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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

2/7 - 2/11

OK, I am just going to say it.  I have been arguing with myself all night and today about whether I should do it or forget it, but it's like having an itchy nose right when the guy snaps your family reunion picture - ya gotta do what ya gotta do!  So, here goes, and my apologies to anyone offended by it.  My nominee for the funniest scene of the week is - Theresa rolling off the ramp and landing in the snow after yelling at her father for absolutely nothing.  I mean, I was rolling on the floor when I saw that.  Number one, it was just so darn funny to watch, and number two, it was such a great example of Karma in action.  Now, I know saying that is not exactly nice, but come on - you know it was funny!  And she just laid there like a lump, not even trying to move.  LOL!!  I'm sorry, but it just had to be one of the funniest moments of all time on this show, and it wasn't even meant to be that way.

All right, now that my evil side has won out, let's get back to the week-at-hand.  I am pretty happy with the way things went this week, for the most part, and I just hope it will continue going the way they made it seem to be going.  First and foremost, Sheridan finally figured out Marty is her son.  Now, I know, Luis was already looking as if he was getting ready to call the funny farm admittance clerk, but I am holding out hope that it will end up with Beth being shown for the monster she is.  I don't know how no one can see that Sheridan and Marty are like two peas in a pod except the elf at the Santa picture place.  How can Luis not see it, or especially Katherine.  My gosh, I know she deserted her kids and didn't give a hoot about them for all those years, but she has to have a clear picture of each of them in her head and should be able to compare that with the baby.  I mean, I have six kids and I can pull their baby faces up at will, any time I want to, and I can see parts of the ones who have kids themselves in those kids, so how can Katherine not?  I don't know, it's just so confusing to me.  But, back to this week's story, I thought Beth was going to bust a gut when Sheridan told her she knows.  And at the end, when she told Luis Marty is theirs, Beth looked like she just ran face-first into a brick wall.  I've never seen anyone contort their face like that in real life so I don't know how she managed it, but it was a sight, that's for sure.  And for goodness sake, why doesn't Edna just spit it out?  She has to know Beth's threats mean nothing if she's locked up in jail and if she turns her daughter in she would be exonerated of any part she had in it all, so there's no down side for her.  Hopefully the story will continue and the truth will be shown finally, but I have a sinking feeling it's going to be another of the false starts this show is so famous for and it will run out of steam in a week or so, ending with Sheridan institutionalized and Beth free to chase Luis forever more.  UGH!!

Well, just when I thought we had Gwen pegged as a faker, she goes berserk over a picture of Theresa and Ethan, then tears him out and tapes him to a chair and tries to feed him dinner!  I wonder what she did with all that food, by the way.  I can't see her eating it, but I can see her getting upset and worried if Ethan doesn't.  Anyway, I am back to wondering is she or isn't she again.  I see someone has found her and since her mother helps her get on a plane to leave town, I am assuming it's her.  Gwen didn't seem too upset to see her, but she did show she knows she's doing the wrong thing by trying to hide the baby from her.  Of course, Monday might have the hiding movement disappear, replaced with a huge smile and welcoming greetings.  I just can't get over the nerve of Rebecca Hotchkiss-Crane, that's for sure.  She really does think she and Gwen can do anything they want to, no matter who it hurts, yet she has fits if she thinks anyone else has gotten the best of them, screaming and accusing and seeking revenge.  What a nut case she is, right?  I do enjoy her comedic scenes, for the most part, but the rest of her time on screen is just a waste, in my opinion.  She is so hateful and egotistical she just isn't enjoyable at all then.  She is a cold hearted witch (sorry, Tabitha) and needs to be brought down a peg or two hundred.  I want to see her lose for once, end up with nothing, and her daughter, too.  They both deserve it for what they've done, and as I've said before, even though Theresa has done hurtful things to Gwen throughout the years, she never did it to be hateful, only to speed "fate" along.  There is a difference, even though it might be a very slight one.  As I said, however, I am tiring of Theresa at this point, as witnessed by my joy at seeing her fall on her face on Friday, and I hope I never have to hear her whine about being paralyzed again.  Yes, I know, not much chance of that, but a girl can wish, can't she?

Another good sign this week was Whitney finally accepting help and comfort from Eve at long last.  A girl needs her mother when she's pregnant under any circumstances, but add what she is going through to the mix and it makes staying close to her mother an imperative.  Eve was so happy to have her daughter hug her at last and it made my eyes tear up to see it.  I just hope this holds up and Liz can't manage to get between them again when she finds out.  Liz needs to find a deep hole and jump in, taking a teaspoon with her so she can dig the rest of the way to China.  Whitney needs to stay close to her mother and let her help.  I am praying Alistair has "cooked the books", so to speak, and Chad really isn't Eve's son, but then I wonder what Fox will do.  Although, as sneaky as Valerie is she might work well with him if he decides to continue fighting for the company, and I'm sure he would if he lost Whitney to Chad after all.  Oh, the possibilities! 

I guess Katherine is leaving on her own, helped by Alistair.  So, what's his angle?  You know he's not doing this out of the goodness of his heart by any means, so there has to be something he expects to get from it, but I just don't know what.  Upsetting Martin, yeah, and Sheridan and Julian too, but somehow that doesn't seem to be enough of a payoff for him.  There has to be something else he is expecting to come out of it, but as I said, I just can't figure what.  I was so disappointed that he managed to get the monitors off before Luis and Co. got a chance to see them.  I just kept wondering why they didn't stay and mess with the remote a while longer and try to get it to flip to the closed circuit feeds.  It doesn't seem like it would be that hard, but who knows.  And another thing I've wondered about is why no one looked for all those disks he took back from Luis?  The information is in the computer at this point and they should be able to find it all, yet no one bothered to put out the effort to even try to find them while Alistair was at death's door.  That doesn't make sense to me at all.  Oh, well, one more of many things that don't.

I was touched by Martin's joy this week when he told Pilar that Luis asked him to monitor the police transmissions.  It almost made me feel sorry for him.  Well, that and Theresa haranguing him like a fishwife for something her mother did.  Pilar really messed up, in my opinion.  It was nice of her to take coffee out to Martin, especially since he was left out in the snow while everyone else was in the warm house, but why, oh why, did she have to bring up Katherine at that point?  Did she really think he would allow her to blame Katherine for everything when he never has before?  All she had to do was give him the coffee and then talk about the search, or the night sky, or the snow, or whatever.  My Grandma always told me you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so I think Pilar just needs to be her sweet, lovable self and if Martin has the least bit of interest in her still he will see her as the woman he loved before he left and those feelings might resurface.  Screeching at him every time she sees him will only keep him focused on Katherine, so if Pilar wants her hubby back she'd better start using better bait.  Anyway, his joy at being able to talk to his son, make a connection, was really a great thing to see.  I am not a fan of his or Katherine's, as you all know, but I like happy things as much as the next person and that was a happy time, until Theresa came storming out after him.  She did get hers for acting that way, but it was still a real downer.  The man is trying to help her find the child Gwen stole, which is what she says she wants more than anything, yet she treats him like that for no good reason.  What a loser.

OK, that's enough complaining for this week. As I said, things looked fairly good at week's end, so let's hope the next week continues in that vein, and even if Luis does figure Sheridan has gone off the deep end, let's hope they do that DNA test this time to prove her wrong, only they'll find out she isn't.  And let's hope Rebecca's plan to help Gwen escape falls through and Baby Jane goes home to her real mother, if only to stop her incessant whining for a while.

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