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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #210

5/8/06 5/12/06

Gwen didn't blame Ethan
When Gwen found Ethan and Theresa in bed together, she chose to put all of the blame on Theresa.  She said that it wasn't Ethan's fault that they were in bed together.  Let's get something straight.  Ethan had his arm wrapped around Theresa, but it wasn't his fault that they were together.  That makes all the sense in the world.  Ethan could probably sleep with Theresa and he will still be innocent of it.  Oh that's right.  He's already done that.  No wonder Ethan doesn't want to leave Gwen.  He's got her wrapped around his little finger.  Why give that up for Theresa?

Miguel should be more suspicious of Siren
Siren is too clueless about certain things, yet Miguel was barely suspicious about it.  When she didn't know what the Internet was, that should have made him wonder about her.  She should at least know what the Internet is.  It would have been more understandable if she knew what it was, but didn't know how to use it.  He just wrote it off as her being naive.  Now he has no way of knowing that she's a mermaid, but he should think something is up with her.

Theresa's theory on marriage
Theresa told Ethan that marriage should be based on love and passion.  This was why she thought that Ethan and Gwen's marriage was a sham.  Well did the marriage expert forget that she's married?  She didn't exactly marry for love or passion so she was in no position to tell Ethan about his marriage.  Just because Alistair isn't around, doesn't mean she isn't still married.  Why doesn't she get a divorce?  Why would she want to be in a marriage that's a lie?

If Ethan's miserable, he's a terrible actor
If we're supposed to believe that Ethan is so miserable with Gwen, he is the worst actor in the world.  To look at him, you would never know that he's not happy with Gwen.  Theresa says time and time again that Ethan is miserable with Gwen.  We have even seen that from some Theresa fans.  There must be something wrong with our eyes because we don't see how miserable he is.  No matter how many times the writers manipulate us into thinking that he's miserable with Gwen, we still don't see it.

Miguel's views on having children
Miguel was as bad as his sister this week.  He told Siren that you shouldn't have kids unless you are in love and married.  He also said that fathers should be there for their children.  He must have forgotten about his situation.  He was not in love with Kay or married to her when he conceived Maria.  He has also deserted Maria so he wasn't there for her.  Ordinarily, his views on having children would be right, but since he did the opposite of what he told her, he sounded hypocritical.

Fancy lead Gianni on
We know that Gianni is a lech, but Fancy shouldn't have lead Gianni on.  She didn't like it when Noah lead her on, so she shouldn't have done the same thing to someone else.

Kay thought Siren would have tricked Miguel
Who did Kay think she was saying that Siren would have tricked Miguel into getting pregnant?  Seeing as she did the same thing to him, she had no right to criticize Siren.

Kay was too concerned with Siren
We were so sick of her obsessing over Siren.  She doesn't want to be with Miguel, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him.  she couldn't even enjoy herself with Fox because she had to talk about Siren.  If we were Fox, we wouldn't have put up with that.

Luis thinking Fancy was Sheridan
Why would he think Fancy was Sheridan when they don't look alike?  Fancy's hair is longer than Sheridan's and it's not even the same color.  Maybe he just wanted to kiss her.  Maybe it's possible foreshadowing of a new couple.

Gwen is obsessed with Theresa
Gwen is always talking about Theresa. She is as bad as Theresa is with Ethan.  She couldn't even lay in bed with Ethan without talking about Theresa.  Ethan should start to wonder about Gwen's feelings for Theresa.

Ethan going to Rome with Theresa
If Ethan goes to Rome with Theresa, who is supposed to watch Jane?  Did Theresa forget that Ethan was the one who is supposed to watch Jane while Gwen went to work?  She made sure of that by having Ethan black balled.  Luckily for Theresa, Gwen loves Jane because she could have easily done something to her while she was gone.

Why would Theresa risk her life
Why would Theresa go off to Rome when she was warned that she could get hurt?  Jerry, one of Crane security, told her that something could happen to her if she went to Rome. She didn't care about that.  She didn't even think about what could happen to little Ethan while she was gone.  All she thought about was her chance to be with Ethan.  Which segues to the next rant.

Theresa using Jessica as a way to get to Ethan
If Theresa cared about what happened to Jessica, why didn't she tell Sam where she was?  She didn't have to tell Ethan.  She just used that trip to Rome just so she could be alone with Ethan.  She doesn't give a crap about Jessica.  She just needed the fact that Jessica is Ethan's sister as a way to get him to go.

Why didn't Fancy recognize Marty?
You would think that she would have known who Marty was when she saw him.  Most likely she should have seen a picture of him at Sheridan's cottage.  Sheridan has pictures of Marty so she should have known who Marty was.

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