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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #195

1/23/06 - 1/27/06

We want to warn you ahead of time that we ranted a lot about Theresa this week. If you are a Theresa fan, please scroll down to the other rants.

We learned something this week.  Theresa fans have to endure a lot to root for her.  She was really maddening this week.  She attacked Julian.  She said something cruel about Gwen.  She didn't care about her kids.  Let's go into more detail about what she did this week.

She attacked Julian because he had the audacity to give Ethan a transfer.  Ethan wanted to relocate and Julian wanted to do it for him.  That wasn't good enough for her.  She got so upset because Julian helped Ethan.  Theresa is always attacking people, but she always gets away with it because she's desperate.  Give us a break.  She knows what she's doing.

She said something really cruel about Gwen.  She told Julian that Ethan is only staying with Gwen because she's as sterile as a band-aid.  That wad so cruel.  There are many women who can't have kids with their husbands and the last thing they need to hear is someone saying something mean like that.  Did she forget that she is part of the reason why Gwen can't have kids?  WE could care less why she said it.  She still did it.  It was mean and she should be ashamed of herself.

Theresa proved that she doesn't really care about her kids.  She kept stressing how she doesn't want Ethan to leave her.  Sure, she mentioned Jane, but she didn't mention her enough.  She seemed more heartbroken abut losing Ethan.  She kept putting him first.  Don't even get us started on how she treats little Ethan.  She pretty much implied that her life would be over without Ethan.  What about her son?  She did despicable things because she claimed that she wanted him back, but that was hard to believe.  Just because he's not Ethan's, that doesn't mean that he shouldn't be worth her moving on with her life.  When Julian told her how she could concentrate on little Ethan, the first thing that came out of her mouth was that he should be Ethan's son.  She would deserve it if little Ethan resents her when he gets older.  Please someone get this girl some much needed help.  Someone get this girl some much needed help.  Someone needs to suggest that and soon before it's too late.

What was wrong with Ethan and Gwen this week?  They told Theresa that they were leaving Harmony.  They should not have told her that they were going to leave with Jane.  Of course Theresa was going to go ballistic.  If they want to leave town, why can't they give Jane back to Theresa?  Then they wouldn't have to deal with her anymore.  That would also prove whether Theresa cares about Jane more than she does Ethan.

We might be alone here, but the Bollywood scenes bored us.  They were such a waste of screen time.  We are really getting sick of the writers wasting time with useless fantasies.

Kay wasn't on the show that much this week (thank goodness), but she was still annoying.  She had to try on the ring that Fox wanted to give her.  What do you think happened?  That's right.  She got it stuck on her finger.  Here's a surprise.  She expected Tabitha and Endora to bail her out again.  She keeps getting herself in the mess that she's in, but she expects Tabitha and Endora to help her.  Kay has not changed no matter how much the writers try to make it seem as if she did.

Katherine was being such a b*tch again this week.  She told Martin that she didn't want him to renew his vows with Pilar.  What right did she have to do that?  She made her choice to stay with Alistair, but now she wants Martin back.  Katherine was prepared for a life without love before the truth about Rachel came out, but now all bets are off?  Hopefully Martin won't choose to be with Katherine.  That home wrecker can get a man of her own.

Sheridan was such a backstabber this week.  Katherine told Sheridan how she was going after Martin.  Sheridan was willing to stay neutral in that situation.  Pilar was like a mother to her, and that's what she's going to do.  Why couldn't she give her the same advice she gave Theresa?  Why couldn't she tell her to move on with her life?  Right, she was not going to take the time to care about Pilar when her precious mother wanted to steal another woman's husband.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why are we supposed to believe that Fancy has this connection with Noah when they weren't together that long?

Why did Noah try to downplay his relationship with Maya when he was still thinking about her?  He also kissed her.

Sheridan knows that Ethan and Gwen are leaving, but she was only worried about her own problems.

Why was Theresa so cruel to Eve just because she had the audacity to want Theresa to find someone who loves her?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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