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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/17 - 1/21

I guess this was a pretty good week, considering it was a shortened one.  Things happened, the story progressed, and I was left anxiously awaiting Monday to see what's going to happen to some of them, and I consider that a good week.  Any week that doesn't leave me wondering why I'm still watching is a good one, though.

Well, Theresa is going home, and taking her baby with her.  Isn't it miraculous how quickly people heal in this town?  I mean, the baby was born too early and almost didn't make it two days ago, their time, yet here she is, thriving and looking like a three-month-old baby!  And the same for Theresa.  She was stabbed in the back, paralyzed, and almost died yesterday, but now she's doing so well she can go home.  And let's not even mention Liz, who was poisoned, almost died, went into a coma, woke up in time to accuse her sister of trying to kill her, and then followed them to the police station to book her, all in one night.  Now, that is truly amazing.  Now, two days later, she is well enough to make a solo trip to jail to visit her sister and make it look like she's choking her.  I tell you, I want to go to their hospital when I get sick or hurt.  But anyway, Theresa is taking her baby and going home, still whining about being paralyzed every chance she gets.  I guess I don't blame her for being upset, but it would be so nice to get through an hour when she's on and not hear those words.  I guess it will be a while, though, so I'd better get used to it.

How low can Ethan stoop?  What won't he use against Theresa to get her to drop the charges against his murderous wife?  He's tried everything, and now he's trying to tell her that if Gwen doesn't get better, which she won't do if she's left in jail, Theresa will never get Little Ethan back because she won't be allowed to make any decisions until the court thinks she is mentally stable.  How stupid was that?  I have to agree with Theresa, he must think everyone is brainless if he thinks that will make sense to anyone with at least average intelligence.  I mean, if a mother is so unstable she can't get out of jail, the child isn't going to be left in her control by any sane judge, and the husband will be given the right to make the decisions.  Good for Theresa for facing him down on that one and setting him straight.  I guess in between whines about being paralyzed she still has some of that old spunk we always liked to see.  Another good sign for this story is that Rebecca is so busy with Gwen she can't cause problems for Theresa.  And man, is she ever busy!  At week's end, her poor little Gwennie had Mommy Dearest in a precarious position, alone in the jail cell with her after she slipped out of her straight jacket, and it looks like Baby has some bad intentions with regard to her Mommy.  Oh, I am on pins and needles to see where this ends up, and God help JER if he short circuits this one and leaves us hanging.  This has the makings of a good story twist and I hope it is used effectively.

What is with these writers, anyway?  We spent years listening to TC tell everyone he knew exactly what they were going to say, then reveal that he knew absolutely nothing of the kind.  Now, just when it looked like they'd realized their mistake and backed off on it, they play the old bait-and-switch on us, turning Katherine into the Brainless Wonder.  Finally Whitney decided to confide in someone about what was bothering her, and before she can manage to get the words out, Katherine jumps in, tells her she knows exactly what she's trying to say, and gets the girl's hopes up that finally someone knows her secret and understands only to realize that no, Katherine hasn't a clue as to what she was trying to tell her.  Can you imagine the let down for her when she realized that?  Brooke Kerr did a good job of showing that disappointment.  You could just see in all over her face and she didn't need to say a single word.  Now, that is acting.  Kudos to Brooke for Best Actress honors this week.  Maybe it's just me, but I really love it and consider it the epitome of acting when someone can tell you exactly what they are feeling and thinking without opening their mouth.  It just gives me chill bumps to see that happen because as hard as it is to say lines with conviction, doing it without words is so much more difficult, yet so much more moving, too.  Anyway, as I was saying, Whitney's world crashed down around her one more time this week and I just have to ask myself just how much longer she can keep this up.  I really wish she would just cave in and go to her mother, but I know she won't do that.  Eve is the one who can help her, but Whitney won't let her and it's only going to cause her more problems.  My fear is she will confide in Aunt Liz who will turn around and use it to hurt Eve and in doing so, she will hurt Whitney to the point of driving her to do something desperate.  With any luck, though, that would show TC and the girls exactly what a snake Liz is and that will be the end of her little dream world.  Oh, who am I trying to kid?  That will never happen.  Liz will just keep on going, the Energizer Biddy, as long as the writers keep pushing her buttons.  Hopefully that means there will be no secret-spilling by Whitney, but who knows.

The scenes with Pilar and Martin were great this week, too.  Her pain is like a huge, red birthmark right in the middle of her face in her scenes with him.  Eva is really a good actress with these emotional things, isn't she?  I mean, she is always a good actress, but she is so understated most of the time that you tend to not notice how good she is.  Since Martin has come back, tho, her talent has just continued to shine brightly, and I swear, if she is not at least nominated for a Daytime Emmy this time I will really be surprised and very upset.  She has been amazing and really deserves the recognition.  But, back to the story.  Pilar started the week by conking her ex in the head, almost killing him.  Now, as funny as that scene was, and I admit, I laughed when it happened, the angst she showed at the possibility she had killed the man she has loved most of her life really got to me.  Her love for him came right back to the surface and it was just such a wonderful thing to see.  It makes you wonder how this man could ever have left her behind and moved on with another woman, no matter who that woman was.  Personally, I don't see how he could be so in love with Katherine after knowing Pilar's love.  Not that there is anything wrong with Katherine, but the kind of love Pilar has for him is a once in a lifetime thing, a kind of love most people only wish they could find, and to toss that aside so easily, out of sight, out of mind, is just unbelievable.  Now, I know he says he still loves her, and I do believe that, but what I don't believe is that he now loves Katherine more and is willing to walk away from Pilar so easily.  I know the writers want us to think Katherine and Martin are heroes, but I see them both as cowards, plain and simple, and instead of staying and dealing with Alistair as Luis has all these years, they ran away and left their families at his mercy.  Now, considering the fact they both knew he had no mercy, what kind of sense does that make?  None.  They aren't heroes and don't deserve to be seen that way.  If Martin was a true hero he would have killed Alistair and served his time in jail for it.  His family would be behind him, their lives would have been better, and with good behavior Martin could have been out of jail in seven years.  Life would have gone on, he would be a hero in Harmony, and happy days would be here again, fa la la.  No, he took the coward's way out, and I don't care what's buried on the Crane estate, he simply left with Katherine because he wanted to be with her.  Nothing else makes sense.

The new Alistair took over Friday.  It's too soon to really make any judgments, I guess, but one thing I can say is, if they keep bringing in younger and younger Katherines and Alistairs, Julian is going to have to get face work and dye his hair again.  This is getting ridiculous, you know?  Poor Ben, he seems to be looking at being shoved aside for a younger model, too, and that's not a good thing.  Ben is one of the brightest spots on this show, has been since it started, and doing anything that threatens his continued presence as Julian smacks of disaster.  Just a warning from a loyal fan.  I love John Reilly's work, and I hope he works out as Alistair, but it better not threaten Ben Master's job as Julian or heads will roll, I promise you that.  The massive withdrawal of his fans as they drop the show will spell the end to it before long, and those in charge of it will find themselves on the street and that would still be too soft a punishment for them. I hope they can make John look older somehow, because otherwise it will be too hard to imagine him as the patriarch of the Crane family.  I think they can do it and I just hope they will.

OK, enough for now.  See you all next week with more kudos (hopefully) and complaints (not too many, with any luck).

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