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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/21 - 2/25

This is going to be another question week for me, since I was left with so many of them running around in my feeble little brain.  I have to say, at least this week was more memorable than last, so it was an improvement, but I just kept wondering what was going on with some of the characters since they certainly weren't acting like themselves.  Anyway, I have a lot of questions to be answered, but first I'd like to give praise where it's due.

I thought there were some good scenes this week, sprinkled throughout.  I loved the scenes where Beth tried to poison Sheridan but Precious foiled her plans.  Watching Beth crawling across the floor to get to the bathroom and rid herself of as much of the stuff as possible was a riot!  I like the whole idea of having the bad deed put back on the person who did it, anyway, but Kelly's handling of the scenes was great.  I loved watching her hanging from the chair, trying not to fall completely to the floor, and watching Sheridan pick her up, calling her sweetheart or whatever it was.....a perfect touch.  I couldn't help but wish the poison would do it's work, but of course, if it did we wouldn't have Beth to hate, now would we?  I do wish they would let her be found out, though.  I think some jail scenes or loony bin scenes with her would be great.  Oooh, how about her and Gwen together?  Now, I'd almost be willing to pay to see that.

I thought the whole thing with Chad was great, too.  I know, the subject is heavy with the yuck factor, but believe it or not, this happens to people more than you would like to believe, and you probably know someone who is married to their own half-sibling without being aware of it.  Look at all the children fathered by the same men running around in the same area.  If they don't know about each other, they could fall in love without ever knowing they are related.  Anyway, to watch poor Chad try to figure out a way to be with Whitney, and her inability to decide what to do were heartbreaking.  Of course, the reaction of Fox and the others was totally understandable and we all know they can't possibly do what Chad wants, but I think the writers did a good job of showing the turmoil of these two people without going totally overboard.  I think Father Lonigan's understanding attitude and handling of the situation was great, too.  I loved the shock on everyone's face when he said it could work, too.

OK, now for my questions.  I know there are more than I will list here, but I'm telling you there were just so many I can't remember them all.  Here goes with the ones I can remember, however.   First, will the real Sheridan please stand up.  I think most of my questions concerned her actions at the airport, actually.  First and foremost - who the heck is this person?  Why is she yelling at Luis?  How can she blame him because she has no backbone?  How can she switch from total, unadulterated adoration to total, unadulterated hate at the drop of a hat?  Why is she whining about him not knowing how it feels to lose a baby when it was his baby, too?  And what happened to her certainty that Marty is her son and never died at all?  Who on earth died and made her Queen of the World, able to order everyone else around and expecting them to do as she says?  Who the heck does she think she is?

OK, now let me try to explain my thinking here.  We have always known Sheridan as a loving, giving person, not at all like her father, yet this week we see her ranting, spewing hatred from every pore of her body at Luis because her mother decided to leave town.  How on earth can she blame Luis for that?  Katherine is an adult, and running away from trouble is her forte, so it's not an unusual thing to see her racing out of town to escape the problems she, herself, created.  No one forced her to go, and Sheridan seems not to be able to make the connection between what she was yelling at Luis and what her mother did.  She was totally willing to say that Katherine didn't force Martin to leave years ago, yet somehow Luis did force her to leave now.  As for him telling her not to love her mother, she needs to realize that is her fault, not his.  If she really loved her mother she should have stood up to Luis and told him she wanted to have a relationship with her no matter what he thought.  He loves her enough he would have gotten over his pique quickly, and as long as Sheridan didn't force him to be in Katherine's presence they could have worked it out.  But no, she took his side of her own free will and she said what she did because it was what she felt at the time, so she can't blame Luis for any of that now.  Her jump from a true, pure, total love for him to hating him so badly she can't even stand to have him touch her is beyond belief.  It just doesn't happen that way.  But the worst thing she did was belittle his feelings about the loss of their child as if they mean nothing.  How dare she do that?  And to say it didn't matter because he has another child.....good Lord, how stupid is that?  I don't care if you have 20 kids, you still mourn the one that died just as much as if it was your only child.  No amount of other children can make the pain you feel hurt any less.  Besides, just a few minutes before this happened, she was positive Marty is her son, that their baby didn't actually die but is alive and well, living with Beth.  Now, which is it?  Is he really alive or is he really dead?  She used the supposed death of their baby to generate pity for herself, knowing there was no truth to it, and that is really low, something I would never have expected from the Sheridan we know and love.  As for telling everyone else what to do, where did she get off telling everyone else to shut up, she can't stand it, when she herself made bigger scenes with Luis?  And every time Theresa said something about Jane, Sheridan parroted it about her mother.  I got real tired of Whiny Sheridan yesterday, that's all I know.

