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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #206

4/10/06 4/14/06

Where do we begin this week?  We could start a couple of ways since there were quite a few things to rant about this week.  Since most of our rants start off with Sheridan or Theresa, let's start somewhere else.

What is the point of Paloma and Simone's story?
We know we've mentioned this before, but we had to rant about it again.  This story has been going on and off for a couple of weeks and we still don't get it.  It's hard to get into this storyline so we are really bored with it.  Maybe it's just us, but we could really care less about some paintings that were stolen from the church.  Since Whitney's story is similar to their story, let's move on to her.

Are we the only ones confused and bored by Whitney's story?
If her story is supposed to be the point of the Vendetta mystery, it's going to be another huge let down.  We really could care less about the monk who wants Whitney to find the paintings.  It's obviously connected to Paloma and Simone's story.  It's probably connected to Noah and Maya's storyline too.  We like umbrella stories, but we don't think we'll like this one.  Most likely this story is all going to go back to Alistair.  He's conveniently not around now so he could be the monk or one of his henchmen could be the monk.  What is the point of the writers trying to start new storylines if they are always going to go back to Alistair being responsible for everything?  We'll get back to Noah and Maya in a bit.  We have to get to Sheridan.

Did anyone else want to reach out and slap Sheridan?
She was really getting on our nerves once again.  She was being so cold to Luis despite her best efforts to "protect" him from the truth.  Luis finally knows the truth about Sheridan and Chris's relationship.  Sheridan didn't even try to make Luis feel better about what she did to him.  She actually had the nerve to defend Chris to him.  As we watch Sheridan needlessly hurt Luis, we continue to wonder why we ever wanted to see them together in the first place.  Let's move on to a similar question about Shuis.

How can Shuis be considered a super couple?
We remember seeing something about them being one of the greatest supercouples of all the time.  How can that be true?  Sheridan and Luis are never together long before they are torn apart.  Now Sheridan is married to Chris and having his child.  If Luis really is the love of Sheridan's life, that would never have happened.  We are not foolish enough to believe that Shuis are never supposed to break up, but the writers could let them be happy for at least a year or two before they break up over and over again.  If Shuis are soulmates the way that supercouples are supposed to be, how come Sheridan keeps finding love so fast?  Someone who is truly in love would not keep moving on as fast as she does.  So it really makes us wonder what makes their love story great enough to make them soulmates?

Now, back to Noah and Maya.
this storyline is really boring us.  WE are sick of it.  We are also sick of Lena too.  It requires so much stupidity and it's making the story worse.  The bad acting in the story isn't helping either.   We know that there are a lot of Noah fans, but his acting is really bad to us.  Maya's acting is also really bad so it's really painful to see them in scenes together.

Does Theresa have any pride at all?
We really had to shake our heads in disbelief at her this week.  She was practically forcing herself on to Ethan and begging him to let her be his mistress.  Goodness, Theresa how low will you stoop?  The man has told her so many times that he is staying with Gwen, but that's not enough for her.  She still insists on telling Ethan how he feels about her.  Does Ethan have to draw Theresa a picture?  Does he have to get a restraining order against her?  Maybe she would finally get the hint and leave him alone.

What right did Theresa have to call Gwen a wh*re?
She really had a lot of nerve this week, didn't she?  She called Gwen a wh*re because she makes love with a man who doesn't love her.  Well, what about Theresa?  She had sex with Alistair and he doesn't love her.  She doesn't love him either so what does that make her?  Right, Theresa thinks that her situation is different because she was desperate.  She was being a real hypocrite by calling Gwen a wh*re.  Gwen wasn't the one parading around naked and begging a married man to allow her to be his mistress.  By calling Gwen a wh*re, was she calling Pilar, Sheridan, and Eve wh*res too?  If we go by her definition of what she thinks a wh*re is, then she is calling them wh*res too.  The old adage applies here:  those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones.

Are Fox and Kay over already?
Guess Fox moved on too fast with Kay.  Now he is insecure about her relationship with Miguel.  She's also tempted by Miguel just because he wanted her to be with him.  It didn't take long for Fox and Kay's relationship to be tested.  Maybe the writers shouldn't have had Fox move on so fast from Whitney.  The writers did all they could to destroy Foxney just to put him with Kay, but now they are having troubles too.  What a waste!

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