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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

12/5/05 - 12/9/05

Wow, this week was full of interesting twists and turns, romance, fisticuffs, adventure, and comedic turns, and it just kept me coming back for more.  I think, if I had to rate all the weeks I've commented on while doing these opinions, this week would be my pick for number one.  Honestly, I have really enjoyed watching the show this week, with very few exceptions.  Now, how long has it been since any of us could say that with a straight face?

Let me get to the parts I really didn't like and could have lived without, because honestly, there weren't many of those.  The one that stands out the most is the whole Fancy-stalking-Noah routine, with her constantly whining to herself as she did it.  I understand what she was feeling, although I have to say I don't understand why she felt that way, but come on, her constant yapping really grated on my nerves.  True, most everything she does has that affect on me, but considering I was actually praising her for a while, there, it really upset me.  I mean, she was a heroine for a minute, there, and now she's back to the annoying brat she always was.

Remember when she stood up for Kay?  I loved that!  I loved the way she beat Fox into submission, making him realize how badly he was treating Kay, the woman he is supposed to love.  Now this week she's back to the old Fancy, thinking the worst about everyone, whining constantly, and just a touch of Narcissistic self-evaluation.  I mean, could she have been more paranoid about where Noah was and what he was doing?  He was gone all of - what? - two hours maybe, and she had him in some kind of wild affair, doing God only knows what.  

Now, I have my own insecurities so I know how it feels to doubt someone, but this girl was so wigged out it was pathetic.  Good Lord, give the boy some room, would you?  Can you imagine how you'd feel if you couldn't be out of touch with your significant other for an hour without him/her going bonkers and thinking you were fooling around with someone else?  And the strangest thing was that in the midst of all her self-doubts she still managed to keep telling herself that no man could want anyone other than her.  Now, if that's not strange I don't know what is, and it's just plain annoying, too.  I could definitely have done without Fancy's Paranoid Rantings this week.

Another thing that bugged me was - you guessed it - Sheridan.  It's official.  I am so sick of her now I need to chew Tums like they were peanuts just to keep my stomach settled every time she's onscreen.  Honestly, could she be any more nauseating at this point?  All this "Miss Betty Homemaker, Happy Family of Three" stuff is irritating at best.  I'm sick of it, I tell you.  All she does is whine about what a horrible life she's had,  how much she's lost, and how badly she's been treated by all, and then she gives that sickeningly sweet smile to James and Chris, as if they are the cutest things on earth.  She took cooking lessons so she could cook for them?  What the heck?  And she whipped up a chocolate cake in 30 minutes, from start to finish, while at the same time dealing with Fancy's paranoia?  I don't think so.

I've been cooking for more years than she's been alive, I think, and I haven't found a cake yet that can be made and ready to eat in less than a couple of hours.  It takes almost that amount of time to cool the darn thing so the frosting won't melt when you put it on.  And the end of their storyline this week was just sick.  He takes James to her bedroom because - how convenient - he wants to watch videos and the only DVD player in the place is in there, and they fall asleep in her bed just before she finishes cleaning up and heads up there herself.  She comes in, sees them sleeping, covers them....and then crawls into bed with them!  Of course, Chris wakes up and says they will go to their own room,  but she tells him to stay there, and then they stare lovingly at each other.  Oh, barf!!

Last but not least we come to Jessica.  Can this girl get any stupider?  She knows Spike uses her and keeps her high on drugs, and that she needs to stay away from him, but just because Sam chose to be with his son when he died instead of going to her first counseling session she let's the scumbag talk her into going with him again.  And when he spikes her hot chocolate and she starts feeling the effects of it, she doesn't even try to get help or get away from him.  She falls right back into her role as prostitute to his pimp.  And when Sam finds her and tries to explain, she listens to Spike telling her it's because he doesn't care about her at all, only Ethan, and that's only because he wants to keep Ivy in his bed.  Oh, brother!

Jess was such a smart girl, as I've said so often before, and it really bugs me to see her fall so easily for this guy's lies, especially when she knows he lies and he only uses her.  No one could be that stupid, right?  But, there she is, happily getting ready to service whatever john Spike brings to her, and kicking her dad in the gonads, figuratively speaking, at the same time.  And what about the fact that every time she's with some guy, he ends up dead and she has to call her friends to come get her out of it?  No, the girl would have to be totally brain dead to fall for all that again.  And yet, she does.  It's a pity Ethan's the one on life-support, when she's the one with no brain action going on.

All right, now on to the good stuff, which, mercifully, was most of the show.  Honestly, I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the show this week.  I love Eve's reaction to Liz's latest scheme, I loved watching Theresa and Noah whisk Ethan away from the hospital to the Crane cabin, and I even liked the Norma/Edna scenes.  Maybe I've been delirious for some reason, but I honestly enjoyed this week a lot.

Eve made me so proud this week.  I don't know if she hung around outside her office to hear Liz crow to Julian about how she'd pulled another one off against her or not, but when she came back into the room there was no doubt she was well aware of what Liz had done, and she made no bones about it.  She slapped The Lizard so hard I thought her head would spin around, and then proceeded to tell her that she was having none of her lies and she needed to get over it and move on.  She threw down the gauntlet at Liz's feet and told her to grow up and get a life, basically.  She said she wasn't going to feel bad about what had happened to her sister when she was young because it hadn't been her fault and she refused to accept the blame any longer.

