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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #204

3/27/06 3/31/06

The Death of Shuis
As most of our long time readers know, we are Shuis fans.  Having said that, it pains us to watch the destruction of our favorite couple on the show.  The writers obviously don't think they are that great or they wouldn't have ruined one of the greatest couples on the show.  Let's talk about when it all went downhill.

It started the second Chris met Sheridan.  She claimed to miss Luis, but it didn't take long for her to move on with Chris. Second, Chris and Sheridan made love (yuck!).  She barely waited until after she thought Luis was dead before she jumped into the sack with Chris.  Pilar and even Ivy waited years for the men that they loved to come back to them, but Sheridan didn't wait 20 minutes before she hopped into the sack with Chris.  Third, Sheridan married Chris.  That was the worst wedding ever.  The best Luis got out of her was a commitment ceremony.  She didn't even honor the commitment because she married Chris about a year after the ceremony.  That was extremely tacky of her.  Fourth, she felt obligated to marry Luis.  It's bad enough that she married Chris, but she felt that she "had" to marry Luis to keep him alive.  It wasn't because she loved him and wanted to be with him.  To add insult to injury, we couldn't even see them get married.  Shuis fans have been waiting for a long time to see them get married and all we got to see was the justice of the peace move his lips and then they were married.  That was so cheesy.  We also had to endure watching Sheridan feel forced to kiss Luis.  Fifth, Sheridan is lying to Luis.  That is really wrong.  What made Shuis a great couple was the fact that they didn't lie to each other.  Well, that's ruined now.  Sheridan is keeping a huge secret from Luis to "protect" him.  She's also a criminal now because she couldn't hurt Luis.  Give us a break.  It seems as if she only wants to protect herself.  The last point we have that proves that Shuis is dead is that Chris gave Sheridan a way out of her marriage to him.  She refused to let him do it.  Chris was willing to give her a divorce so that she could be with Luis, but she told him no.  What is wrong with her?  If she loves Luis the way she claims she does, then why won't she let Chris go?  Does she think that she could somehow have both of them and it will be okay?  Sorry Sheridan, it doesn't work that way.

What's with Fox's insecurities over Miguel?
Why is Fox so insecure over Miguel?  If Fox and Kay have this great love, then why does he care if she is friends with Miguel?  No matter what he does, Miguel is going to be in Kay's life.  Fox wasn't this jealous of Ethan or Chad when he was with Theresa and Whitney.  They were actually with Ethan and Chad, but he wasn't as jealous of them.  Kay was never with Miguel, but he is jealous of the time they are spending together.  Since he obviously doesn't trust Kay, does that mean it's the beginning of the end for this so-called great couple?  Speaking of insecurity, let's move on to Gwen.

Gwen obviously doesn't trust Ethan?
Don't get us wrong.  We think that Gwen shouldn't completely trust Ethan, but she is going overboard.  She was willing to end her marriage once again because he thought about going back to Crane Industries.  We know that Gwen has no reason to trust Theresa, but she is going to give her what she wants if she keeps being so insecure over her.  Ethan is no grand prize, but he will eventually get tired of having to keep reassuring her that he loves her and that he's committed to her.

What kind of freak is Theresa?
She was practically glued to the computer watching Ethan making love to Gwen.  Why would she do that to herself?  Was she looking for pointers? LOL! We don't see any other reason why she would endure watching the love of her life having sex with his wife.

Are we the only ones that still don't understand the point of Whitney's story?
It's good that Whitney has a story, but it's confusing.  We really don't get the point of her seeing God.  It will really be a waste if God ends up being Alistair or one of his henchmen.  Well, that's what our theory is about that story.  Speaking of confusing stories, let's move on to Paloma and Simone.

Is this the best the writers can do for Paloma and Simone?
They are looking for paintings that Alistair stole.  Are you kidding?  We understand that it's hard for the writers to write a good story for Paloma and Simone, but is this really the best that they can do?  Did you see how obsessed Paloma got over the idea of looking for the paintings?  It was really pathetic.  It is going to take some great acting chops to make that pitiful storyline work.  Guess it's a good thing that it will only be shown once or twice a month if they're lucky. LOL!

Why did Theresa tell Fancy to give up on Noah?
She was telling Fancy to fight for Noah when she thought that she had Ethan in her back pocket.  Fast forward a bit and she finds out that Ethan would rather go to jail than work for her.  Once she heard that, she was ready to admit that Ethan is an addiction (More about this in the Raves section).  She told Fancy that she should give up on Noah.  Obviously, Theresa doesn't want anyone happy if she's not happy.  She couldn't wait to plant the seeds of doubt in Fancy's head about Noah and Maya.  Fancy's situation wasn't the same as Theresa's.  Fancy is actually with Noah and Theresa is trying to get Ethan to leave his wife.  Theresa had no right to give Fancy that advice as if their situations are even related.

Noah and Maya are involved with terrorists?
Hands in the air.  How many people are bored to death with this story?  We hope that we aren't alone.  It's hard to believe that the writes are wasting screen time on this crappy storyline while better stories are on the back burner.  We couldn't care less if Noah and Maya are working with terrorists or not.  Goodness, the only movement in the story was that we found out what the dragon lady's name is.  It's Lena by the way.  Since this story is so bad, the writers should have given it to better actors.  We don't mean to be rude, but everyone involved in that story could use better acting lessons.

Another problem with this story is that it lacks common sense.  Noah can't tell Fancy the truth once again.  The FBI said that he can't tell Fancy about what's going on.  You know what that means.  Noah and Fancy are history again.  All he had to do was tell Fancy in private and then tell her not to say anything.  It's so stupid for the writers to constantly have Noah backed into a corner whenever he wants to tell Fancy about what went on in the attic.  If he had told Fancy the truth in the first place, then he might not be in the mess he's in now.

Ethan's choosing his marriage over his love for Theresa
We are going to play Devil's Advocate here and rant about this.  As you know, we support Gwen in this story, but Ethan is wrong.  He is ruining three lives because he is trying to do the right thing.  If he really wanted to do the right thing, he would tell Gwen the truth about his feelings so that she can move on with her life.  He claims he loves Theresa, but he is committed to Gwen and his marriage.  he told Theresa that he won't leave Gwen.  We'll see if he means that once the tabloid mess comes out.  He will change his tune in a heartbeat.

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