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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

12/12/05 - 12/16/05

What a confusing week this was.  You never knew what anyone was going to do.  There was so much switching of positions, etc, that it almost gave me whiplash trying to keep up with it and figure out what was going on.  

 I think I'll start with Fancy.  She has never been one of my favorite characters, as you well know, but for a while there I was beginning to think there might be hope for yet.  But, just when I thought I knew where she was heading next, she went the totally opposite way.

 She started the week hating Theresa and vowing to turn her and Noah in to the police, and she would let Gwen know where they had taken Ethan so she could get him back to the hospital and unplug him.  Now, that made no sense whatsoever to me, because if they are just wanting him to die, why should it matter where?  They had all said their goodbyes at least a couple of times, so it wasn't like they wouldn't have the chance.  But, that's what Fancy wanted to do, and if she could have gotten through on her cell phone  she would have done it.  The cell was dead, however, so she couldn't.

 Next, she planned to use the house phone, but the Lady with Red Fingernails cut the wire so she couldn't use it, either.  Now, why and how the LRFN got to the cabin I'll never know, but she was there, and she managed to thwart Fancy at every turn.  I guess she really wants Ethan and Theresa to be together.  I'm still not sure why.

 Once she found the phone wouldn't work, she decided to drive to the nearest phone and let Gwen and the police know where to find them.  However, her tires were slashed, so she couldn't.  Now, she, of course, blamed Theresa and Noah, but they had been in the cabin with her the whole time, so how could she have thought either of them did it?  I guess she really is as dumb as she looks.  Anyway, she wanted to take Noah's car, but his tires were slashed, too, so that didn't work.  And when she went out in the morning to change the tires, she found her spare was slashed, too.  And, again, even tho they were all in the cabin together the whole time, she accused Theresa of doing it.  Sheesh!

 Anyway, back in the cabin, Fancy decides she's going to walk to the nearest phone, but wants to say goodbye to Ethan first.  She went in the room, leaving Noah and Fancy in the living room.  And that's when the cops showed up.  Theresa hid in the closet while Noah tried to convince them he was there all alone, but when Theresa knocked something over in the closet they became suspicious and wanted to look in there as well as in the bedroom.  Noah talked them out of it, but as they were leaving they saw Fancy's car and realized he wasn't alone.  As they were harassing him about that, Fancy came out of the room, and that's when the spinning started.

 Instead of telling the cops who they were and what was in the bedroom, she demanded they leave, saying she was a Crane and had a right to be there.  They didn't believe her at first, but later, once she got into her "I'm a Crane Princess and you're a couple of nobody peons" act, they decided she really was a Crane.  However, that didn't stop one of the cops from remaining suspicious.  Now, the change in her really was confusing, since we never saw it coming and couldn't figure out why she'd suddenly started protecting the very people she'd just been threatening a few minutes earlier.

Theresa was confused, too, but she was happy for the change.  But, once the cops had left the cabin and Theresa came out, she tried to thank her for her help and got a sound slap across the face for her trouble.  Fancy told her not to touch her, as if she had leprosy or something, and said she still blames her for Ethan being in the coma.  OK, I understand that, but still, if I were Theresa, I think I wouldn't have stood there so meekly and allowed her to hit me once again.  This is twice she's walked up and smacked her, and she really needs to know she can't do that.  Maybe when this is all over Theresa will let her have it in return, who knows.

Now, it's not like the police have gone away.  One of them wants to, since he's not real keen on losing his job and his pension, but the other won't give up, and he finds heavy tracks in the snow, which came from the ambulance, and wants to investigate them.  Now, I don't know if the writers forgot what they wrote the day before or what, snowed all night.  Theresa watched it and talked to Ethan about it.  Noah talked about it when Fancy wanted to walk to a phone.  Yet, two minutes later, the ambulance tracks are still in the snow.  Isn't that physically impossible?  Wouldn't the new snowfall have covered the tracks up so they couldn't be seen?  Maybe it's just me, but that was a really stupid thing to let happen. 

Now, how about TC?  He walks up on Simone, Kay, and Spike's hired troublemakers in the park, right as one of the girls is accusing Simone of groping her.  Simone asks him to help her, but he sides with the girls.  He starts calling Simone names, saying hateful, hurtful things to her, and when Julian and Eve come up and start defending her, he starts hurling bad names at Eve, too.  And he makes a remark about her choosing Julian over him and that makes her a cheap slut or something.  Now, wasn't it just a few weeks ago, when Eve made her decision, that he said he didn't like it, but he wanted her happy so he'd live with it?  Now he's done another flip-flop and hates her again?  Well, it is TC, isn't it.

 Liz seemed as upset at TC's attacks on Simone as Eve was,  yet once he was through and walked away, and she got to sidle up to Julian and begin her digs at them, she seemed to agree with everything TC had said.  Well, if so, why the shocked and disgusted looks on her face as he said them?  I was glad Simone had her mother and Julian, along with Jessica, to defend her.  I simply don't understand the way she's been treated by those who are supposed to care for her the most.  I was glad Jessica finally came around, too.  She was horrible to her when she first found out, but now she has a better attitude about it and was standing behind her all the way in the park.

