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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/10 - 1/14

Hmmmm.  It looks like Theresa might be ready to get real for once, doesn't it?Now, don't get me wrong, I have always been a Theresa fan.  I like the way she sticks up for her friends and family, no matter what, and the way she tries to follow the teachings of her church.  I like her strength and determination in the face of adversity and the way she never backs down from her belief that Fate has destined her to be with Ethan, the man of her dreams, and to have a fairytale life.  I love these things, and also the way she stands and fights against anyone who tries to deter her or bring her down.  She is simply a heroine, at least in the light of what the people of Harmony are like for the most part.  Now, yes, she does stupid things and ends up falling on her face more often than a top-heavy figurine, but.....the girl's got Moxie, as they say.  Having said all that, however, I have to tell you I am more than a little sick of her this past week.  I swear, if I hear her whine about never being able to walk again, or "I'm paralyzed!", I will throw something through my TV screen!  I mean, it's only been a week and I'm already tired of hearing it, so how am I supposed to get through the next several months of it?  And you know it will be several months, at least.  These writers never end anything quickly.  I know, I sound harsh and unsympathetic, but I'm really not.  I know she's in a terrible situation and her life is totally different, in a minute's time, from what it has always been, but come on, enough is enough!  OK, so she gets upset when she finds out she can't move her legs, I got that, but to continue to whine about it and to keep screeching it at everyone at the drop of a hat?  The last straw was yesterday, when Ethan said he was calling in a doctor to make sure she was all right after she fell from the bed, and she screeched it at the top of her lungs - "I'm paralyzed, Ethan!!!"  So, does she really think he's not aware of that?  Did she really not understand he meant he wanted to be sure she hadn't hurt herself worse in the fall?   I have simply had enough of her whining at this point.  She needs to get over it, to realize there is as good a chance she will be perfectly fine as there is she'll never walk again and start trying to make sure the first part happens, not the last.   She needs to set her mind on getting better, not wallow in what might be as if it's already set in stone.  However, the one good thing that could come from this is that she will finally realize that Ethan is NOT the man for her!  He is a wimp, a wuss, too weak-kneed to stand up and do the right thing, as witnessed by the fact he told Luis that while he didn't like the things Rebecca and Gwen were doing, he couldn't go against them.  PUH-LEEZE!!!!!  A decent person, a person with personal strength and character, does the right thing no matter what.  I mean, if Gwen really loved him she would understand he had to go against her, even if it might take a while.  But you never compromise your moral standards, and if someone does something to someone that isn't right, especially when that other person is someone you supposedly love, you have to stand up and stop it if you can.  But even if you can't, you have to make a stand for right.  Anyway, I think the way he's schmoozing Theresa, trying to get her to drop the charges against the woman who tried to murder her, will cause her to realize he's not worth the trouble he's caused her and she'll kick him to the curb.  I know, once that happens he will be like a puppy dog, hot on her trail at every turn, but hopefully she will have the strength to kick him every time he gets close enough until he learns he's not got a chance with her.  That's my dream, anyway. I'd love to see her get together with Chad, actually.  I'd love the tension between her and Whitney if that happened.  Talk about a delicious storyline!

OK, now here's another thing that's bugging me.  Eve.  How is it that she was arrested for trying to poison Liz?  What proof do they have that cancels out the fact she is a decent, upstanding member of her community without a blemish on her record?  You know that wouldn't happen to anyone in your town who is looked up to as much as she is.  They would have to make sure all the evidence points to her and no one else, and at this point, they don't have that.  Let me ask you this:  where are the fingerprint tests on the other cup, the one Eve had?  How about the ones from the handle of the punch dipper that would show Liz and Julian used it but Eve didn't?  What about all the people who were in that basement as the women argued, any one of whom could have seen Rebecca standing around watching them?  And while we're at it, what about the surveillance cameras in the hospital?  Oh, they don't have any?  Why not?  Most hospitals do, and the drug closet would be a place they would want constant surveillance, right?  Of course they would, but so far, no one has even thought to ask about that, have they?  I tell you, there are so many things here that would invalidate her arrest that she could sue everyone involved and end up richer than the Cranes!  And another thing.  They know Rebecca would do anything to get rid of Eve so why not wonder about her setting the woman up?  Add to that the fact she's been running around telling everyone that she wants to confess to save Gwen and you've got reason to investigate her as the culprit.  But no, they blindly keep asking themselves who might want to set Eve up and coming up with no one but Liz and believing she would poison herself just doesn't get it.  I tell you, the police in Harmony really don't deserve the money they are paid, that's for sure.

