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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #197

2/6/06 - 2/10/06

For those of you who were missing the evilness of Alistair, you had nothing to worry about.  Theresa sprouted up in his place.  She was being just as manipulative and vindictive as Alistair.  How many more comparisons is she going to get to the man before it sinks in that she's turning into Alistair?

Theresa was being manipulative with Ivy this week.  Ivy was going off on her because she kept Ethan from going to India.  Theresa knew exactly what to say to get Ivy to leave her alone.  She told Ivy about all of the things that Ethan will accomplish at Crane and what it would mean for her.  Naturally, Ivy was sold and that's what Theresa wanted.

Theresa was also manipulated Ethan to get her way.  She was trying to use Ethan's dream for Crane Industries to get him to work there.  He didn't want to work there, but that didn't stop her from manipulating Ethan anyway.

Theresa was also being vindictive too.  She threatened Lawrence Grant because he had the gall to give Ethan a job.  He wanted to hire Ethan, but Theresa wasn't having it.  She threw her weight around but Mr. Grant didn't buckle down to him at first.  She ended up threatening to have him and his family killed if he didn't do what she wanted.  She never learns anything.  Just because she wants Ethan, that doesn't give her the right to do whatever it takes to get him.  She really is becoming like Alistair.  We hope that Alistair makes Theresa suffer when he gets out of his coma.

Theresa is really nuts.  We've mentioned this before that she needs help.  Obviously, we were right.  She kept going on and on to Ethan that he loves her no matter how many times he told her that he was staying with Gwen.  That wasn't enough for her.  She had to keep going on about their love anyway.  It's a wonder Ethan didn't suggest that she go into therapy.

Let's go back to Ivy for a bit.  The writers decided to bring up the tabloid secret again this week.  We are so sick of Ivy blaming everyone but herself for why Ethan had to find out the truth about his paternity the way he did.  She is the one that lied about who Ethan's father really is, but she's obviously forgotten that.  The writers place so much emphasis on what Gwen and Rebecca did that you could easily forget who is really to blame for Ethan's paternity being revealed.

Why does Ivy keep pushing her luck with Kay?  She knows that Kay knows the truth about what she did to Sam and Grace, but she still insists on letting Kay know that she doesn't want her with Fox.  You would think that she would be more subtle about it.

Is anyone else getting sick of Maya?  Noah and fancy have enough obstacles in their relationship without the addition of Maya.  She is really getting on our nerves.

What was with Gwen?  She was being a light switch with Rebecca.  She seems insecure with Ethan.  She was even willing to leave him if he wanted Theresa in their lives.  When she was with Rebecca, she told her that she has nothing to worry about because Ethan loves her.  If that's true, why does she keep telling him that she will leave him because of Theresa?  Which one is it?  Is Gwen's marriage secure or not?

What has happened to half the cast?  They are still part of the show no matter how we all may feel about them.  Why do we have to just see Theresa/Ethan/Gwen, Sheridan/Chris, Noah/Fancy/Maya, and Fox/Kay?  There are other stories that are just as good that aren't getting shown.  Did the actors mouth off to the writers and that's how they are being punished?  It's not right that we haven't had a break from the stories, but the characters disappear for months at a time.

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