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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #201

3/6/06 3/10/06

Wasn't Katherine being a jerk to Pilar this week?
She confronted Pilar on her "wedding day" of all days to tell her how she and Martin were in her bed the night before the ceremony.  Can you believe her nerve?  She didn't have to do that to Pilar.  We get that she thinks that she should have Martin back, but that was just tacky.  What kind of a woman ruins another woman's day like that?  Right, an obsessive one like Katherine.  Katherine was just so sure that Martin would take her back if she told Pilar the truth.  What if she is wrong?

Did Katherine plan on exposing Martin?
She did talk to Alistair about being manipulative the way that he was.  What if she purposely scratched Martin's back so that Pilar would now that she was with him?  We wouldn't have been surprised.  That was one of the first things that Katherine made sure that Pilar knew about their make out session.  If she was cruel enough to tell Pilar about what she and Martin did in her bedroom, how do we know she didn't purposely scratch Martin?  Also, did you notice how Katherine conveniently left out how Martin kept rejecting her?  She made sure to let Pilar know that they were kissing and how they were in bed together, but she left out how Martin wouldn't have sex with her.

Was anyone else sick of Sheridan at the house in Hawaii?
We can't begin to tell you how annoyed we were with the way she kept going on and on about Marty being in every room that she and Chris checked.  She also kept taking her time leaving the place when Otto set off a bomb.  She kept saying how she can't leave without Marty.  Give us a break!  She has spent months forgetting about Marty, but now all of a sudden, she cares so much about Marty.  We are not buying her concern for him now.  The writers should have had her looking for him ever since Beth took him instead of having her hop in the sheets with Chris.

Was anyone else bored watching Ethan and Theresa going over the housing project?
We didn't care to see them talking about a project that the writers aren't really letting the audience in on.  We knew that it was just another attempt for Theresa to get closer to Ethan.  She doesn't care about the project.  who wanted to see Ethan constantly doodling on some piece of paper?  The writers actually wasted two days on that.  The only good thing that came of it was Ethan catching on to what Theresa was doing.

What is the point of Theresa's plan?
We get that Theresa wants Ethan.  What we don't understand is how Theresa thinks her plan will work?  She wants Gwen to work so that Ethan would leave her, but she also wants him to work at Crane Industries.  If she has her way, who will watch Jane?  They don't live at the mansion anymore so no one would watch her.  Theresa claims that she would quit working to be a wife and mother to Ethan and the kids, but that can't be true.  If it is, why isn't she making Ethan CEO instead of co-CEO?  He wouldn't have to work with Theresa at all if she really wants to quit.  Are we the only ones confused by what Theresa hopes to accomplish with this plan?

Why was Fancy so high and mighty about Noah lying to her?
We know that Noah was wrong, but Fancy is getting carried away.  She keeps making a big deal about Noah lying to her and about honesty.  She lied to Alistair as well as Noah about how she really felt about Noah, but that was okay.  She also chose not to tell Noah about how she found his letter from Maya by going through his wallet.  She didn't expect Noah to get mad at her, but she is holding a grudge because he is omitting something.  Why can't she just wait for Noah to tell her the truth when he is ready instead of dumping him every five minutes because he didn't jump at her beck and call?  We know one thing; we are getting sick of hearing her constantly complaining about what Noah is keeping from her.  She should wait for him to tell her or just move on with her life.

Why doesn't Kay ever listen to Tabitha?
Tabitha has probably warned Kay a million times not to get engaged to Fox so what do she do?  That's right.  She accepts Fox's proposal.  She even made him propose to her.  She knows that it's not good for her to be engaged to Fox now, but she didn't listen.  She obviously feels that Miguel is a threat to her precious relationship with fox or she wouldn't have felt the need to get engaged so fast.  When her plans to marry Fox blow up in her face, she will be expecting Tabitha to help her or else she will expose her.  Tabitha shouldn't help her next time.

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