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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

3/7 - 3/11

Seems like things are changing in Harmony a little, doesn't it?  Julian is wanting to spend more time with Endora, letting everyone know she's his child, Ivy seems to be slipping back into her old ways, Theresa is giving Whitney advice on love, and Sam has become the hothead instead of TC.  Oh, yes, let's not forget Gwen has wondrously regained her ability to reason and make sense.  See, I told you so!

How sweet was it to see Julian lovingly adoring his daughter?  He really is a new person and it just gets better every day.  And I swear little Endora is becoming a very good little actress, or at least the girls playing her are.  I'm assuming there are two since they can't have a baby onset for too long.  Anyway, she is getting to the point she actually reacts to Tabitha, and she even did so with Julian, smiling when he said he loves her.  Now, I guess it could just be luck, but it happens so often I think it has to be these girls catching on and learning to respond.  Anyway, Julian is determined to play a bigger part in her life, and Tabitha is just as determined that he not do so.  Gee, I wonder who will win this battle?  My heart votes for Julian, but my head tells me Tabitha will just turn him into a frog or something and that will be that.  It's great to see a father paying attention to his child on this show, though.  On the same subject, sort of, I wonder what Ivy plans to do with her newfound knowledge of Endora's paternity?  What could she do with it?  It has me stumped, but I imagine they have some story coming up where having a hold over Julian and Tabitha might come in handy for Ivy.  Oh, but wouldn't it be great to see Ivy blackmailing Tabby and have Endora turn her into a pig or rat or something equally unlovely and watch Sam and everyone else avoiding her or trying to trap or kill her.  I can see a lot of belly laughs from it, if it were to happen.  I doubt they would go that far, though.  I do think Ivy is going to start manipulating people again, soon, and I'm just wondering how she will do that and why.  It has to have something to do with Grace and keeping Sam, that's for sure, but I'm just not seeing it at this point.  My one wish is that whatever it is it will cause the revealing of her secrets so everyone can know just how low she really is.  Now, that's what I'd call a great storyline.

Can you believe Theresa?  She is so eager to tell her best friend what to do with her life, yet she herself will take no advice from that same friend, even tho it's well-founded.  And she ordered her to never see Chad again.  What on earth is that about?  OK, remind her of the dangers, let her know what could happen, tell her what it could do to her life and standing in the community, but ordering her to stay away from him?  Wow, what a nerve.  How often did Whitney tell her to stay away from Ethan, only to hear her say it's her life and Fate is in charge?  A zillion, maybe?  One thing I've found out over the years is the surest way to get someone to do something is to order them not to.  I really hate to think what Theresa's advice will do to Whitney's life.  Of course she needs to forget Chad's idea, but I don't think pressuring her is the way to go.  Simply explain the consequences to her and let her go.  Whatever she does is on her shoulders, and hopefully she has enough wisdom to make the right choice with support from her friends, but ultimately she is the one who has to decide and pay those consequences, so demanding she make a specific choice isn't going to help.  And I have to say, Theresa is the absolute last person I would go to for advice on the subject anyway.

Man, were you as surprised by Sam's outbursts and actions as I was?  Oh, I know exactly how he feels and would probably do the same thing if I could, but this is Sam, the one with the self control and training to remain calm in any situation, right?  at least he used to be.  OK, going after Randy like he did wasn't that far out of character for him, but getting Fox, Chad, and Ethan to go commit a crime by destroying the nightclub, then letting them go free in front of a lowlife like Randy?  Come on, that's not the Sam we've always known, is it?  I wonder how long it will be before he loses his job as police chief?  Certainly not very long, in my opinion.  Oh, he'll probably get it back eventually, but they have to suspend him, at least.  Vigilante justice isn't the way, especially for the police.  I  could see TC going that way, but Sam?  Never in a million years.  He does have reason, but it seems to me he could have had the police raid the place and shut it down that way, putting the owners in jail at the same time.  Doing it the way he did is just wrong and puts him, his career, and the three other men in danger and that's just not right.  I am glad to see Kay caring about her sister, though.  They have always hated each other so much that it was painful watching them, and having them show a closer side is just great.  I hope they can stay close and take care of each other, since their parents seem to have forgotten what their job is.  I mean, really, they both just left those girls on their own, so to speak, as they each took up with other people.  And Sam having Ivy living in the same house as his young daughter....what the heck was he thinking?  That's just wrong.  No wonder the kid went haywire, you know, what with her mother taking off around the world with a stranger and her dad openly living with another woman he's not married to.  OK, Kay was already messed up due to the treatment she got from her mother, but that's another story that's already been dealt with.  Jess was always the angel girl, the perfect child, and what has happened in her family has totally turned her to the dark side, so to speak.  Oh, but I do love the fact Kay is getting visions now.  What a great twist to things.

Now, on to Gwen.  Did I or did I not say I thought she was putting on an act to get a mental defect ruling?  Was I right or what?  It seems to me I was, since now she makes as much sense as any other person, able to think things through and realize what's going on.  She knows the baby is Theresa's, but doesn't care, thinking the agreement they signed makes the baby hers.  Now, how could she realize all that and be insane, too?  No, it was all an act, plain and simple.  Katherine seems to be trying to talk her into taking the baby back, but Gwen appears to be swaying the woman her way instead.  Man, I hate this show sometimes.  Gwen needs to take the baby back, Sheridan and Luis need to find out Marty is theirs, and Whitney needs to realize it's not the baby's fault and start acting like a decent human being, even if she can't feel like a mother.  This is just all too much for me.  I look at my kids and grandkids and wonder what could ever make me not want them to live and be healthy, and I simply can't think of a thing.  I wonder if they had been born with birth defects, would I feel the same way, and I can't help thinking I would.  I love my kids/grandkids and nothing can ever change that, so I simply can't understand how a woman could hate her unborn child like that.  I guess that's a good thing, but it sure raises heck with following this show.  It's so hard to put myself in Whitney's place and understand what she's feeling because I simply can't understand it, no matter what.

As for the rest of the show, Luis saved Sheridan, of course, Pilar still wants Martin to come back to her, and Paloma is having a really hard time with the drugs she took.  I've never heard of a drug that is instantly addictive, but I'll give the writers some space with it and hope they handle it well.  I'm sure Jess will be in the same predicament when she wakes up and I just hope the two girls are handled in a believable way from here on out.  It could be a very good lesson for the young girls who watch this show, so treating it any other way than totally seriously would be a huge mistake, in my opinion.  As for Beth, you all know my thoughts about her, the sooner she leaves the scene the better, so there's nothing more to say.

That's about all for this week.  Hopefully next week will bring some new twists and movement in the stories.  That would be all we could hope for, right?  Well, some resolutions for some of those age-old plots that have been hanging around for years would be nice, but something tells me they will be left to rot in the dustbin, hoping we will all forget about them before long.  I guess it could work, or else those of us who are tired of waiting will tune out and be replaced by new viewers who have no idea those stories ever existed, and either way, the problem will be solved.  Man, I hate this show sometimes.  Oh, I already said that, didn't I?  Well, I still mean it.

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