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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #198

2/13/06 – 2/17/06

We've decided to change the rants up again.  We had a lot of questions this week.  We wonder if you did too.

Why did Sheridan say that all men wanted from her is her money?
She knows that wasn't true about all the men in her life.  Luis and Antonio didn't care about that.  They only loved her.  She must have forgotten that her money was what kept Luis from wanting to be with her in the first place.  Sheridan could have said that Luis and Antonio were the only men in her life that didn't care about her money.

Why did Liz take so long to go after Alistair again?
Why didn't Liz try to kill Alistair sooner?  She didn't have to wait to kill him days later.  Right.  She would have had to have some screen time for us to get an answer to that question.

After what happened to Fancy, why didn't Noah rush to tell her the truth about Maya?
You would think that Noah would have told her what happened.  Maybe Fancy would have been more prepared for what happened if she knew who was after Noah.  Is JER getting confused with Days and Passions?  Both shows have characters keeping things from people they love.  We all know that lying or omitting are the worst things you can do to someone.  Forget murders, rape, or abuse.  Lying is far worse. LOL!  Noah knows how Fancy is so he should tell her the truth.

Why is Theresa acting as if Alistair won't come out of his coma? What is she going to do once Alistair gets out of the coma?  
She kept trying to throw her weight around by giving Ethan a job as co-CEO at Crane Industries as if Alistair would never wake up.  It won't do any good for Theresa to have offered Ethan a job like that if Alistair was going to end up firing him.  Guess it's a good thing for Theresa and Ethan that he refused to take the job.  More on Ethan in a bit.

How come the suspects of Alistair's attempted murder were allowed to keep going into his room?
It doesn't say much for Harmony PD that they allowed suspects in an attempted murder to keep walking into his room.  That didn't make any sense.  There should have been a guard posted outside of his room.  Alistair is considered an important man in Harmony so you would think that the cops on his payroll would make sure that he was protected.

Why were Evian and Savy suddenly talking about what happened to Julian and Alistair?
It was weird how they were talking about that out of the blue.  No one seemed to care about Julian's attempted murder, but all of a sudden, Evian and Savy were talking about it.  What if Fancy didn't get hurt?  Would they have been talking about what happened to Julian and Alistair?  For some reason, they all thought that Fancy's attack might have been related to Julian and Alistair's attempted murders.  That made no sense because that person could have tried to kill them again instead of going after Fancy.

How does Theresa know how Ethan feels about Gwen? What makes her an expert on his relationship with Gwen?
She kept telling Ethan how he doesn't love Gwen the way he loves her.  He couldn't kiss her if he loved Gwen.  Well, he had sex with Gwen recently, so what does that tell her?  Theresa is not psychic so she doesn't know that Ethan isn't happy with Gwen.

Why would Theresa settle with being Ethan's mistress?
Oh dear.  What has happened to Theresa?  Why on earth would she want to be Ethan's mistress?  We thought that she wanted to be his wife.  We know that she feels that she can't be with him so she'll take him anyway she can, but that is completely ridiculous.  She is a real insult to women everywhere.  If she wants to be with Ethan, she should have all or nothing.  Theresa should not settle with being Ethan's mistress.  Is that how Pilar raised her?  Is that what the church taught her to do?  We really doubt it.  JER is really destroying her.

Why did Julian have a memory of raping Liz if he didn't do it?
We remember how Julian had a flashback of what he did to Liz.  He even said that he remembered raping Liz.  What was the point of all of that if Julian didn't rape Liz?  The writers need to make up their minds about what to do with that story.

Why won't Ethan just divorce Gwen and why does he keep leading Theresa on?
After what Ethan did this week (making out with Theresa), he should let Gwen go.  He keeps telling Theresa that he loves Gwen and he's staying with her, but he keeps telling Theresa that he loves her too.  Gwen has given Ethan plenty of chances to leave, but he wouldn't do it.  We can bet almost anything that he won't tell Gwen what he did with Theresa.  He will continue to treat Gwen and Theresa like dirt until one or both of them see the light.  Gwen and Theresa don't deserve to be treated like that by Ethan.  Whether you like the or not, Ethan is the one who got the bal rolling in their hatred for each other.  If he could make a choice and stick with it, then Gwen and/or Theresa could move on with their lives.  No, he insists on being torn between his loyalty for Gwen and his desire for Theresa.  He deserves to be alone.

Why did Sheridan use fear as her initial reason for not marrying Chris?
Luis was supposed to be the love of her life, but he wasn't enough of a reason for why she was hesitant to accept his proposal.  You would never know that Luis meant anything to her now.

Why did the writers make Liz the killer?
As good as it was to finally find out who really tried to kill Julian and Alistair, we were also left dissatisfied.  It turned out that Liz was the one who tried to kill them.  It doesn't make sense because Julian saw the shooter.  He spoke tot he person too.  He asked the shooter what were they doing at the cannery. He should have known who did it.  When he saw Liz, he acted as if he didn't really know her.  Why didn't he have a flashback of her shooting him?  Making Liz the killer might have worked if she shot Julian from behind.  It also didn't make sense for Liz to have been the one who poisoned Alistair's cigar.  She had never seen the poison before or she wouldn't have made a fool out of herself during Eve's trial when she wanted to show her bag to the judge.  Unless she has a split personality (that's what we think will happen), why would she do that?  We know the writers wanted to resolve that story, but they should have done a better job.

Why didn’t Julian and Ivy stay with Fancy?
You would think that they would have stayed with Fancy.  Julian was at the hospital, but he spent more time with Liz and Alistair.  Ivy went home and was scheming against Kay.  They really showed how much they cared for Fancy…NOT!

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