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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/31 - 2/4

This has been an exciting week in Harmony.  We have a newborn infant getting deathly ill in a split second, a psychotic chasing a wheelchair-bound woman around a busy hospital with scissors, a manhunt for the guy who attacked a young girl, and a reformed son begging his father, the most evil man in daytime TV for help in freeing the love of his life from a life behind bars.  Really interesting fare for a weekday, right?

I want to deal with the whole "Gwen's crazy" deal.  I find it strange that she had the presence of mind to know she wanted to kill Theresa, find a perfect weapon to do it with, and carry it out, yet she is simply not in touch with reality.  Never mind she's been threatening to kill her for years and especially after she found out the baby Theresa was carrying might not be hers, this is a one-time thing brought about because she just couldn't handle the news the baby isn't hers.  OK, I can buy that, I guess, but what about her ability to slip in and out of reality at will, being out most of the time when witnesses are around, and in when they aren't?  Doesn't that point to her putting on an act?  I wrote last week that I had doubts she really was insane, but I wasn't sure if that was true or not, but I have to say that after this week, I am of the opinion she was acting to escape prosecution for attempting to murder Theresa.  And let me say something here.  Sam and even Theresa keep saying Gwen has tried to kill her twice, but by my count it is four times.  She stabbed her once, saw she was still alive, stabbed her again, and then when they brought her out of surgery and Gwen heard she was going to be fine, she jumped on her and strangled her.  Now she's gone after her in the hospital, and that makes four attempts at murder, not two.  I know, it doesn't matter in Harmony, but here in the real world each attempt would be a separate count of attempted murder.  So anyway, Gwen was able to realize Theresa was at the hospital, formulate a plan to get herself sent there, acted loony while people were there but as soon as she was alone she was perfectly lucid.  She chased Theresa around the hospital, thoroughly enjoying herself, yet went "catatonic" once she was found.  Yet, once she was alone again, she snapped out of it and planned her escape with the baby, then carried it through.  Now, that is not a psychotic person.  She is acting, plain and simple, and figures it will save her from spending her life in jail or ending it in the death chamber.  Having said that, I am enjoying the story so far.  I hope Theresa gets her baby back before long, not like Sheridan, but watching Liza Huber go through her paces as a loony toon is really great, and she's doing a wonderful job.

Now, on to the baby.  I found myself wondering what was up with that baby, and Theresa, too.  I mean, they just got home from the hospital, probably had only been there for a couple of hours, and yet the baby is so feverish she needs to go back to the hospital?  From an ear infection?  Now, I know they come on fairly quickly, or at least they seem to, but come on.  That baby had been in the hospital since birth, had been checked before being released, and there is no way she could have gotten that sick that quickly.  In a day or two, maybe, but in two hours?  Not if Harmony Hospital is up to standards.  I'm sorry, but that is just totally unbelievable.  I had six kids, and I can tell you it doesn't happen that way.  And Theresa's hysterical whining while trying to figure out how to help her was too annoying for words!  Come on, woman, you have a four or five-year-old kid in the next room, so go wake him up and have him get the medicine out of the cupboard, or crawl under the sofa to get the bottle that rolled under there.  You don't sit around whining about not being able to do anything.  Good Lord, do we need to call the Waaaaaambulance for you, Theresa?  As I was told by a couple of very smart ladies, the chase through the hospital with Theresa screaming her lungs out was a welcome respite from all her whining of late about "I'm paralyzed!"  How many times does she have to say it to Ethan, for goodness sake?  The man knows already, as does half the world, so shut up about it and start working on getting better.  And get a clue, as well.

