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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/24 - 1/28

So, about midway through the week, I realized I had been asking myself more questions than at any other time, and I wasn't finding any answers.  I decided this week to ask the questions I can remember having and see if any of you are wondering the same things.  So, here goes, the questions and my attempt at answers.

What happened to Jessica?  I mean, this was the one girl on the show that you just knew would always be the sweet, hometown sweetheart forever, and yet now she's dressing like a hooker and smoking, to boot.  Why?  And she stopped selling Mark, for goodness sakes, even though she loved it and apparently was making a fortune at it.  I wondered if losing Reese might have knocked her for a loop, but he's been gone for......a year?  Two?  I don't know, but it's been a while, so that doesn't seem possible.  Hopefully we will find out next week, but I hope it's not some dumb excuse that even a fool wouldn't buy.

Is Gwen sane or not?  She acts like she's in LooneyTuneville, but yet she realizes Theresa is at the hospital and can scheme enough to get herself taken there, too.  What's up with that?  I mean, either the woman is nutty or she's putting on an act, but at this point, I can't tell.  And anyway, when she's in her fantasy world, how come she knows when other people are with her in the real world?  Either she's in the Land of Make Believe, or she's in the real world, and she shouldn't be able to incorporate parts of one into the other.  I mean, if you're dreaming, you don't know who is outside your body, while if you're lucid, you're not seeing the dream world.  Does that make sense to anyone else?  I'm not sure how to say it, but I do know what I mean, and hopefully you do, too.  It really is confusing, though.  I simply don't know the answer to this one.

What was up with Sheridan in dreamland?  She was acting totally out of it, which is contrary to any from of sleepwalking I've ever heard of.  I mean, yes, sleepwalkers sometimes do things they wouldn't in real life, but good heavens, for her to turn into a raving maniac, chasing and choking her mother while giving a (sorry) really bad imitation of Wolfman or Dracula is a bit much, don't you think?  If she's in a dream state, again, like Gwen, she would have no hint of who or what is around her in the real world and couldn't interact with them without waking up.   Sheridan was so "active" while sleepwalking that she would have to have woken herself up at some point, yet she didn't.  Why?  I have to tell you, she was acting like a total freak, what with all the growling, scowling, teeth-bearing, crawling up her mother's leg, etc, and it simply made no sense.

Why didn't Kay, Jessica, and Simone go look for a back door to the club when they realized Paloma was still there?  I would, wouldn't you?  Or an open window, anything.  I wouldn't leave a friend of mine inside a place where she's being looked at as raw meat to a wolf, that's for sure.  I'd break the door down if I had to, but I wouldn't leave her alone.  Kay was so good at telling Jessica what she was doing with her trampy clothes and actions, yet she didn't stop to think Paloma was in the same danger?  Come on, get real, writers.   Well, the one good thing this might bring about is that Paloma will realize she shouldn't be advertising services she doesn't want to sell.  I know, a man should know when to take "no" for an answer, and I agree, but you simply don't pass yourself off as easy if you're not.  I mean, a jeweler would get in trouble for selling a zirconium as a real diamond, right?  False advertising will get you in trouble every time, girls, so let that be a lesson to you.

Why did Ivy think she had the right to snitch on Sam's daughters?  I mean, she told the girls Sam had asked what they were doing and why Jess was dressed as she was when he asked no such thing.  It was like she wanted them to get into more trouble than they already were.  I really got upset at that.  I mean, OK, tell Sam they got in late or whatever, but don't deliberately make it worse for them, especially after they told her that Kay had confronted Jessica about her actions and she knew she had done the wrong thing.  Now Kay will be in trouble for "corrupting" sweet little Jessica, and she did no such thing.  What a witch Ivy is!

While I'm on the subject, why didn't Kay let fly with what she knows about Ivy's lies?  I would have after being stabbed in the back by her, and I'd make sure Sam believed Ivy had threatened me into keeping quiet about it all this time.  Oh, yes, I would be just as hateful as the witch herself, and not even feel bad about it.

Why on earth would Luis talk to Martin about revealing his secret in front of Alistair, knowing the old man was involved?  I mean, he knew it had to do with the Crane gazebo that had mysteriously disappeared, so Alistair had to have been involved, so why foil the chance to get the truth?  I swear, that man is so gorgeous I can usually overlook his stupidity, but there are times, and this is one, when all the hunkiness in the world can't compensate for the stupid things he does.  Now, the commercials told us the secret would be revealed, many of you think it won't be, after all?  I guess I could be wrong, but I'm thinking he will again decide to say nothing and just leave town, leaving Pilar and Luis to wonder why he left in the first place.  Well, Luis has only himself to blame if it happens that way.

Why can't Theresa make up her mind?  Ethan says he has to go see about Gwen, she says fine, then comes out of the bathroom and jumps all over him for leaving!  What's up with that?  She actually throws him out of the house!  He offers to stay until someone else gets there, but she tells him to leave, she'll be fine.  Then, when she has some problems with the baby, she blames him for leaving!!  I kept wondering why she didn't just get Little Ethan up to get the medicine for her.  It wouldn't have hurt him any, and she would have had the medicine the baby needed.  And then again, when she dumped over her purse and the medicine rolled under the sofa.....L.E. could have gotten it for her.  Or, better yet, she could have put the baby in the bassinet, let her cry for a few minutes, and gotten whatever she needed.  Instead she tries to hold her and use only one had to move the chair.  Come on, now, anyone with a brain knows that won't work, you'll only go in circles.  Now not only is she driving me crazy with her constant whining about being paralyzed, she has turned dumb as a stump and whines about that, too.  UGH!!  I am almost ready for Gwen to put her out of her misery, and mine, too.  God, that girl can whine, can't she?

Why wasn't Julian's first thought, when trying to figure out who would want to frame Eve, his own wife, Rebecca?  He knows her, he knows she hates Eve, he knows she doesn't want to give up the money and power she has as his wife, and he knows she is capable of anything.  I would think she would be his first suspect, especially since she's the one who told them about Liz in the first place, meaning she was there, too.  Maybe now that Eve has remembered seeing her there, by the punch bowl, even, he might get the point and realize she is the most likely suspect.  I'm still trying to figure out why fingerprints weren't taken from Eve's cup and the ladle, but I guess that would make it too easy, right?  I mean, Liz's prints would be on Eve's cup, too, since it was hers first, and her prints would be on the ladle while Eve's wouldn't, showing Liz was lying.  Case closed, almost.

How can Tabitha stand outside people's windows, watching them, and all the while talking to herself without being caught?  It boggles the mind, I tell you.  But then, almost everyone in Harmony has stood outside someone's house and spied on them at one point or another, and not one has been caught, yet, except for Reese when he fell from the tree at Tabby's house.  It gives me the creeps, that's for sure, but then, I guess the better question is, why doesn't anyone on these shows ever close their curtains at night?  Don't they realize anyone can look in and watch them at any time if they don't?  It's really a strange thing to see, that's all I know.

I'm sure there were many more questions than I've listed, but I just can't remember them all right now.  I would like to say one more thing, however.  I was so glad to see Timmy in one of Tabitha's flashbacks.  I saw him walking in there and almost fell out of my chair, wondering if I was seeing things, and then he talked and I knew he was really there.  I guess one good thing about having a short memory is when things like that happen and it's like you're seeing it for the first time.   I am assuming it was shown before, anyway.  All I know for sure is, I really enjoyed seeing his sweet face again and hearing his voice.  I still miss the little guy.

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