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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #212

5/22/06 5/26/06

Fox and Kay constantly having the same conversation
Was anyone else sick of hearing Fox and Kay constantly talk about Miguel and Siren?  Since Siren was turned into a human, Fox and Kay have been going back and forth about Miguel and Siren.  They couldn't even spend time together without mentioning what Miguel and Siren were doing.  Is that all there is to their relationship now?  Kay will complain about Siren and Fox will drive it home how great Siren is?  Enough already.  More on Kay and Fox later.

Ethan allowed Theresa to kiss him
That was a huge surprise; right?  Of course it wasn't.  We are so sick of Ethan and his constant complaining about Theresa coming on to him.  If he was tired of her throwing herself at him, why does he kiss her back?  We know she practically shoves her tongue down his throat, but she's not forcing him to kiss her.  He could snatch her off of him if he wants to.  The girl can't weigh that much so it shouldn't have been hard for him to get her off of him.  He must get his kicks leading Theresa on.  No wonder she is so relentless in her pursuit to get him back.  When you get mixed signals like that, it's easy to see why she goes after him the way she does.  It doesn't make it right by any means, but it's understandable.

Theresa only cared about Ethan
This is nothing new for Theresa.  All she ever does is think about Ethan.  This time it's different.  She's supposed to be in Rome to help save Paloma, Simone, and Jessica, yet the only thing she's been doing was getting Ethan to be with her.  She hasn't even checked on them.  Just because Noah said they were locked up in their room doesn't mean she couldn't check on them.  This convenient trip Theresa had to take to Rome was just another excuse for her to go after Ethan.  The only difference is that they are in another country.  Lucky for Paloma, Simone, and Jessica don't have to rely on Theresa to save them.  If they did, they would have to take a backseat to Ethan.

Who does Kay want?
We are confused by Kay's dilemma.  She says that she loves Fox, but she's constantly jealous of Miguel and Siren.  She also let it slip that she loves Miguel.  Hello, you can't have it both ways.  She's going to have to make up her mind.  Now when Miguel told her that he loved her, she wanted to stay with Fox.  She said she was going to marry him.  That left Miguel free to be with someone else.  Now that he's interested in Siren, Kay's upset.  Seems to us that Kay loves to have two men in love with her.  She's as bad as Ethan's is with Gwen and Theresa.  It must run in the family to lead people on like that.

Fox kept driving it home how Miguel and Siren were together
It was enough to throw something through the television.  He certainly knew how to drive it home how Miguel and Siren looked good together.  We got it, Fox.  You want to make sure Kay knows that Miguel is happy with Siren.  It seems like he's threatened.  That could be why he has to let Kay know every chance he gets that Miguel wants to be with Siren.  In case Kay had any feelings for Miguel, Fox has to make sure that Miguel may not be free to be with her.

Rebecca makes matters worse
If Rebecca thinks she's helping Gwen by telling her that Ethan is going to cheat on her, it's not helping.  Why does Rebecca always have to doubt Gwen's trust in Ethan.  Lord knows Gwen shouldn't trust Ethan, but Rebecca doesn't have to remind Gwen of that.  Rebecca can't ever let Gwen be happy without bringing her down. What kind of mother does that?  Maybe she secretly doesn't want to see Gwen happy since she isn't happy.

Gwen lied again
When Ethan told Gwen about Theresa's plan to get the proof that she and Rebecca sent the info to the tabloid, Gwen lied about it again.  The lies never stop with her.  On quite a few occasions, Ethan gave Gwen the perfect chance to confess to what she did.  Instead she chose to lie again.  That's what's going to make matters worse when Ethan finds out the truth.  She flat out lied to him when she could have told the truth.

The new Ethan
Good grief!  Where in the world did the writers find this Ethan?  He was such a bad recast.  He looked too old for the part.  He also looked too old to be with Theresa.  This guy was all wrong for the part.  We are not familiar with the actor's other roles so we don't know if he's a great actor or not.  We do know that if his acting on Passions is an indication of how he acts, we didn't miss anything.  He made us appreciate Eric's Ethan even more.

Here are some random thoughts:

Isn't it ironic how Luis and Theresa are in love with people who are married?  They gave each other such hypocritical advice about what to do about their situations.  Luis expected Theresa to give up on Ethan and moved on with her life.  Theresa told Luis that Sheridan was in love with Chris and she pretty much implied that Sheridan should honor her wedding vows.  That was so rich of them.  Luis won't move on with his life and Theresa expects Ethan not to honor his wedding vows.

How come Theresa didn't have a computer to check on Jane?  She had one to watch little Ethan.  You would think that Theresa would want to check on her daughter since she was sick not too long ago.

Why wouldn't Fancy get Beth's name if she considered her a friend?  Who wouldn't get the name of the person you met?  What would you call them?

Has anyone noticed how much of a lush Theresa has turned into?  Every time you turn around, she has a drink in her hands.  She finished off a bottle of champagne with Luis and then she went to the club and had more drinks.  She really is turning into Alistair.

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