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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #211

5/15/06 5/19/06

Theresa didn't care about finding Paloma, Simone, and Jessica
We mentioned something similar to this last week, but it bared repeating.  She didn't care one bit whether Paloma, Simone, or Jessica got rescued.  It was just another ploy to get Ethan.  She proved that when she was all over him on the jet.  She barely brought up the girls.  She was only interested in telling Ethan for the millionth time that she and Ethan belonged together.  What in sam hill did that have to do with saving the girls?  Exactly dear readers.  It had nothing to do with saving them.  We have another rant about Theresa, but we'll get to that later.

Ethan had a solution to his Theresa problem
Since he knew that Theresa would have been all over him like a cheat suit (sorry for the cliche), why didn't he take a commercial flight to Rome?  He didn't have to go on the Crane jet with Theresa.  It was not a dire emergency that he went to Rome right away so he didn't have to go with Theresa.  He probably secretly wanted her to come on to him.  He loves the idea of her humiliating herself for him.  He probably gets a big kick out of it.

Sheridan listen to Luis
If Sheridan has no intention of being with Luis if/when he finds Marty, why did she listen to him when he brought it up?  She could have told Luis that she didn't want to hear what he had to say about getting back together.  She knows she likes the idea of getting back together.  She's just keeping Chris around because she's mad at Luis.  Why else would she encourage Luis's theory that they will get back together?

Luis kept missing Beth and Marty
It didn't make any sense how Luis kept missing Beth and Marty.  She was practically under his nose twice and he still couldn't catch her.  To make matters worse, she was running in heels and with a child and she was still able to get away from him.

Paloma, Simone, and Jessica getting into trouble
Why did they even bother leaving their hotel room?  Every time they turned around, they got into trouble.  They were always getting.  Luis already had to rescue them once and Noah had to do it too.  What would they have done if Noah didn't show up?  They only attempted to fight off the guys when Noah had the drop on them.  Before that, they were perfectly willing to be pumped full of lead.  They may as well have stayed in the hotel room or went home.  They would have been better off.

Kay's treatment of Siren
Kay has really been hard on Siren. We got it loud and clear that she doesn't like Siren.  She had told anyone who will listen that Siren is weird and fishy.  She also claims that she's only looking out for Miguel, but we think it's a little more than that.  She knows she loves Miguel which is why she's taking it out on Siren.  The way she's treating Siren, it's making it very easy to root for Siren.

Theresa taking advantage of Ethan
Just when you think she can't get any worse, she proves us wrong.  She gave Ethan a sleeping pill.  We don't know why she gave him the pill so we'll leave that alone.  While he was sleeping, she took it upon herself to shove her tongue down his throat.  She said she was trying to sleep with him.  That girl is so pathetic.  She can call it fate and destiny that she and Ethan will be together, but that doesn't excuse her going after a married man.  Ethan told her that he didn't want to be with her like that, but as usual, Theresa didn't care.  She was going to force herself on him anyway.  That's so right of her.  She didn't like Alistair forcing himself on her, but she can do that to Ethan. She pulled a stunt that Alistair would have done, and even he didn't do that.  Guess it's okay for Theresa to force herself on Ethan just as long as she's doing it for love, but it's a cardinal sin when it's done to her.

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