OK, now for some other questions.  What the heck is wrong with Jessica and Paloma?  Do they have a death wish or what?  Do they simply want to be beaten and raped?  Is it such a thrill they can't live without it?  OK, Jessica may have the childish thinking that it could never happen to her, but Paloma?  I don't know of any woman who would blithely go back to the scene of what she went through willingly, especially not alone.  Do the writers honestly think we are stupid enough to buy that?  No, I can't see either of them going back there, actually, no matter how little there is to do in their town.  There has to be some place the good kids in town go to when they want to get together so why not go there?  What happened to the recreation center Luis and Sam were so proud of, by the way?  Where did it go?  And what girl with a brain is going to accept stickers from guys they don't know and then lick them when told to?  Please, these girls have to have heard about the drugs available in places like that and the men that will use them to get girls "in the mood".  Just how stupid are these two?  I've said it before and I'll say it again, these writers have no clue when it comes to real life or else they have some pretty lousy friends and family.  Normal people simply don't do the things these guys seem to think we do, and it's really not a good thing.  Can you imagine the young people out there watching this show who believe it's OK to do whatever you want to if it gets you what you want, even if it means stabbing a friend in the back?  Or that all girls are just waiting to give up their virginity to the first guy that comes along and asks for it?  Maybe in the writer's vulgar imaginations, but not in real life, or at least not among those who don't watch this stuff and believe it's real.

Why isn't Rebecca in jail, or at least in handcuffs?  She aided and abetted a felony, a Federal capital crime, and yet she is allowed to run free causing problems and running her mouth off at everyone there?  Good Lord, she has admitted to what she did, even bragged about it, and yet no one has thought of arresting her for it?  And Alistair too, by the way.  He knew Gwen and the baby were on the plane, if only by the fact Rebecca was there, yet he allowed them to leave and is doing nothing to help get her back.  Now, I could be wrong, but didn't the pilot say Alistair gave him the three envelopes with the possible destinations in them?  He could tell them the three possibilities and give them at least a starting point, and yet he isn't doing that.  Of course, you wouldn't expect him to, but it is a reason to arrest him.  Sure, he would never go to trial, I'm sure, but at least they would be doing their job.  I got so tired of Rebecca's mouth running this week I wanted to smack her.  I was glad to see Theresa got a few hair pulls in, but I kept wondering why Pilar didn't finish the job she started on her before.  Sure, she made one half-hearted attempt to get to her, but that wasn't even the least bit convincing. The worst she did was tell her in Spanish that she should have suffocated at birth, but I doubt that the ditz understood her, and she only made fun of her for it anyway, so what good was it?  No, she needs to beat her senseless, rip off her arms and beat her to death with the bloody stumps.  OK, that's harsh, but if it were my child who was the target of this trollop's venomous words, she wouldn't be saying anything else for a long time, if ever.  I wouldn't stand for it, especially if she had whisked my grandchild off under the "care" of her psychotic daughter who had tried several times to kill my child.  No, she wouldn't be swaggering around the airport, lording it over everyone, if it were me instead of Pilar.   Someone needs to do something about that woman, and quickly.

Last, but not least, why doesn't Ethan grow some gonads?  He is the most wishy-washy fool I've ever seen, and it simply doesn't get any better as time goes on.  I mean, he still allows Rebecca to lead him around by the nose.  Did you see him meekly follow her when she demanded he do so?  Good Lord, he needs to stand up to her and tell her she's wrong, she's Satan in disguise, she is the scum of the earth, and she's totally ruined her daughter, making her unlovable and unfit.  He needs to tell her he never truly loved her daughter, she was just the safe port he went back to whenever he couldn't have Theresa but she's a poor second to his real love, thanks to Rebecca herself.  He needs to remind her he only married Gwen because she trapped him by getting pregnant, and the reason she lost Sarah is because of her never-ending need to one-up Theresa.  She is the one who was so adamant that Theresa abort one of the babies she was carrying, so her son's death is on her hands, not Theresa's, but no, he meekly lets her say whatever she wants to and does nothing about it.  What a gigantic wuss he is.  I really wish Theresa would see him for what he really is an kick him to the curb.  OK, she's not an angel herself, but nothing she ever did was meant to hurt anyone deliberately.  She just went after what she wanted.  However, Rebecca and Gwen have always done whatever they could, hurt whoever they had to, to get their way, and that is the big difference between them.

OK, that's enough for now.  I know there were other questions I had, but as I told  you, I don't remember them all.  All I know is I just kept asking them as I watched and they never seemed to end this week.  Maybe we will get some of the answers next week, and I can tell you right now they can go a long way toward answering some of them by simply arresting Rebecca and locking her up in jail until Gwen brings the baby back, if nothing else.  Yeah, like that's really going to happen.

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