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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #194

1/16/06 - 1/20/06

This week we noticed something about Theresa. Those of us who think that she's obsessed with Ethan might have been wrong.  Don't get us wrong.  We still think she's obsessed, but this week, it seemed to go beyond Ethan.  This week, she was more obsessed with the truth about the tabloid coming out.  It seemed like every five minutes she was bringing up the tabloid.  It was maddening.  Alistair couldn't even have a stroke without her mentioning the tabloid.  It was a wonder Eve didn't give her a sedative just to shut her up.  We know we were ready to reach through the television and strangle her.  If we felt that way, we know Gwen had to feel that way.  We know that Theresa fans probably think that she was right to keep mentioning the tabloid, but we were going bananas just listening to her.

If Kay is supposed to be a redeemed character, why does she keep scheming?  Whenever something goes wrong, she always relies on Tabitha to bail her out.  She doesn't care that Tabitha may or may not be able to do the spell.  She just forces her to do it.  This week, Tabitha and Kay saw a shadow over her and Fox when they looked in the bowl.  It was supposed to be Fox and Kay's wedding. Anyway, Kay saw the shadow of the hand coming after her and Fox and she wanted Tabitha to fix it.  Tabitha tried to warn her about needing so many spells, but as usual, she didn't listen.  Kay's problem is that she expects to scheme and get what she wants.  She doesn't care one way or the other about the consequences.

We are already tired of seeing Sheridan obsess over finding Marty.  Marty has been gone for months and she didn't care.  Now all of a sudden, she cares so much about finding him.  She won't rest until she finds him.  Something about this doesn't ring true.  Maybe if she weren’t playing happy family with James, we would be cheering her on.  We are not going to buy that she wants to find Marty now that she's got a so-called lead on him.  Guess if Rachel didn't come back, Sheridan would have never tried to find Marty.

We don't know about you, but we are so tired of watching Fox being infatuated with Kay.  We know he's in love, but it's downright nauseating.  No wonder Tabitha wants someone to gag her.  We totally feel the same way.  We don't remember him acting this way with Whitney.  Whitney was supposed to be the love of his life too, but he wasn't gross with her the way he is with Kay.

What was with Rachel's advice to Katherine?  Rachel told Katherine to go after Martin because she loved him. What was with that?  Why would Rachel think it was okay for Katherine to go after a man who is committed to someone else? Martin has not indicated in any way that he wants to be back with Katherine so why would Rachel tell her to go after him?  We can clearly see that Rachel's morals are mixed up.

Why was Fancy worried about getting married?  Just because fox was ready to marry Kay, that didn't mean she should get married.  She wasn't even willing to get married until she found out that Fox wanted to get married. Guess she couldn't be happy for Fox without wanting something for herself.

Katherine showed how much she is like Theresa.  This week she had the nerve to walk in Pilar's house and tell her that Martin doesn't love her.  We thought we were watching Theresa and Gwen fighting over Ethan again.  It is practically the same story.  To get back to the point, Katherine told Pilar that Martin has her in his heart. Then she had the nerve to act like she really wanted Pilar to find a man who loves her.  What a great woman Katherine is...NOT!  Katherine also made Pilar come off like she was second best compared to her.  She made it seem as if Martin was only with Pilar because she gave him up.  That should have made Pilar slap the mess out of her.

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