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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #205

4/3/06 4/7/06

Why was Sheridan getting interrupted so much?
Every time she had to make a decision about who she wanted to be with, she kept getting interrupted.  That kept happening all week.  It seemed as if she wasn't meant to make a decision.  Chris kept asking Sheridan who she was going to stay with, but every time she was about to answer, she would get stopped.  That was really getting annoying.  It's too bad that Chris didn't ask her to spit it out already.  We know that's what we were thinking.

Is anyone else experiencing deja vu with the Sheridan/Luis/Chris storyline?
It's as if the writers made us all go back in time except Luis is Antonio.  Do you all remember the Sheridan/Luis/Antonio storyline?  This new storyline is just like that one.  Luis is being kept in the dark about Sheridan's relationship because of his health.  She doesn't want Luis to relapse and possibly die.  Rewind back in your minds a couple of years ago, and that is what she did to Antonio.  Luis is even talking like Antonio too.  He called Sheridan "my love."  That's what Antonio used to do.  Luis also wanted to have sex with Sheridan after their wedding just as Antonio did.  Obviously, the writers are getting desperate for storylines that they have to recycle an old storyline.  Word to the wise, writers, that wasn't a really good story the first time around.

Why was Sheridan being such a coward?
Here's another complaint about Sheridan.  Why was it so hard for her to make a decision between Luis and Chris?  She knew Luis longer and he is supposed to be the love of her life so you would think that she would choose him.  If she loves Chris as she claims, she should choose him.  There was no need for her to keep stalling when she was going to tell the truth.  We were so happy when Luis was coming back to the show.  We just never thought that the storyline would be like this.  We didn't realize that Luis would have to force Sheridan to be with him.  We assumed that she would want to be with Luis on her own.  Guess we were wrong.  Sheridan is torn once again.  We're not even sure if she was keeping the truth from Luis because she doesn't want to hurt him or because she feels guilty about moving on while he was looking for Marty.

Wasn't Pilar being such a hypocrite this week?
She told Miguel that he should break up Kay and Fox so they could raise Maria?  Can you believe her nerve?  She just found out what Martin did behind her back with Katherine, but she wants Miguel to do the same thing to Kay and Fox.  We are not fans of Fox and Kay as a couple, but Pilar didn't have the right to demand that Miguel break them up.  She knows what it's like for someone to try and take Martin from her and that is obviously clouding her judgment.  She even went so far as to use the church as part of her little plan to get Miguel to come between Fox and Kay.

Why was Pilar's advice for Miguel so different from her advice for Theresa?
As we mentioned in the previous rant, Pilar wants Miguel to be with Kay.  She thinks that Miguel should be with the mother of his child even though he doesn't love her.  If that's true, why does she keep telling Theresa not to be with the father of her baby?  She actually loves him so why does Pilar have a problem with Theresa going after what she wants?  She is trying to do the same thing that she expected Miguel to do to Fox and Kay, but she didn't approve.  Pilar claimed that it's okay for Miguel to come between Fox and Kay because they are not married.  We don't know what Pilar was thinking because that is just as bad as breaking up a married couple.  It's not worse, but it's just as bad.  Pilar was even telling Theresa not to be with Ethan even before he married Gwen so what gives?  Is Pilar playing favorites?  Please don't misunderstand.  We don't approve of Theresa's antics, but Pilar shouldn't tell her one thing and tell Miguel something else.  Maybe she sees Katherine's face when she sees Theresa and maybe that's why she thinks that Theresa is wrong for doing the same thing that she wanted Miguel to do.  We'll get back to Pilar in a bit.

It didn't take long for Theresa to change her tune about Ethan, did it?
Apparently, all she needed was the green light from Luis, (who wasn't even talking about her), to continue her pursuit of Ethan.  We didn't think that she would seriously give up on Ethan.  Hopefully no one else believed it either.  Have you all noticed how much Theresa keeps thinking about Ethan when she's supposed to be talking to others?  We know that's nothing new for her, but she's really doing that now.  She approves of Chadney getting together because she thinks she'll get Ethan back.  She totally forgot about Whitney when she knows that something is wrong wit her.  She used her situation with Ethan as a reason for Fancy giving up on Noah until she was ready to fight for Ethan again.  The woman really needs something else to do with her time so that she can stop worrying abut getting Ethan back.

The idiot plot continues
This week, Noah decided to pretend to have an affair with Maya so he could break p with Fancy.  That was really stupid of him.  There is a simple solution to this story (which is why we refer to it as an idiot plot).  All Noah has to do is tell Fancy the truth and pretend to break up with her.  They can act as if they are apart until Lena is caught.  This story does not have to be an idiot plot, (a story that can be solved if someone used common sense), but the writers insist on making it this way.  The writers are also using the idiot plot with the Shuis/Chris storyline.  The writers must think that the audience must love these stories.  They are wrong.  These stories need common sense to make them better.  Noah and Sheridan keeping the truth from Fancy and Luis is really idiotic.

What's with Pilar's opinion on working mothers?
What was with her this week?  She told Miguel that Kay shouldn't be working and that she should be home raising her daughter.  Obviously, she forgot that she was a working mother.  Since Kay is a single mother, she has to work.  Maria's dead beat father wasn't in the picture so she had to work.  Since Pilar has such a strong opinion about working mothers, when is she going to tell Theresa about that?  Theresa is a working mother, but she has never criticized her for it.  Theresa has money so couldn't she stay home with little Ethan if she wanted to do it? 

Will Ethan just choose Theresa and get it over with?
We are really getting sick of watching Ethan tell Theresa that he is committed to Gwen one minute and then jamming his tongue in her mouth the next.  It doesn't matter if he doesn't go through with being with Theresa.  He still allows her to kiss him without much of a fight.  It would be much easier if he would just pick Theresa so this story could finally end.

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