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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #203

3/20/06 3/24/06

Is Theresa trying to break up Fox/Kay?
As you know, last week Theresa was practically telling Miguel to go after Charity.  Well, this week, she suddenly changed her tune.  She told Miguel to be with Kay.  He was right to assume that she was projecting her feelings for Ethan onto him and Kay.  She should know that Miguel isn't in love with Kay, but she still kept shoving the idea of him going after Kay down his throat.  She was one of the few people who wanted Miguel to go after Charity, but now she thinks he should be with Kay.  What happened to true love?  If she believes in true love, why would she want Miguel to be with someone he doesn't truly love?  Also, what has Fox ever done to Theresa for her to practically talk Miguel into stealing Kay away from him?  Speaking of Miguel, let's move on to the next question.

Why was Miguel fantasizing about Kay?
He claimed that Charity was the one who he truly loves so why would he suddenly start fantasizing about Kay?  We are not buying this story because Miguel didn't feel anything for Kay at all, but now that she's engaged to Fox, he's suddenly hot for her.  Give us a break.  The writers should have slowly built this storyline and maybe it would have been more believable.  The writers obviously wanted to throw a monkey wrench in the Fox/Kay story, but it doesn't make any sense.

Why isn't TC involved in Whitney's story?
We aren't fans of TC, but why isn't he involved in Whitney's story?  He is her father so he should have been told about what's going on with her.  Why did Chad tell Eve and Julian about what's happening with Whitney, but he didn't tell TC?  We understand that the writers want to faze out a lot of the cast, but come on.  What Whitney is doing to herself could have been the perfect way to bring all of the Russells on to the front burner.  It's as if TC isn't even on the show anymore.  Maybe it's time for the writers to let us know if TC is still on the show.

Is Theresa a masochist?
No matter what Ethan says or do to her (taking her children), she still won't give up on him.  You would think that she would come to her senses, but she won't.  Ethan can tell her over and over again that he doesn't want her, but she still refuses to give up on him.  What is it going to take for her to move on from him?  What more does Ethan have to do for her to see the light?  Does he have to get a restraining order?  Would that even work on her?

When is Julian going to tell Eve the truth about Liz?
He was with Eve this week, but he didn't ell her about Liz's confession.  We know that they have it been on the show since then, but we find it hard to believe that Julian hasn't said anything to Eve about what Liz told him.  Eve was on trial for two of the attempted murders that Liz committed, but Julian didn't say anything.  Considering one of the attempted murders was his, you would think that he would say something.  He doesn't owe Liz anything so why would he protect her?

Why didn't Chris tell Luis the truth about his relationship with Sheridan?
He didn't like how Sheridan referred to him as a friend to Luis so why didn't he say something?  We don't think he cares one way or the other if Luis has a relapse so why didn't he tell him that he is Sheridan's husband?  We have a feeling that Chris will end up being the one who tells Luis the truth.

Why won't the writers put Theresa and Chad together?
They are two peas in a pod.  They were so cruel to Ethan and Gwen this week.  We'll go over what they did one by one.

Theresa set the ball in motion by talking Chad into helping her get Ethan back.  She manipulated Chad into helping her by dangling Whitney in his face.  Naturally it worked and he ended up doing her bidding.  She has probably destroyed Ethan and Chad's friendship because she wanted Ethan back.  Did you notice the look on her face when she found out about Ethan and Chad's fight?  She didn't even care about it.  She ended up telling Ethan to leave Gwen and go back to her.  Theresa is also getting like Alistair by spying on Ethan and Gwen at the B & B.  Her own mother knows that she is being manipulative.  Theresa can't even see that she is destroying people's lives because she feels that she deserves to be with Ethan.  There's plenty more that we can say about her, but we'll stop there.

Let's move on to Chad.  He was stupid enough to help Theresa with her plan this week.  He told Ethan that he should be with Theresa.  He even told Gwen that too.  Gwen has always been nice to Chad so why would he be so cruel to her?  Right, all he had to know was that he could get Whitney back and he would risk ruining his friendship.  If he was really against Ethan's marriage, why didn't he say something to him before he married Gwen?  Chad is just as obsessed with Whitney as Theresa is with Ethan.  The writers should just put them together since they are just alike.

Why did Gwen have to insult Miles?
Gwen had every right to be upset with Chad, but she didn't have to put down Miles. She called the baby a b*stard.  What did Miles do?  Did she forget that Jane and Ethan are b*stards too?  She was wrong to say those things about Miles, but she was so right about everything else that she said to Chad.

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