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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #200

2/27/06 3/3/06

Why did Collier's secretary make such a big deal about Ethan not working?
Why did she have to do that to Ethan?  There is nothing wrong with a man staying home with the kids.  We really don't like the message that the writers are sending to the audience.  There are probably a lot of men who stay home with their kids (they might watch Passions) and the last thing they need to hear is that it's wrong for men to take care of the kids.  She didn't come out and say that it was wrong, but she did make fun of Ethan.  We get that the writers want to drive it home how Theresa's plan can break Ethan and Gwen up, but they don't have to go overboard.

What happened to Pilar defending Theresa?
We liked how Pilar told Theresa about going after Ethan, but we did have a problem with it.  Anyone who was watching Passions from the beginning knows that Pilar has spent the majority of the show enabling Theresa's plans.  Now she suddenly doesn't approve of her breaking up Ethan and Gwen's marriage.  Could it have something to do with Katherine trying to break up her marriage?  We think it might.  She didn't try and talk her out of going after Ethan that much before.  Now that Katherine has shown her fangs, she yelled at Theresa.  She even said that she was like Alistair.  She was right, but she didn't care about that when Theresa threatened to kill Katherine and Rachel if they interfered with the ceremony.  She was practically grinning from ear to ear at the idea of Katherine and Rachel being murdered.  So Pilar approves of Theresa having people murdered, but she can't break up a marriage?  What type of church was Pilar brought up in again?  It's weird that Pilar would take her daughter's enemy's side over hers.

Why can't Katherine and Theresa respect Martin and Ethan's wishes?
We don't know how many times we've heard them say they don't want to be with Katherine and Theresa, but they don't want to listen.  The two of them are two peas in a pod.  Neither one of them can take no for an answer.  Martin and Ethan have told Katherine and Theresa that they love their wives, but they can't accept that.  They insist that they love them more.

Wasn't Katherine being a slut this week?
The woman kept throwing herself at Martin this week.  He kept telling her that he was going to renew his vows with Pilar, but she didn't care.  She kept throwing herself at him.  She even begged him to make love to her in Pilar's bed.  He almost did it too.  She tried to justify what she was doing by telling Martin he was going to be living a lie with Pilar, and that's when she kissed him.  It's too bad that Pilar didn't see them.

Did we miss something in the Kay/Miguel story?
We have been watching the show since day one and Kay and Miguel were never together.  This week Tabitha mentioned that Miguel might come back and tell her that he wants her back.  Kay also said how her dream of being with Miguel was a memory.  We know that was impossible when they were only together when she raped him.  He has always loved Charity and not Kay.

Why did Martin take so long to stop kissing Katherine?
He kept letting her kiss him so much this week.  He was even about to make love to her twice.  What's worse is that he was going to do that in Pilar's bed.  The man is so sick.  Why does he even want to marry Pilar again?  He's obviously still in love with Katherine.

Why did Theresa have to scheme on her parents big day?
We know that Theresa is used to thinking about herself, but she could have at least put off her scheming for one day.  She knows how important the ceremony was to Pilar so she could have waited to do that.  Why plot to break up a marriage on the day that her parents are renewing their vows?

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