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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/14 - 2/18

This is the first week since this show started that I had to stop and try to remember what happened before I could sit down and write this.  Honestly, there was just nothing noteworthy, or at least very little.  Maybe it's a senior moment, but I don't think so.  I think this was simply one of the most boring weeks this show has ever put out.  I have a feeling the show is going to be so bland and boring they figured they needed to get us ready for the let down.  All I know is, except for a couple of exceptions, nothing that happened this week is worth mentioning, so this might be my shortest column ever.  I would like to apologize up front for that, and I thought I should explain why it happened.  So, with the understanding that I haven't had much to work with, here goes.

One bright spot was having Sheridan realize once and for all that Marty is her son.  Now, I say that knowing that her resolve lasted all of -oh - maybe 15 minutes, but it was great while it lasted, wasn't it?  I, like many of you, have wondered for quite a while how no one could look at the boy and not see he is hers.  I mean, whoever is in charge of casting did a wonderful job when they picked that little guy.  He looks like Sheridan and he looks like Luis, depending on how you see him and who he's with, but in no way does he look like Beth.  Anyway, if it weren't for the elf taking the Santa pictures who saw the resemblance clearly, no one would ever have noticed, and that's just not possible.  But, anyway, Sheridan finally saw it and claimed him as hers as the week opened, and Beth was in a dither because of it.  Edna seemed thrilled, yet once again said nothing.  I am so tired of that.  She really needs to speak up at some point.  But, leave it to formerly studly hero Luis to blow that out of the water.  He refuses to see the resemblance and adamantly sticks to the "He's Beth's, not yours" line.  The problem this week was Sheridan's reaction to that.  Now, if I had a child that I knew was mine and he was in someone else's care, you had best believe I would have a DNA test done even if I had to bring in my own Q-Tip and swab his mouth with it on the sly.  Even if they said I faked it, they would have to do their own test to prove it and the truth would be known.  Does anyone remember the lady in New York or wherever who told her baby had died but then she went to a birthday party for a little girl and realized she was her "dead" daughter?  She raised a stink until tests were done and she was proved right, so that's what I think Sheridan needs to do, but that's not what happened.  She let Luis talk her out of it!!  Someone please tell me where the real Sheridan Crane went!  OK, maybe she lost all her backbone when she  was blown off the boat and ended up with Antonio.  I know she acted like a docile little puppy with him, following ten steps behind when he walked, almost, and doing whatever she was told to do by him.  Now she's letting Luis lead her around by the nose, and it's just not right.  I want the old, feisty, sure-of-herself woman she used to be back, and I mean right now!  I am tired of this milque-toast waif, sluffing around with her head bowed, yes-siring and no-siring Luis as if he is her master or something.  Raise a ruckus, for goodness sake.  Demand a DNA test and don't back down.  Slap the snot out of Beth and tell her to back off, then take the boy and go to the DNA lab, straight to the DNA lab, do not pass GO, etc.  I would, come what may.  I know, at the end of the week she admitted to Marty that she still knows she's his mother but that does nothing to help prove it's true.  She simply needs to take him and get him tested.  Oh, I guess I could be getting too harsh with all this, but, darn it, this whole story bugs me and it should have been over months ago.  And the worst part of it is that, when he convinced her she was wrong, she used the lamest reasoning I've ever heard, and it made me want to throw up.  "Luis loves me so I have to believe him."  Can you imagine?  Good Lord, woman, grow some gumption, get a spine, and tell the fool he's a chauvinistic pig!  How dare he dismiss her feelings so cavalierly, as if she couldn't possibly be right.  He doesn't even do the smart thing and have the DNA done to show her she's wrong, once and for all, he just demands she forget her feelings and stop bothering poor Beth.  And then he goes to Beth and discusses Sheridan's "problems" with her!!  OK, now I'm getting upset here, I know, but how disrespectful can this dolt be to the woman he supposedly loves?  I never thought I'd see the day when Luis would make me sick, but that day has come, and I really wish he would fall over one of the cliffs around that town and disappear forever.  At least his mother finally stood up to him this week and told him she's his mother and is quite capable of making her own decisions.  Yahooo!!  You go, girl.  This guy has gone from being a woman's dream man to a full-fledged nightmare, and all the muscles, cute smiles, and gorgeous eyes in the world can't camouflage that.  I think Sheridan needs to move on, find a real man, and forget about Luis.  Let him have Beth and all that comes with that.  It's all he deserves.

Another thing I liked this week was the Eve/Whitney reunion.  I was so happy to see Whitney finally turn to her mother.  I just wish she would listen to her and do what she should.  I don't much like the starving routine, either.  First of all, the baby will take what it needs from her body, doing her more harm than good, and secondly, how a mother could want to do that to her child is beyond me.  If she doesn't want to have it, she needs to get an abortion and get it over with quickly.  By starving it, she is causing it too much pain and it's actually torture, in my opinion.  But for her to decide she can't get an abortion and then start doing her best to lose it anyway makes no sense.  Where's the difference?  How can she really think killing her baby this way is preferable to aborting it?   Absolutely unbelievable, in my opinion, and I just don't see why the writers are doing this.  Usually a woman's reason for not aborting is so the baby will live, so either she is really a superficial witch who simply doesn't like the word and wouldn't do it for that reason, or she is totally stupid.  Either way, this part of the story is just dumb.  The only good thing about it is that it's bringing the girl and her mother closer together, and I think it would be great if they let Liz become aware of that and start machinating to get them apart and Whitney catches on.  She could finally see what Liz is really all about and become an ally for her mother.  That would be great, in my opinion, and carry the story to a new level.

Well, that's about it as far as storylines I liked this week, or ones I can remember, anyway.  The rest is all Katherine making a huge sacrifice for Martin and Sheridan, Rebecca helping Gwen get away, Alistair seeming to be a half-way decent guy, yet we know he has a devious reason for helping Katherine, Theresa over-acting, over-reaching, over-bearing, and over-the-top again, and whatever else went on.  I simply don't remember.  I did think Fox being the understanding, loving father was cute, but you know it's only happening so when the bottom falls out from under him he has further to fall, and that kind of tempers my enjoyment of it.  But, he was cute at it, wasn't he?  Poor guy.

I'm still trying to get a grasp on Valerie.  I know she came on as a good person, out to help Chad, but I just can't help thinking she is a plant, put there by Alistair to cause problems for him.  I don't know how, unless it's to make him fail at the business, but I just keep expecting her to get together with the old man and even end up in his bed.  I don't know why, probably just my suspicious mind, but just keep your eyes open, just in case.

OK, that's about it for now.  As I said, I simply can't remember what else happened this week.  It's just not that memorable.

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