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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

12/26/05 - 12/30/05

Happy New Year, everyone.  I wasn't able to watch the show all week until yesterday, so I can't opine on what happened, but I do have a few questions so I'm just going to talk about those.  Things should be back to normal next week, tho.

I have tried to keep up with the action through the wonderful transcripts and daily updates on the site, here, and I would recommend them to any of you who miss a day or two, or more.  The transcripts are a word-for-word written log of what is said on each day's show, and you get a pretty good idea of what is going on.  You don't have the advantage of seeing the motions, what the characters do as they are talking, etc, or what they are doing when they aren't talking at all, but if you then go read the update for that day you get a better idea of it all.

 It seems a lot happened this week, with Ethan waking up and all.  I just kept wondering, tho, where the gratitude from Gwen, Ivy, and Sam was?  Did anyone of them let Theresa know how grateful they are that she stopped Gwen from pulling the plug on him and ending all hope of him waking up again?  I sure didn't see it if they did, and I really think that's rude and just downright wrong.  She saved his life, and that deserves some thanks from those that love him and are so happy to have him back.

 Now, here's the main part of my problem with what happened yesterday.  We have been promised that secrets would be revealed by Alistair before he dies, or seems to die, or whatever, yet all we got yesterday was the fact that he paid Spike to turn Jessica into a drugged out trollop, which we already knew, and that he killed Luis and Antonio, which we already knew, also.  Now, Luis isn't really dead, of course, and I doubt Antonio is, either, but that's beside the point.  The last thing we learned, which we hadn't known, is that he also paid Rae to seduce Simone, and according to him, "turn her into a lesbian."  Now, that is impossible, of course, but that's what he claims to have done. that all there is?  Are we getting any of the really important secrets out, like we were promised?  Where's the revelation that Gwen and Rebecca lied, cheated, and outted Ethan's paternity?  How about the fact that Ivy set Grace up?  How about the fact that Chad, in reality, isn't Julian and Eve's love child, thereby allowing him and Whitney to live happily ever after with their beautiful son Miles?  What happened to all that?  I, for one, feel like it's TC's shed all over again.  I mean, we get the big build up, and then......nothing.  Not one new thing, except the Rae business, was revealed.  

 Ok, it's true, Sam and the others didn't know for sure that Spike was paid to ruin Jessica, but they did always feel Alistair was behind it, so it was no big news to them to find out they were right all along.  And everyone knew he was behind the deaths of the Lopez-Fitzgerald boys, too.  True, his revelation that Sheridan killed her aunt was news to her, but others already knew it, and we did, too.  Honestly, it was just a big let down.  At least so far.

Now, with Alistair running for his life from the Lady in Red Fingernails - aka Rachel - it doesn't seem likely he will be making any more revelations, so where's the beef, as they used to ask?  What, is he going to be running through the library, where all the "guests" are, tossing out tidbits of major secrets with each pass through?  Oh, yes, I can see it now.  He comes running in the door, with Rachel hot on his heels, and say "Hi, all.  One more thing:  Gwen and Rebecca sent the paternity news to the tabloid", then out the other door.  Back in through the bookcase, tossing out "And Sam, Ivy, the woman in your bed nowadays, paid David Hastings to pose as Grace's first husband, but it's not true" on his way out the patio doors.  

 And just when they are digesting that news, here he comes through the garden door, letting them know that Julian and Eve's real bastard son is Spike, not Chad, then he leaves via the basement door built into the coffee table.  Somehow that just doesn't seem possible.  Or maybe he loses Rachel, with her swinging knife-of-vengeance, and calmly strolls in to the library, making all the pronouncements before the not-so-dead woman finds him again, sending him careening out the French doors, running for his very life.  I don't think so.

I guess it could happen, and more secrets could be brought out somehow, but I have the sinking feeling we've gotten all we're going to get, and I, for one, feel cheated - again. 

Now, on to Rachel.  Wow, that was really some huge surprise.  Knock me over with a feather, how on earth could we not all have known it would be Rachel, back from the dead, who was skulking around all over the place, promising to kill Alistair at the first opportunity?  Oh, wait.  We did.  True, I, for one, kept trying to hope it would be a real surprise, someone not quite so obvious.  Why, for instance, would Rachel give a darn about what happened to the Bennetts, the Russells, and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds?  They are nothing to her.

 Well, anyway, you get the idea.  After waiting all this time and making such a huge deal out of it, you'd think we'd get a better payoff than that, right?  I mean, I fell like I helped dig through tons of mud and gunk to help a guy find a diamond mine, and all I got for all my trouble was a souvenir rock from the rubble left behind.  What a piker!

 Ok, I know, there's still next week, and Rachel could trip and break a nail, forcing her to give up the chase while she goes to get it redone, thereby allowing Alistair to reveal even more dirt on everyone, but.....this is Passions.  We could never get so lucky.

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