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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #202

3/13/06 3/17/06

Where's James?
We were wondering about him this week for some reason.  When Chris and Sheridan left town, he said that James was with Pilar and Martin.  How is that possible?  When they were at the mansion, James wasn't with them.  He wasn't with Martin when he went back to their house either.  In fact, Pilar and Martin didn't say anything about James while they were planning their ceremony.  Who has James since they obviously don't have him?  Chris doesn't even seem worried about him.  He has only called to check on him once since he and Sheridan have been on the island.  Guess he doesn't really care about his son since he has to be so concerned with finding Marty.  Speaking of Marty, let's move on with the next question.

Is anyone else going nuts over Sheridan constantly talking about Marty?
Every other word out of her mouth was Marty this and Marty that.  It really made the both us want to scream.  She was driving us mad.  She kept telling Chris and the doctor that the "man" has to be okay because he was her last chance to find Marty.  As much as we enjoy seeing Luis again, it's not worth it if we have to endure hearing Sheridan mentioning finding Marty.  It doesn't matter how many times she talks about Marty, we still don't believe that she cares about Marty the way she claims she does.  It's too little too late.  She should have done that months ago instead of falling for Chris and wanting to be a mother to James.  Now that she's going for a record of saying how much she has to find Marty, she doesn't even care about James anymore.  We figured that she would have forgotten about James the second she decided to finally look for Marty.

What is the point of the Fox/Kay/Miguel triangle?
We have been asking ourselves this question since the writers have decided to bring Miguel back.  He never loved Kay so he is not a threat to her relationship with Fox.  We have been watching the show since day one so we know that Miguel never loved Kay the way she loved him.  He only said that he would have gone out with her if he weren't in love with Charity.  If that is true, why didn't he ask her out before he met Charity?  Right, that's because he didn't care for her like that.  Now fast forward some years and he's suddenly a threat to her relationship with Fox.  Give us a break.  We are not buying that.  It's not much of a triangle when we all know that Miguel has only loved Charity so the story doesn't make sense.  We think the writers know that so that explains why there are characters that are saying that Kay and Miguel were a couple.  Ivy did that this week when she said that Kay was Miguel's old girlfriend.  We know that is not true.  The writers are so desperate to make this story work that they have to resort to rewriting the story.

Is anyone else suspicious of Theresa's motives for helping Chad get Whitney back?
We don't think that she cares about whether Chad and Whitney get back together.  She just wants Chad to help her get Ethan back?  Why else would she want him to be back with his sister?  She is so desperate to get Ethan back that she would talk Chad into going after his sister just so he would help her get what she wants.  That's why she told Chad that he had to help her get Ethan back before she helped him get Whitney back.  Now she even wants to manipulate Chad to get him to help her get Ethan back.  What is wrong with this woman?  She knows how Whitney feels about being with her brother, but she doesn't care as long as she gets what she wants.

Anyone else grossed out by the slashes on Whitney's back?
That was really disturbing.  The writers have Whitney on the back burner for months and now that she's back, she's been beating herself.  We would know why if the writers hadn't chosen to write her out of the show for months.

Why did the writers practically drop the Pilar/Martin/Katherine story?
How are we all supposed to know what happened between Pilar and Martin since they weren't shown again?  That was one of the best stories of the week, but it had to be dropped just so we could hear Sheridan whine all week.  Hopefully it won't take too long for this story to be picked up again.

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