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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #213

5/29/06 6/2/06

Theresa's so called proof
We didn't understand why Theresa was so happy about her proof that she didn't out Ethan's true paternity to the tabloid.  She found a picture of JT and Rebecca in bed together.  For some reason, she thought that was all the proof she needed to get Ethan back.  From where we sit, that was not enough proof that Gwen and Rebecca sent the info to the tabloid.  the only thing the picture proved was that Rebecca knew JT. Rebecca never denied knowing JT so that didn't prove anything.  If Ethan asked them if they knew JT and they lied and said they didn't, then that would be proof.

Theresa's other proof was the phone call.  Theresa thought that her conversation with Gwen and Rebecca proved that they sent the info.  Neither one of them confessed to sending the info so the tape wouldn't have proven anything either.  She might have gotten lucky when the tape was gone.

How can Theresa marry Ethan?
How did Theresa thinks he could marry Ethan when she's still married to Alistair?  She always forgets that when she's going on endlessly about being with Ethan.  Just because she doesn't want to be married to Alistair doesn't mean she's suddenly single.  Also, there's no way that Alistair is going to let her divorce him so she could be with Ethan.  Did she think she could snap her fingers and Alistair would just go away?  It doesn't work that way, Theresa.  

Gwen shouldn't have been celebrating
Gwen was celebrating a little too much about the truth not coming out about the tabloid.  She may have covered her butt,, but the only thing she did was put off the inevitable.  When the truth does come out, things will be worse.  She has lied repeatedly about the tabloid so we can only imagine Ethan's reaction when he does find out the truth.  Isn't it something how easily she can lie to Ethan?  Maybe she got tips from Ethan on how to lie so easily.

Fancy was so useless
When Luis found Beth in the ceiling (yes, you read that right), Fancy stood there watching.  Beth was struggling with Luis when she was trying to get away, Fancy stood there watching.  She didn't even attempt to help him.  If she did, Beth might not have been able to get away.

Luis destroyed the hotel
In his failed attempt to get Beth, he managed to destroy a hotel room.  He made the ceiling collapse in Fancy's room when he pulled Beth from the ceiling.  We understand that he felt that he had to do whatever it took to get Beth, but he still destroyed public property.  Lucky for him none of the managers/owner of the hotel were around to see what he did.  Did you notice all of the mess was cleaned up right away?  We didn't see a broom around so how did Luis get the mess up?  He most likely called a maid to clean it up.  If he did that, the maid should have seen what he did to the hotel.  we know if it were our hotel that Luis destroyed, we wouldn't be okay with what he did no matter what the excuse was.  He would have been expected to pay for the damages done to the room.

Luis could have had Marty
What the devil was Luis thinking?  He had a chances to have Marty back and he blew it.  Beth told him that all he had to do was say he loved her and she would have taken him to Marty.  He had such a simple solution so of course he didn't do it.  He could have told Beth he loved her and wanted to be with her.  After she was convinced that he loved her, he could have seen Marty.  Then he could have taken Marty away from Beth.  Instead, he chose to reject her and call her names.  That wasn't exactly a way to get Marty back.  It's as if he doesn't want to find Marty.  He makes too many mistakes for us to believe that he really wants to find Marty.  If he wanted to find Marty, he would do whatever it takes to get Marty back even if it meant being with Beth.  The thought may be terrible, but at least he would have his son.

Why can't Kay leave Miguel and Siren alone?
We know we have ranted about this before, but we have to do it again.  Why does Kay constantly interfere in Miguel and Siren's business?  Why can't Kay just leave them alone?  She keeps saying that she doesn't love Miguel, but she won't stay out of his business.  She has to constantly mention how Siren's weird and how she's not right for him.  What business is it of hers if Miguel is with her?  She can swear that she's looking out for him because of Maria, but we know that's a lie.  She may as well admit to how she really feels about him.  Fox must not mean as much to her as she said.  She proved that when she wanted Miguel to tell her not to marry Fox.  If she didn't want to marry Fox, she didn't need Miguel to tell her not to do it.  That was just her manipulative way of getting Miguel to admit his feelings for her.  She got what she deserved when it didn't work.

The writers spoiled the identity of the monk
Why did the writers bother having the mystery of the monk if they were going to spoil his identity?  We know it wasn't really a secret who the monk was, but there may have been people who might not have known who the monk was and the reveal was ruined for them.  If you read the spoilers, than you knew who the monk was.  The writers must have no idea what the word suspense means.

Noah get mad at Fancy for being with Luis
Noah had some nerve getting mad at Luis and Fancy for being in bed together.  Seeing as Fancy caught Noah in bed with Fancy, he was in no position to criticize her.  He yelled at her because she betrayed him with his "brother".  Well Fancy must have loved the idea that Noah was with another woman.  He acted as if Fancy knew why he was with Maya so she had no reason to be upset.  We can't believe she kept her composure enough not to slap him.

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