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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #208

4/24/06 4/28/06

Why didn't Sheridan want Luis to look for Marty?
That didn't make any sense.  She was complaining once upon a time about wanting her son back, but when Luis found a lead on him, she didn't want Luis to look for him.  She used anything she could think of to get him not to leave.  She even used the fact that her money is Crane money.  The girl was desperate to keep Luis from leaving.  We couldn't understand it so we came up with a couple of theories:  The first theory is that Sheridan didn't want Luis to find Marty because she doesn't really care about him anymore.  Now that she's got James and her new baby on the way, she doesn't need Marty. The second theory is she doesn't want to have to deal with telling Chris that she is in love with Luis.  We all know that she picked Chris because Marty isn't around. If Luis did find him, she would have no excuse not to pick Luis.

Theresa expected Ethan to be a father to little Ethan.
As usual, Theresa was crying the blues about not having Ethan in her life.  She gave the audience the rundown about her family being cursed when it comes to love.  Of course when she got to herself, she had to drive it on home how unhappy she was without Ethan.  Within that little speech, she brought up the children.  She pretty much implied that people who have kids together should be together.  Ethan pointed out that she's not with Julian since they have little Ethan.  Naturally, she thought that was different because he was no father to little Ethan.  We know that's true, but why doesn't Theresa do anything about it?  Why can't she confront Julian about being a father to little Ethan?  She also mentioned that Jane will be learning to call Gwen "mommy".  This has been a complaint of hers before.  That's so rich of her not liking the idea of Jane calling Gwen mommy, but Julian is not supposed to care that little Ethan calls Ethan "daddy".  Guess the rules are supposed to be different for her.

When did Sheridan get premonitions?
This week, Eve made about two references to Sheridan having premonitions.  We were taken aback by this.  Sheridan has never had premonitions.  She only has weird, crazy feelings like someone walking over her grave.  Did the writers forget that Charity was the one who had premonitions?  Before we know it, Sheridan will wind up being a Standish who has powers.

Paloma was so obsessed with going to Rome
She was so obsessed with going to Italy this week.  She practically gets a crazy look in her eyes when she's talking about the paintings and the symbol.  We scream "who cares" every time she talks about it.  Are you the same way?  We know that's the only story she can get, but this is too much.  She has no idea what she's looking for or where to look.  The only thing she's going to do is get in over her head.

Why was Luis really looking for Marty?
We were really pondering this question quite a bit.  We really couldn't tell if Luis's motives for finding Marty were sincere. He says that he doesn't want Beth to keep raising him, but it seemed as if he was more focused on getting Sheridan back.  When Sheridan tried to stop Luis from finding Marty, he kept saying that he would get her back if he found him.  When Pilar tried to stop him, he told her he would get Sheridan back.  Never once did he say he missed his son and wanted him back home.  Now if Sheridan stressed that she would never take him back whether he found Marty, would he be this obsessed with finding him?  We're not so sure.  Maybe Marty is better off with Beth.  At least she actually cared about him as opposed to his parents.

Ethan staying with Gwen out of obligation
He may not have come out and told Sheridan that he was staying with Gwen out of obligation, but he may as well had.  He pretty much implied that hew as staying out of obligation.  We bet that comment made the day of any E/T fans.  He made it seem as if his life is a big mess because he's not with the love of his life.  He even had to go the extra mile and advise Sheridan to be with the one she loves.  Well, why didn't Ethan do that if that's such great advice?  Are we expected to believe that he is so great that he wouldn't dare divorce Gwen to be with the one he loves?  Does he really believe that Gwen would want him to be with her out of a sense of duty?  We hope the writers weren't trying to make us feel sorry for Ethan because he's not with Theresa because that plan backfired.  He made this "mess" out of his life because he felt he had to do the honorable thing and marry Gwen.  Funny, he never complains about being with Gwen out of obligation until it's convenient.  You would never know he felt that way about his marriage when he's with Gwen.  Guess when the writers want us to know that they are pimping E/T as the couple we should want to be together, that's when Ethan is suddenly miserable with Gwen.

Miguel chasing after the woman who saved him
What was with Miguel's obsession with finding the woman who saved him?  He was starting to sound like a nutcase talking about her so much.  No matter what excuse he was given for why he saw the woman, he was determined to find her.  You can tell that Miguel is a Lopez-Fitzgerald because he is as obsessive as his siblings are when it comes to what he wants.

Why doesn't Sam notice Jessica is gone?
He made a big production about finding Jessica and bringing her home.  Now all of a sudden, he doesn't even care that she's not home.  We don't blame him for that by the way, but it's weird that he hasn't even mentioned her.  He must not care that Jessica is prostituting herself.

Why wasn't TC told about Whitney?
Why didn't Chad tell TC about Whitney being missing?  For that matter, why didn't Simone tell him?  He has a right to know about what's going on with his daughter.  Julian isn't even her father and he knows more about what's going on than TC.  Are the writers writing him off of the show or something?  There's no way that TC wouldn't want to know about what's going on with Whitney.  He made it pretty clear that she was his favorite out of his daughters so his absence is very noticeable. We know that we've ranted about this before, but it's worth repeating.

Lena and Maya need to go
The two of them are so boring.  We are tired of them being shoved down our throats.  We really could care less about the terrorists coming after them.  There's nothing the writers can do that will make us care about the story.  Maybe if they were better actresses, we could at least tolerate the story.

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