Rome after he got bailed out of jail.  Of course he couldn't do that.  He just had to go to the gallery opening.  That made it very easy for Theresa to find him.  If he didn't Theresa to find him, he should have left Rome when he was supposed to go.  It's too bad there's no way for Rebecca to get the bail money back.

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