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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/28 - 3/4

Is Passions going crazy?  Are they out of their minds, for real?  I don't know, but this week makes one wonder, especially added to the weeks before this one.  It's like the world is going off kilter somehow in Harmony, not that it was working right before, actually.  I have to sit and scratch my head, wondering just when the madness started, and I really can't say.  I mean, this is a show that is known for it's kookiness, what with witches and dead people rising all over town, and people who couldn't say what's really on their minds if their lives depended on it, but now it's just gone totally around the bend.  Let me see if I can explain why I feel this way.

First, Sheridan and Luis are acting like complete idiots.  OK, it's not that far from normal, I guess, but even for them it's mystifying.  I mean, look at Luis.  For months now he's been acting like a David Koresh or something, telling everyone around him what to think, how to feel, what to do, and that's not the Luis we always knew and drooled over.  This Luis is like a wannabe Napoleon, marching his army around like helpless puppets, risking his wrath if they utter one word he doesn't like.  OK, that's a little over the top, but not much.  I mean, he has spent several months now telling Pilar and Sheridan they can't forgive or even talk civilly to Martin and Katherine, respectively, and going ballistic if they do.  Now, I don't think the wayward lost-lings should be welcomed with open arms and forgiven right away, but I do understand both women's need to talk to their loved one and find out what happened, and then they should be allowed to make up their own mind based on what they hear.  It's simply not fair for Luis to berate them, yell, scream, threaten, whatever, to keep them from following their hearts.  Now Katherine has left and Sheridan blames him for that, when it's really her fault.  He gave her an opening, by the way, when they talked about Gwen.  She told Luis she was afraid he would be upset with her for wanting to help Gwen, but he said he would never do that because he knows Gwen is her best friend and has been for years.  Now, I happen to think that if she had gone to him and said look, this is my mother that I've missed so badly all these years and I'd like to get to know her without you blowing up at me all the time and he would have caved.  I really do, but she allowed him to tell her what to do so what was he to think?  Her actions led him to believe she felt the same as he did.  Give him his due, he thought he was protecting her, and Pilar, too, against being hurt again by these two people.  He had a good heart in all of it, but Sheridan should have stood her ground, and by not doing so he thought they were on the same page.  For her to attack him the way she did at the airport was simply non-sensical.  And she didn't just flare up at him and then work it out, she lobbed atom bombs at the guy, even shoving a couple up his nostrils for full effect.  She was really too over the top with her reaction.  And then, like the ditz she shows herself to be sometimes, she runs right to Beth, giving that viper another chance to do her harm.  You would think the woman would learn after all this time, after all the times she was warned by Gwen, and by her own flashbacks that Beth is not who she appears to be, but no, she actually believes Beth is there to help her.  And another thing that is bugging me greatly about her right now is her ability to completely ignore what her heart is telling her about Marty simply because "Luis says so".  UGH!!  Please, whoever performed the brainectomy on this woman.....put it back!!

As for Pilar, she has been a little more forceful with her son, telling him she's the mother, she can decide for herself and trying to make him see he is wrong to be so angry still.  She did allow him to order her around for a while, but I see that as more a reaction from her confusion and overwhelming pain caused by finding out her husband actually is alive, but he has been living with another woman all these years and brought her home with him when he came.  Now, that would drive any woman insane, at least temporarily, but she seems to have worked through it and now stands ready to try to forgive her husband for abandoning her to caring for five kids in poverty while he was living the very good life with his mega-rich mistress.  I'm not sure I could do that, to tell the truth, but Pilar is managing it and doesn't care at this point what Luis wants.  Sheridan needs to take some lessons from her.

