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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #207

4/17/06 4/21/06

Why was Theresa being so self centered again?
It's really getting bad.  We have ranted about this before, but we have to do it again.  First, she was supposed to be at the convent to see Whitney.  It didn't take long for her to forget about Whitney once again.  You would never know that she was even worried about Whitney this week.  She was right back to worrying about getting Ethan.  Second, she claims she wants to use the Crane money and power to get Shuis back together.  That's good (We even put that as a rave), but we know that she is only thinking about her own situation with Ethan.  She must think that if she will get Ethan back if she gets Shuis back together.  Why couldn't she just talk Sheridan into staying with Luis without bringing up her problems with Ethan?  Right, that would mean that she would have to think about someone other than herself.

Why would Sheridan give Luis false hope?
How can Sheridan be so cruel to Luis?  She told Luis that she loves him more than Chris, but she won't be with him.  Sheridan doesn't have an ounce of sympathy for Luis or she wouldn't have done that to Luis.  Why would she tell Luis that she loves him more than Chris if she wanted to stay away from him?  Does she want Luis to pine after her forever?  She must or she wouldn't have told Luis the truth.  Luis would have probably left her alone if she lied to him.  If she wants to play happy family with Chris, then she should stop giving Luis hope so t hat he could move on with his life.

Sheridan is willing to forget about Marty
We knew that was going to happen.  When Sheridan found out that she was pregnant with Chris's baby, we figured that was going to end up happening.  She acts as if she doesn't even have Marty anymore.  She whined about losing him constantly, but whenever she's asked about Marty, she shrugs her shoulders as if she doesn't even care that he's gone.  She says he's gone now as if it doesn't even matter that the boy is missing.  maybe she shouldn't even get the boy back since she's over the fact that he's missing.  If she didn't care that Marty was kidnapped, why did she treat Luis so badly when Beth took him?

Are the writers ripping off Splash now?
As you all probably know, Miguel was knocked into the water while he was working at the cannery.  A blonde woman was underwater and she kissed him and woke him up.  If you are familiar with the movie Splash, then you know why we think that the writers might be spoofing the movie.  In the movie, there was a mermaid who kissed a man to bring him back to life.  The move was pretty good, but we don't want to see the same plot on Passions.

Why was Sheridan insulting Theresa so much this week?
Sheridan wasn't insulting Theresa before, but she was really doing that this week.  She was always trying to defend her when she knew that Theresa was a thorn in Gwen's side.  Sheridan didn't care about that, but now that Theresa has told her that she should be with Luis, she was being catty towards her.  Are the writers setting up a possible feud between Sheridan and Theresa?  We would really be interested in seeing a storyline like that.

Why are the writers adding more people on the show?
There really is no need for more new people to be on the show.  When the show first started, it had a small cast.  James Reilly wanted the cast to be small so that he could give everyone a storyline.  Fast forward years later, and the cast has grown.  The writers don't need to crowd the show with new people when there are people on the show who aren't getting any screen time.  We would much rather see the people who were on the show the longest instead of all the new people.

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