 Sheridan.  Could she be any more trashy now?  The woman falls through the ice into the icy cold pond beneath, gets pulled out and taken home,  and she's apparently freezing.  Chris runs her a warm bath, and all she has to do is get her clothes off and get in, but she can't figure out how to do that and has to call him in to do it for her.  And then she makes moves on him!  She says she's waited long enough and needs to find a new man.  OK.  Somewhere around a month after losing the love of her life is long enough?  What the heck are the writers doing to this woman?  She's a cheap parody of herself at best, and it's at the point where I can't even stand to look at her or hear her voice.  I change the channel and watch commercials while she's on, to tell the truth.  

 I understand why the writers are making her jump all over Chris' bones so soon after Luis' supposed death, and I understand why they made James tell Santa he wanted a Mommy for Christmas and point at Sheridan, but I don't have to like it, and I don't.  I hate it when the writers, in trying to come up with something "new and different", totally trash one of our favorite characters.  They've been doing a hatchet job on her since she found out Beth had her son, and it has reached it's peak in this story.  My gosh, she did everything but throw herself on her bed naked and beg Chris to have his way with her yesterday, and it was sickening to watch.  No more moral character, no more pure and undying love, no more decency and virtue.  There was only a selfish, whining, lustful harlot, so eager to get her next conquest into bed that she would and did do anything to make it happen. 

 Maybe that sounds harsh, but it's what she reminded me of.  She had come close to dying in that pond, and she was still almost freezing, but instead of concentrating on getting herself warmed up and out of danger she spent the time getting Chris to fondle and kiss her, and then gave him a not-so-veiled invitation into her bed as he left to take care of his son.  Totally out of character, totally inexcusable, and totally sickening, to boot.  And confusing as all get out, too, for all of us who thought we knew her so well.

 Last but not least, Tabitha and Kay.  Remember when Kay was adamant that Tabby cast a spell on Fox to make him successful in business?  Remember how Tabby told her it would cost her their love, and Kay said whatever, as long as he was happy?  Well, that's all changed now.  True, she never wanted that to happen in the first place, and thought that their love was strong enough to withstand it, but she knew it could happen, anyway.  Well, it seems to be happening, but it's not really the spell that's caused it, it's her.  At least it seems to me that's what's happening.

 She wanted to look in the magic bowl to see what Fox and Valerie were doing at work, even tho Tabby told her it wasn't always a true vision of what was happening, and she ended up seeing Val and Fox kissing.  She rushed down there and found Val alone, then started jumping all over her.  Sure, Val pretty much admitted she was after Fox, but once she saw him coming back she pulled a fast one on Kay, getting her to poke her and then falling as if she'd been hit or pushed.  She jumped to the conclusion, wrong as usual, that there was no way she could keep them apart, so she told Fox it was over and she never wanted to see him again, then ran out.

 Now, that was her doing, not Fox's, and he's totally hurt and confused by her turn-around, but she still thinks it's the spell that did it.  Now she wants Tabby to reverse it!  Poor old witch, she can't catch a break.  And Kay isn't kidding around, either.  She tells her she will expose her as a witch if she doesn't make Fox love her.  Now, Tabby has told her she can't make people love each other, that's not what witches do, but she made the mistake of casting a love spell on Chris and Sheridan so she knows it can be done.  And she wants it done for her and Fox, right away, or else.  

 Now, Tabby has been down that road with her before and isn't really all that worried, but when Kay tells her that if she and Fox don't get back together, she and Maria will be living with her forever, including any husbands and kids that may come later.  Well, for a witch that values her privacy, that would never do, so she agrees to do the spell, and apparently it works just right.  Endora seems to think so, anyway, and all the hearts floating around seem to point to the fact it worked, too.  I guess we'll find out for sure next week.

Now, Fox, upset and hurt by Kay's confusing actions, heads to Sam's house and arrives just in time to interrupt another confusing scene.  For the second time this week Sam and Ivy were "gettin' jiggy" in the kitchen!  Now, just the thought of those two together gives me the heeby jeebies, and a double dose of it was more than I could stomach, so I was glad when Fox strolled in and put a quick halt to it.  But, he happened to come in just as Sam was saying how happy he and Kay were, and Ivy was trying not to puke because of it.  He let them know what had happened, and seemed so hurt by it all that it made me want to cry.

 Ivy was pleased, of course, but promised both Sam and Fox that she'd talk to Kay and try to get her to change her mind.  She has no intention of doing that, however, but must now figure a way to seem as if she's trying to talk her into reuniting with Fox while actually keeping her from doing it.  Confusing, as I said, but when you know Ivy, you realize it's nothing new for her.  But anyway, now we have Kay upset at having done something so stupid, and Fox upset at having her dump him out of the blue, and we're left wondering if they'll be happy together in the end or not.  

 And while we're at it, I might as well add another blast at Jessica, just for good measure.  I mean, here she was, away from Spike again, ready to go home (or stay with Simone, one or the other), and totally determined not to hook again, but after the mess at the park with the girls he hire to cause trouble, all it took was a few words from him and she's popping pills and ready to go right back with him.  Now, she had been on her way to call the cops after the girl who accused Simone of groping her had pulled out a knife and gone after TC and Julian, or anyone she could get to really, and Julian's hand had been badly cut, but Spike stopped her and talked her out of it in , oh, I'd say maybe three minutes, tops.  

 Why does she keep falling for his baloney?  Why doesn't she ever learn?  That's the most confusing story of them all, I guess, when you get right down to it.  Well, there's nothing we can do about any of the confusing things that have been going on except watch and hope they get straightened out soon.  Oh, yeah, and complain to the high heavens about it all.  I'm getting good at that, how about you?

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