Now for Paloma.  I feel badly for this girl, I really do, but any girl who doesn't realize you don't go out in public half-dressed and dance like a hoochie mama and not expect some fool to take you seriously.  I'm sorry, but especially in this day and age, with all the news coverage of what happens to girls out there, any girl who goes out like that should realize she will probably get the kind of attention she (hopefully) doesn't want.  I mean, look at Kay and Simone.  They were dressed nicely, and they both looked sexy, yet they weren't advertising something that wasn't in stock.  True, even dressed as they were they weren't safe from perverts, but the chances are better for them to get through the evening unscathed than for Paloma and Jessica.  What on earth were those two thinking?  I'm glad they caught the guy who did it, but I wish Luis had taken a couple of swings, you know?  He did the right thing, of course, but still, the guy deserves an "adjustment" of his common sense control.  Let's hope he doesn't get off without paying for what he did, because no matter what a girl wears or how she dances, when she says "no", it should be NO.  Why can't some men get that through their heads?  I guess Luis was right when he said some men don't know the difference between flirting and foreplay.  I do have something else I'd like to complain about, too.  What is up with this little brat?  I mean, her mother was at her side the whole time she was comatose, yet when she wakes up, she shoves her mother away and whines for "Tia" and "Papi"?  What is wrong with that girl?  I simply don't understand how she can forgive Martin for causing her to be sent away from home because he ran away and left Pilar to fend for herself and his kids, yet she refuses to have anything to do with her mother who did the best thing she could think of for her.  I know, I have complained in the past about her shipping her baby off and not bringing her back, but she did have her reasons and it's time the girl realizes that and forgives her mother.  She is deliberately breaking her mother's heart, and that's just wrong. 

Now, on to Julian.  What a man, no?  I've said it a million times before and I'll say it a million more - that is the epitome of manhood standing beside Eve on the screen.  He is a true White Knight, and although his white steed and shining armor don't show, they are certainly there.  Prince Charming, for sure.  He certainly changed from a frog to a prince, didn't he?  Anyway, he went to Alistair for help for his beloved Eve this week.  How many of you thought for even a second that the old man would tell him the truth?  Not me, but it was certainly a nice try on Julian's part.  I mean, had the old lizard had even the tiniest of hearts he might have told Julian who he suspected of trying to poison him, but as we know all too well, any heart he may ever have had shriveled and died long ago.  I don't know what Eve is going to do, but I sure hope the truth will out.  I still wonder where the surveillance cameras were at the church and especially the hospital.  OK, maybe not at the church, but there have to be cameras at the hospital, especially by the drug closet.  It is just impossible that they aren't there.  One thing that looks like it's working for Eve is Whitney.  I think she will have a change of heart pretty soon.  I mean, as harsh as her words are, her eyes scream out her love for her mother, and she really needs her now, more than ever.  I think Eve's realization of what Whitney is doing will shake the girl up and get her to see how much her mother loves her and then she will turn to her again.  I don't know that it will help with the charges against her, but it certainly will give her strength and hope, and that can't hurt.

I guess the only thing left to talk about is Pilar, Katherine, and Martin.   I really am disgusted with K-Mart.  OK, I've never been happy about them, but this is getting to be too much.  Martin finally agrees to tell Pilar the truth, swears to her he will tell her, yet he allows Katherine to persuade him not to.  Number one, that woman needs to get a clue and keep her nose out of Pilar and Martin's business, but number two, he needs to think with his head and heart, not his....well, you know.  He wronged Pilar terribly and there is no way to right that at this late date, but he could at least give her some peace of mind by telling her the real reason he left and let the chips fall where they may.  Katherine is responsible for whatever has befallen her daughter, not Pilar.  Pilar has been there for the girl through thick and thin, while Katherine was living in luxury in Mexico with the woman's husband.  Martin's family was going without most of the time while he was living off Katherine's millions, and if he ever owed anyone anything it is Pilar, for putting her in the position of having to send her baby away in order to be able to support the other four.  I tell you what, he'd better get off the fence, off the Katherine gravy train, and give Pilar what she needs to get on with her life after all these years.  How many think he will do it, though?  Not much chance, is there?  He and Katherine will go on living like royalty, happily together, living in sin, while Pilar will live out her life wondering what was so wrong with her that her husband would prefer another woman over her.  See, that's what having your husband take off with another woman does to you.  You take the blame for it, believing that you are somehow deficient, lacking something as a woman, that you aren't as desirable as you should be, and it affects your whole life from there on out.  What he did to her he can never repair, but he can at least give her some peace of mind, and that's what he needs to do.

OK, that's the last word for this week.  It sounds like next week will be pretty exciting, judging by the previews, and I can't wait to see what happens next.  I'll be back next week to tell you if I think it lived up to those previews or not.

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