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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #192

1/2/06 - 1/6/06

We hope you all had a great holiday and we hope you're all having a great new year.

This was an interesting week, but we do have some complaints.

This week, Ethan showed what a jerk he was.  We know you are probably thinking when has he stopped showing how much of a jerk he is.  This time, we are talking about this week.  During the murder party, Gwen wanted Ethan to go with her to check on the children.  She wanted to make sure that the children were okay because of the smoke that was in the living room.  The smoke turned out being a false alarm, but she still wanted to check on them.  Ethan was going to with her until he saw Theresa on the floor passed out.  he wanted to make sure she was okay.  There's nothing wrong with that.  He could have made sure she was okay.  The problem arose when he found out Theresa was okay.  Gwen still wanted him to go with her to check on the children, but he couldn't do it for some reason.  When he got a text message about Pilar, he went with Theresa to check on her.  He couldn't check on the children with Gwen, but he could go off with Theresa to check on Pilar.  That goes to show how important the children were to him. They played second fiddle to Pilar.

We enjoyed the mystery this but we had some problems with it.

The mystery had a plot hole.  We know that the writers wanted to give people reasons to kill Alistair, but the flashbacks couldn't have possibly happened. Everyone pretty much showed up at the mansion at the same time so how could they have met up with him?  Now you could say that they all could have met him when they all separated after the smoke was in the living room.  Well, that could have been time, but there wasn't enough time for them to meet him.  Besides, while the smoke was in the living room, he was running away from Rachel. Even after the guests left the living room, he was stilly trying to get away from Rachel.  We doubt that he would have taken the time to remind everyone about what he knew about them.  It would have made more sense to show old footage the way did with Sheridan and Martin. They all hated Alistair anyway so they didn't need to have re-created flashbacks to establish motives.

As with all of the other mystery plots on this show, all of the suspects were acting as if they all tried to kill Alistair.  We know only one of them stabbed Alistair so why were they all acting guilty?  We know that the writers had to make the suspects look guilty, but it's pretty much a waste to make them all look guilty.  When it's time to confront the suspects, they will all act like they were innocent.  We will be expected to forget how guilty they were acting.

We were so tired of Sheridan's Me-Me-Me moments during the murder mystery.  When she found out that she killed Rachel and that's why Alistair made her suffer, all she was focused on was herself.  She kept saying that she was why all of Alistair's madness happened.  Forget the fact that someone was stabbed.  We were only supposed to care that she blamed herself for Alistair's wrath.  Then to make matters worse, Katherine had to ask Sheridan how she was holding up with what happened to Alistair.  Who in the world cared how she was holding up?  Why not asked the person who cared about what happened to Alistair?  Fancy was the one who was worried so Katherine should have asked how she was holding up.  We saw how Katherine didn't care how Julian was holding up.  He made Julian's life miserable too.  Oh right. Julian doesn't exist in her eyes as long as Sheridan is around.

The writers could have kept Edna and Norma's scenes at the Harmony Parks Department.  They were so useless. They also kept us from seeing the scenes at the mansion.  We didn't care one way or the other if they ever got out of the ornament.  We wanted to see the mystery.

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