Now, on to Jessica.  Someone please tell me what is up with that girl?  OK, she talks like it's all Reese's fault, but come on, we all know that's a bunch of bull.  Besides, he's been gone for months now, so why is she only now turning cheap?  I guess she got what she wanted this week, although I doubt it was the way she envisioned it, but as I taught my girls, if you advertise yourself as a street walker, don't be surprised when the guys start acting like you are one.  Now, don't get me started on the clothes girls wear now a days and the way they present themselves in public, but I hope if nothing else this part of the show will let them see what they could be doing to themselves.  Now, Paloma managed to escape harm this time, thanks to Kay and Simone, but Jessica got caught in her own net and is paying dearly for it.  I also have to ask myself here what Kay was thinking this time.  OK, last time the girls all ran out only Paloma didn't make it, and even though they tried to get back in to help her and did call the police, finally, she was hurt badly.  Now, this time, they find Paloma and just leave, figuring Jess wasn't there, yet not even searching the place well.  I don't understand it, and I don't understand them not calling the police to raid that place.  They could see what was going on there and should have known it's not a good thing.  How are we ever going to stop drugs if everyone simply looks the other way?  But, I'm not going to get on my soap box here, just making an observation.  And one more thing.  What kind of bimbo falls for the line these guys gave Jess and Paloma about the stickers?  What, don't they pay attention to the news?   Jess is the daughter of the police chief, for goodness sake, so how could he not have warned her about those things?  And besides, everyone knows you don't just take something someone hands you.  No, these writers are really out of it, and I'm back to almost believing they pulled Precious off the writing staff and put her in front of the camera.

Let's talk about the Whitney/Chad/Fox story now.  Not that I want to, but this story has really got me wondering when the inmates took over the psych ward.  Now, having Chad be Whitney's long lost half-brother wasn't a shock sense they had been telling us it would happen since the show began, and even having her be pregnant by him was foretold, but what happened this week was just beyond belief, in my opinion.  What was Chad thinking?  OK, he's thinking platonic, but still, he has to know it simply can't be.  Now, I have to admit here that I wish they could be together.  I want this whole thing to be another of Alistair's machinations, but unless they want to turn their backs on everything they've been saying since the beginning....oh, who am I kidding?  That's all they have done, isn't it?   Anyway, the point is, for now, at least, they are siblings and professing his undying love just ups the yuck factor by many, many degrees.  And Whitney looked like she was even considering it.  Now, I understand how she could see this as a way to overcome the fact she's having his baby since she wouldn't have to worry about him not being able to love it once he finds out like Fox probably couldn't.  And I admit, I have never liked Fox with Whitney in the first place and thought he was a real cad for going after his best friend's woman, but you know as much as he's carried on about her being with Chad and how gross it is he wouldn't want the child of that kind of union.  And can you imagine Ivy, what she would be like?  Just remember how adamant she was that Whitney be tested to make sure Fox was the father and not Chad if you need a reminder.  No, she would not want to have anything to do with a child of incest.  And just an aside here.  When will she ever be shown for the witch she is for all the things she's done just to get her claws into Sam, not to mention what she's done to Theresa?  It's long overdue, in my opinion.

Why on earth is Rebecca still walking around Harmony, a free woman?  Why isn't Theresa pressing charges against her?  What's going on here?  That woman committed a crime by helping her daughter commit one, and openly admitted it, even bragged about it, so why didn't Sam arrest her on the spot?  OK, she's rich, but come on, didn't the Martha Stewart case teach us anything?  Rich or not, if you commit a crime, you need to pay for it, so get off your backside, Sam, and arrest the broad, OK?  I think she could be just as funny in jail, and there would be plenty of situations where she could still use her body to get what she wants, so we wouldn't be losing anything, and at least there would be some small touch of reality to the story.  It really bugs me that nothing has been done about her, and while they can't do anything to Alistair because they have no proof he knew Gwen was on the plane, they most certainly do know Rebecca knew it, and actually snuck her on the plane.  Come on, guys, at least make an attempt to be real, OK?  I mean, they arrested Eve for merely being in the same room when Liz was poisoned, and from there decided to charge her for attempting to kill Alistair and Julian, too, so how can he not have enough to arrest Rebecca for?  I just don't get it, and again, I think it reflects the unreal world these people (the writers and JER) live in.  I have to tell you, here in the real world, if I had done what Rebecca did, I wouldn't have made it across the tarmac before they tackled me down, handcuffed me, and hauled me off to jail.  It just makes no sense whatsoever.

Well, I guess that's enough complaining for one week, right?  LOL!!  It is good to know that at least this week was memorable, even if it's not in a good way, especially.  Oh, and my nomination for line of the week - "Julian has had children with every woman here, not including Whitney."  Tabitha, while watching the goings on in the Bennett backyard over Chad's suggestion of living arrangements for him and Whitney.  Now, that one says it all, doesn't it?

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