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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #199

2/20/06 2/24/06

Why is Rachel obsessed with KMart being together?
She was really going on and on about Martin leaving Pilar to be with Katherine.  She was forcing Martin to admit that he was thinking about Katherine when he was picturing who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.  Is she trying to make up for what she did by letting Alistair think she was dead?  Forcing Katherine to break up a marriage won't make up for how she didn't came back home sooner so that Alistair wouldn't have tortured Katherine and her kids.

Was anyone else disgusted by Sheridan and Chris's wedding?
We know we were.  We were so disgusted watching them get married.  Those scenes were so boring.  We thought that it was vomit inducing when she only stopped the ceremony because she didn't have something borrowed.  Can you believe that?  Of course she didn't have second thoughts of marrying Chris because of Luis.  There's no way that the love of her life would have been a factor for why she wouldn't marry Chris.

Why won't Theresa give up scheming for Ethan?
She just won't give up on Ethan.  It makes no sense because he has told her over and over again that he is staying with Gwen, but she won't learn.  Her latest scheme, thanks to Kay, is bad too.  Now she wants to make sure that Gwen is working all of the time just so Ethan and Gwen would have problems in their marriage. She really will stop at nothing to get a man who doesn't want her.

Why wasn't Ethan more supportive of Gwen working?
Why couldn't Ethan be happy for Gwen when she had a job offer?  She was happy for him when he had them.  She was even supportive when the jobs didn't work out.  Now he's mad that she got a job and he has to stay home with Jane.  That says a lot about his character.  He never had a problem with Gwen working before, but now he's bothered by it.  As far as we knew, Ethan never said anything about Gwen wanting to be a full-time mother.  the writers are sending a wrong message to the fans.  They make it seem as if it's wrong for mothers to work.  Theresa set the plan in motion for Gwen to work so that she wouldn't have time to be with Ethan.  He was also supposed to get mad at Gwen for working while he didn't have a job.  It looks like her plan might just work since Ethan was upset.  What would Theresa do if she does get Ethan and he feels that he should be the bread winner?  She may end up in the same position that she put Gwen in.

What did Gwen ever do to Kay?
Why was she so willing to tell Theresa what to do to get Ethan?  She didn't actually tell Theresa what to do, but she did plant the seed into her head when she told her that Gwen would be the reason why her marriage would be over.  Why would Kay do that?  Gwen has never done anything to her, but she got the wheels spinning in Theresa's head anyway.

Why was Kay thinking about Miguel?
She said that she has been talking to Miguel off and on since he's been gone, but now she is suddenly thinking about him and wondering why he keeps chasing after Charity.  What was so different about the call that he made this week?  Guess she's not over Miguel as she thought.  

Why didn't Ethan and Gwen suspect Theresa of getting Gwen the job offer?
Theresa wanted to black ball Ethan so why wouldn't she want to do that to Gwen?  The didn't even think that it was strange that Gwen got an offer like that the same night that Ethan turned Theresa down.  Also, if Mr. Collier wanted to hire Gwen, why wouldn't he have tried to hire Ethan too?  We couldn't believe that they wouldn't have thought that Theresa would have benefited form Gwen going back to work.

Why does Gwen want to stay in Harmony now?
She was ready to leave town to get away from Theresa, but now that she has a job offer, she wants to stay.  Why couldn't she, Ethan, and Jane move to another city?  She could have drove back to Harmony.  That would have fixed Theresa if they did still leave town.

What happened to Pilar's religious beliefs?
When Theresa threatened to have Katherine and Rachel killed, Pilar practically beamed like she heard the greatest thing in the world.  You would think that she wouldn't have approved of Theresa wanting to have somebody killed.  Whether it was her enemy or not, Pilar shouldn't have been proud of what Theresa threatened to do to them.  She must have selective religious beliefs like Theresa.

Why is JER recycling the Ethan/Theresa/Gwen story?
The writers are obviously running out of ideas because the Pilar/Martin/Katherine story is just like the E/T/G story.  Watching Katherine beg Martin to leave Pilar and go back to her was like watching Theresa beg Ethan to do that too.  Pilar, Martin, and Katherine's story could be interesting if the writers would stop dropping it, but it's like watching another version of the E/T/G triangle.  There is no need for more than one version of the story.

Why did the writers drop Liz's story?
She confessed to what she did to Julian and Alistair this week, but it was dropped this week.  Are we supposed to believe that she is going to get away with her crime?

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