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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #209

5/1/06 5/5/06

This week was an okay week.  It wasn't that great, but it wasn't as bad as last week.  With that said, let's get on with the Rants.

Did Ethan's whining grate on anyone else's nerves?
He kept complaining to Sheridan about not being with the person he loves.  He said some garbage about wanting something to happen so it would be okay for him to be with Theresa.  We have a seven letter solution for him.  The solution is D-I-V-O-R-C-E.  It's a simple little word.  We know it's a dirty word on this show, but it's a solution.  We can't stand hearing him whine about his situation as if he's not the reason why he's in his "impossible" situation.  Gwen has offered to leave him, but he begs her to stay.  The last time Gwen and Theresa made him choose between them, he had the chance to be with Theresa, but he still chose Gwen.  We don't understand why the writers have him choose Gwen if he's going to turn around and whine about not being with Theresa.

When he was alone with Theresa (while Jane was sleeping), he made it seem as if he wasn't affected by Theresa one way or the other.  He told her that he loved his wife and he's committed to her.  The writers must not know what to do with Ethan.  He is such a contradiction that we have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

Why does Gwen continue to call Jane her daughter?
We understand that Gwen has bonded with Jane and she thinks of her as her daughter, but she seems to forget that Theresa is her biological mother.  When Jane was sick, Gwen kept referring to Jane as "her" daughter.  She told Theresa how Jane was her daughter and not Theresa's.  Gwen seems to think that just because she has custody of Jane she is suddenly Jane's mother.

Theresa might have been on to something when she wouldn't let Theresa try to help Jane at first.  She kept telling Ethan to get her out of their room even knowing that she has dealt with Jane's situation before.  Granted Theresa didn't do anything that Gwen couldn't have done, but Gwen didn't care.  She let her anger for Theresa get in the way of Jane feeling better.  Now we would be just as skeptical of letting Theresa help as Gwen was, but we would have put Jane's best interests first.  We wouldn't have needed Ethan to talk us into saving our daughter.  Ethan shouldn't have had to talk Gwen into letting Theresa help with Jane. 

Speaking of Gwen, did you notice the way she practically pushed Ethan and Theresa away from Jane when they were checking on her?  She acted as if they didn't have a right to check on Jane.  She is their daughter so they had a right to check on her.

What was with Theresa's new reason for why she doesn't have Ethan?
For a long time, Theresa has been blaming Gwen being pregnant as a reason why Ethan married Gwen.  Then she blamed Ethan's guilt over Sarah's death for why he stays with Gwen.  we had to hear about those things quite a bit.  This week, there was a new reason for why Theresa thought she didn't have Ethan.  Now she's using Jane as an excuse for why Ethan stays with Gwen.  This girl will use any excuse under the sun for why she doesn't have Ethan.  Well, she will use almost any excuse.  She never mentions herself as a reason why she doesn't have him.  Here's a solution for Theresa.  If she thinks that Jane was why Ethan won't leave Gwen, why doesn't she sue for custody of Jane?  She's got the Crane power so she could use it to get her daughter back.  Then she could see if Jane really is the reason why Ethan stays with Gwen.

The schemes never stop with Theresa
Her daughter was sick this week and she was still scheming.  When everything was okay with Jane, she quickly got on the phone and forced Mr. Collier to give Gwen more work.  That was the time for Theresa to be concerned for Jane, but it wouldn't be Theresa if she ever thought about her daughter.  She took that time to scheme to get Ethan.  That's just one of the many times when she put Ethan ahead of her children.

Isn't Sheridan the biggest drama queen?
She really makes a big deal out of everything.  She had a dream about Alistair and she had to turn it into a 20 minute drama.  It couldn't just be a regular dream.  Oh no.  It had to mean that Alistair was up to something.  Of course Chris had to be there to make poor little Sheridan feel better.  What else is new?  Somebody had to come to Sheridan's rescue because she had a dream.  Maybe Chris will get tired of that and want a divorce. LOL!

Siren's whining
We were ready to slap Siren when she was whining about being with Miguel.  She was so over the top when she was begging Tabitha to let her be with Miguel.  She was acting like a spoiled brat.  We hope this isn't an indication of the way she's going to act on the show.  If it is, we could have lived without her being cast.

If Kay loved Fox, why was she jealous?
Kay shouldn't have cared that Miguel was fawning over Siren if she loved Fox.  She didn't have to interrogate Siren the way she did if she loves Fox.  If we were Siren, we would have told Kay to mind her own business.  It served Kay right when Miguel and Fox protected Siren.  Kay just knew she was going to one up Siren with her junior Sam act.  It looks like Tabitha was right about her love for Miguel after all.

Here are some random thoughts:

How come Siren knows how to speak perfect English when she's never been on land?  Since they are spoofing Splash, the mermaid in that movie had to watch television all day in order to learn how to speak English.

When Siren was taking a bath, Miguel tried to go in the bathroom while she was in there.  He acted surprised when he found the door locked.  The door should have been locked since she was taking a bath.  Guess Miguel must leave the door wide open when she takes a bath.

When are the writers going to put Ethan and Theresa together?  We would rather see them together because we are sick to death of hearing them constantly whine about not being together.  When are the writers going to put Ethan and Theresa together because we are so sick to death of hearing them complain about not being together?

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