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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #193

1/9/06 - 1/13/06

This week, we decided to take a page out of our friend and co-worker Shirley’s book and ask question about the week. We hope you enjoy them.

Theresa and Gwen:

Why do these two have to scheme (Theresa) and lie (Gwen) in order to be with Ethan?  Is he the only man in Harmony or something?  Is there something so great about him that we don’t know about?  From what we see, he’s not that great.  We wouldn’t go to all of that trouble just for him.  He wouldn’t be worth it.  Speaking of trouble, Gwen lied to Ethan this week.  When Theresa and Gwen were fighting in Alistair’s room, Gwen told Ethan that Theresa attacked her first.  In actuality, Gwen was the one who attacked Theresa first when Theresa was watching Gwen check Alistair’s room.  Of course Ethan walked in on the end of their fight and that’s when Gwen lied.  She lied another time when she told Ethan that she didn’t have any secrets.  It doesn’t make any sense to keep lying to him.  Why not tell the truth and get it over with?  She had the chance to tell Ethan the truth, but she didn’t do it. It’s going to be worse when he finally does find out the truth.


Why was Ethan making a big production out of the tabloid?  He was crying to Julian about how that revelation ruined his poor little life.  Give us a freaking break.  Let’s take a look at how his life is ruined.  He has a father who loves him, he lives in the Crane mansion, and he works at Crane Industries.  We could totally see why his life is ruined…NOT! He has more than some of the people in Harmony, but he still has a reason to complain.  Is he trying to say that he would rather live with the fact that he was related to Alistair than know who his real father is?  That’s what it sounds like to us.  That should make Sam feel great that he thinks his life is ruined without being a Crane. Do you notice how he never tells Sam that?


Why would Fancy sleep with someone who could have killed her grandfather?  We all know how Fancy was going overboard wanting Alistair to live.  She thought that the suspects were monsters because they wanted him dead.  Her actions didn’t really prove that she cared about Alistair.  Noah is one of the suspects in Alistair’s attempted murder.  Fancy knows that he’s a suspect, yet she slept with him.  You would think that she wouldn’t want to sleep with someone who could have tried to kill her grandfather.  Noah never even denied stabbing Alistair and she never bothered to ask him.  Perhaps Fancy doesn’t really care about Alistair the way she says she does.


Why did Sheridan seem more relieved by the fact that she didn’t kill Rachel than she was by the fact that she was alive?  She was a little too happy at the idea that she wasn’t a murderer.  You could tell that she didn’t care too much about Rachel’s story.  All that mattered was her nightmare was over.  Way to always make everything about yourself, Sheridan.

Why was Sheridan suddenly looking for Beth and Marty?  Why couldn’t she look before?  Why did she wait until Rachel gave her a lead?  What if Rachel never revealed herself?  She would have just lived with the fact that Marty was gone.  She could have hired a private detective to look for Marty. Lucky for Marty that Rachel wasn’t dead or Sheridan would have never looked for him.


Why does Rachel have a southern accent if she’s from Harmony?  Katherine doesn’t have one so why does Rachel?

Why did Rachel try to talk Katherine into going after Martin? Rachel knows that Martin is with Pilar so she shouldn’t have been encouraging Katherine to go after Martin.


Why does she even want to be with Martin?  He practically made it seem as if he’s only with her because of his deal with Alistair so she needs to let him go.  He may claim that he wants to make a commitment to her, but we’re having a hard time buying it.  He seems a little too close for comfort with Katherine to really be committed to Pilar.  That’s why Pilar needs to give up on him.  She is definitely Theresa’s mother because neither one of them want to give up on these guys that treat them like dirt.

Sam and Jessica:

Why doesn’t Sam give up on saving Jessica from Spike?  No matter how many times she changes her mind about being with him, she changes it right back.  Sam is just sounding like a broken record when he tries to get her to leave Spike.  All Spike has to do is say the “right” thing and the girl goes right back to him.

Here are some random thoughts for you:

Where did the suspects who didn’t live in the mansion, get their change of clothes? None of them brought a change of clothes with them when they went to the mansion.

Why didn’t Fox/Kay and Sheridan/Chris take the outfits they wore to the party when they left the mansion?  We’re not sure about Fox, but the other three don’t live in the mansion so why would they leave those clothes behind?

Why did the writers expect us to believe that Sheridan even missed Luis? If she did, she wouldn’t be playing house with Chris.  No matter how many times she says she misses Luis, we’ll know she’s lying.  Her actions with Chris speak louder than her words.

Why did the writers act as if Kay didn’t tell Sam and Grace the truth about David?  Was it that long ago that the writers managed to forget that it happened?  Well, our memory is not that short term.  We remember when Kay told the truth.  It was just before she outted Tabitha.  Sam was ready to believe Kay until she said Tabitha was a witch.  Now all of a sudden the writers rewrote the story as if Kay never said a word.

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