Now, on to Gwen.  Does anyone else think she'd doing a great job of making herself look insane?  OK, that's harsh, too, but come on, now.  She tried to murder someone and could spend a long time in prison for it, so why wouldn't she look for a way to get out of it so she can take another stab at it?  Pardon the pun, but you know what I mean.  It bothers me that she can recognize anyone who comes to see her and she remembers Sheridan's wedding and all that, but she can't remember she isn't the baby's mother and her other children are dead?  And besides that, she is supposed to be in her own world so how is it her visitors get through that?  I guess it's possible, but it just seems strange to me.  And now she's strangled Sheridan!  I know she won't press charges, of course, but this has to make things worse on Gwen unless she is bucking for insanity.  I swear, if she gets out and tells her mother it was all an act, I am going to scream.  I actually feel sorry for her again, and that can't be good.  She always makes me sorry I gave her the benefit of the doubt, you know?  No, I am very wary of what's going on with this woman as I don't trust her as far as I can throw her.  And her mother is some piece of work, isn't she?  She is determined to save her daughter by confessing to her sins until she learns Eve might have to spend 25 years to life, and then she just drops it.  So, what does she think, she can confess and get off with nothing?  Of course she wouldn't get as much as Eve since she wouldn't be accused of the other two attempts, but she takes it as truth that she would be in there that long, too.  I have to admit, her "confession" to Julian, telling him she is a money-hungry gold digger and his reply that it's nothing he doesn't already know was hilarious.  He looked at her like she was losing her mind and I almost laughed my rear end off.  I did love that exchange, but it leaves me wondering how she figures she can save Gwen now?  I mean, when she decided to confess, she had to have realized she'd get in trouble, right?  Maybe she just wasn't expecting that much trouble, but still, by not confessing, at least to her way of thinking, she has condemned Gwen to a life of insanity, and what mother would do that to her child, no matter what the consequences for the mother?  I am anxiously waiting to see what she will come up with next, though.

Well, Alistair is awake and out of the hospital, and right back to his old tricks.  No brush with death that made him question his actions for him, no siree!  He gets out, goes to find Katherine, and tries to rape her again.  Then he seemed to want Martin to attack him.  Now, I think I understand why, although I have to tell you my brain isn't wired that way so I could be wrong.  I guess he just wants Martin to get in trouble and be arrested, leaving Katherine at Alistair's mercy.  Other than that, I don't get it.  He still makes me sick, though, that much I can say.  I wish he'd just died.  I guess that wouldn't be good for the show, though, but it would be great for me.  LOL!!

I guess Luis and Sheridan really are never going to be happy.  I hate to think I've invested this much time in this story, hoping and waiting for the day they will finally be married and happy, at least for a while, only to have it be an unattainable dream, but that's what it seems like.  Every time it looks like we will finally be rewarded with a happy storyline for them for once it is yanked right out from under us.  I have been more and more depressed lately and I think I now know why.  It's this show.  It is pure anger, pain, and disappointment, over and over again, and it is just dragging me down with it.  That's not a fun way to live, you know?  They really need to give us some happiness sometimes, some real happiness, not just something on the surface when we know the floor is going to open up and swallow them in a minute or two.  It's frustrating, I tell you, and they need to provide Prozac with the show.  LOL!!  OK, now back to Harmony reality.

Has anyone figured out yet that there are three or four people on this show who, if they would only tell all they know, could radically change the lives of everyone in town?  Think about it.  Eve could tell everyone why Grace and Sam split up, who was behind it and why.  Gwen could speak up and tell everyone how the story of Ethan's paternity got into the tabloid, how and why the Lopez-Fitzgerald's lost everything, how Rebecca managed to get Little Ethan and then make sure Gwen and Ethan could adopt him, Edna could tell what happened to Sheridan, who kidnapped her, and where her son is, as well as how the news about Katherine got to her on her wedding day.  And then there's Tabby.  She could tell everyone everything.  Now, we all know she won't say anything, but why on earth Edna and Eve don't spill all is beyond me.  True, Gwen is a part of her mother's shenanigans and can't tell the truth without incriminating herself, but Eve could talk all day and night with nothing to fear but losing her family and friends.  But wait...she's already lost most of them as it is, hasn't she?  I had thought once Liz outed her and she had no more secrets to keep she would want to help her friends get their lives back, but I guess it really doesn't matter to her.  Too bad.  Eve used to be a really good woman.

OK, now, last but certainly not least is Whitney.  Once again she is mouthing off at her mother, doing nothing to try to help her or ease her pain, yet continuing to keep her own lies going.  It just never ceases to amaze me how kids can treat a parent like this, especially one who was there for them all their lives, who was the world's best Mom, according to these same kids, and who has done nothing but love and care for them all their lives.  It's like all that never happened, that their mother is and has been the world's worst person and deserves nothing but their disrespect, hatred, and anger.  That is so unreal, so far from reality, in fact, as to be totally unbelievable.  It makes these characters seem shallow and heartless and makes it harder than ever to care about them or what happens to them.  Now, how does that help build a show?  Passions has been scraping the bottom of the barrel since it started so you would think JER and the writers would have learned that what they are giving us is not what viewers want to see or hear, but apparently not.  Now, they did finally get the hint and started moving the stories along, but that's not enough to keep it going.  They need to make some fundamental changes in the characters and how they are treated in their stories and they need to do it quickly.  Here it is, mid-January, and not a word yet as to whether the show will be kept on the air or not.  That doesn't bode well, I'm afraid.  Hopefully they will be renewed, and if so, hopefully they will start giving us the stories we really want to see.  If not, I really don't see it continuing for very much longer at all.  I know, I'm being pessimistic here, but it really is what I feel could happen and this show has so much potential I'd hate to see it happen.

OK, enough for now.  Hopefully next week will bring some new twists and turns, not the same old same old.  I'll be watching and tell you what I think next time.

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