Now, I've been waiting for that since Liz started her campaign against Eve and Julian, and I would have stood up and cheered had my son not been in the other room.  My kids are already looking for signs of senility, and I don't want to give them any more ammunition than I have to, you know.  Anyway, Eve and Julian both finally told Liz where she could stick her dirty tricks and machinations, and then unceremoniously tossed her out of Eve's office with instructions to either get a life or go to hell, whichever.  I loved it!  Now, I know Liz isn't about to walk away and admit defeat, and she'll find some other way to cause problems for them, but for at least one shining moment, all was right in the world of Eve and Julian.  Now, if I could just figure out why the Lady with Red Fingernails (hereafter referred to as LRFN) was lurking outside the office, listening.  Hmmmm.

I felt bad for Kay this week, tho.  Yes, she brought it on herself by having Tabitha cast that success spell on Fox, but still, she really got the short end of the stick this week.  She loves him with all her heart, and she wants to believe that their love is strong enough to overcome the results of the spell Tabby put on him, but it really looks like that might not happen.  Not only is the spell working against her, but Ivy and Valerie are, too, and it doesn't look good for the girl.  The spell has him single-mindedly focused on his Singapore project, which he wants to succeed at so he can give Kay and Maria the life he wants them to have (Awwwwwww!), but it causes him to ignore Kay, and that doesn't sit well with her.  

Kay was really upset with him because he wouldn't walk away from the work to go be with Ethan while he died,  and no amount of nagging on her part could make him change his mind.  He wanted to get the work done first.  Now, a few minutes later he stopped to think about what he was doing and realized he was hurting her, so he told Valerie to take care of what they were doing and left with Kay for a family night at home, along with some romantic time with Kay.  Of course, that wasn't going to happen, or at least it wouldn't last, but it's the thought that counts, right?

 The dinner at Tabby's with the kids went well, and although there was an argument of sorts over the movie they would watch after - Fox brought The Wizard of Oz, laughing about the parts where the witches died, while Tabby was offended and preferred a blood-and-gore movie - it was worked out by Endora who zapped a movie she likes onto the TV.  Later, Fox and Kay went upstairs for the romantic part, and she turned off the house phone and his cell phone, which kept Valerie from contacting him when a problem arose.

Now, the problem turned out to be a God-send for Val, since Ivy, upset at the fact Fox was with Kay again, ordered her to find a way to get him away from her, and she wasn't sure how to do that without letting him know she was doing it deliberately.  However, when she couldn't get hold of Fox in time, it looked like the whole project was ruined, and that really made Fox angry.  I've got to hand it to Kay, she could have kept her mouth shut and he'd never have known she was the one who kept the phones from working, but she stood up and admitted what she'd done to him, and by the time he'd left for the office to try to fix it, things weren't looking too good.  Oh, he kept telling her he loves her and he's not angry with her, but his actions and attitude toward her tell a different story, and she knows it.  Val and Ivy, of course, are thrilled, tho.

 You know, I've been an Edna fan forever, even tho she gets annoying at times, because I absolutely love Kathleen Noone in anything she does.  But Norma - she's always just been a huge pain.  I really hated seeing her and watching her trying to kill Tabby.  Oh, she was funny, but it was just annoying.  However, Norma and Edna really seem to work for me.  I guess it's just Edna's reactions to the lunacy of Norma that does it, but whatever it is, I like them together.  I thought their phone call to Tabitha was funny, and Edna's confusion when Norma slipped into her father-mode was hilarious.  You could just see her wondering what on earth she'd gotten herself into.  But the best part was the take-off on Prison Break.  Having the good-looking guy take off his shirt to reveal the map of the asylum Norma had "tattooed" on his chest and arms had me laughing like a fool. 

 Now, I love Prison Break, and the lead guy, Wentworth Miller, is gorgeous, so maybe that made it funnier for me.  In case you haven't watched the show, Wentworth's character got himself thrown into the same prison his brother is in, waiting to be executed for a murder he didn't commit, so he can break him out before it happens, and he's had a schematic of the whole prison tattooed on his upper body in a kind of pictorial code that only he understands.  It's helping him find the path out of the prison.  So seeing this hunky guy with the childish map on his chest to help Norma and Edna escape the asylum was just hysterical.  I loved it!

 Now we get to Theresa, Ethan, and Noah.  I swear, if the US wants someone who can come up with a plan to find and capture Osama Bin Laden, they need look no further than Theresa.  That girl can come up with the most outlandish schemes you can think of, and they usually work.  OK, in the end it usually crashes down on her head, but no one can deny that they don't do what they were supposed to do before then.  Yes, it helps to have the Crane money to work with, but the ideas are all Theresa.  She managed to get an ambulance and all the supplies she'll need to care for Ethan until he wakes up, and got him out of the hospital right under the noses of the whole gauntlet of doctors, nurses, and security guards.  Amazing.

 I know not everyone will agree, but I applaud her dedication to this man.  She really, truly loves him, and realizes there is still hope for him, no matter what Eve says.  After all, how many times has Eve been right over the years?  Yeah, not that many, if any, so how can anyone trust what she says about Ethan's condition?  Anyway, Theresa is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him alive, and I sure hope he appreciates it when he gets back.  Now, I  know most people are thinking when he wakes up he'll only remember Theresa, or he'll have heard everything that went on while he was out and realize she's the one he needs to be with, or he'll simply realize that life is short and it should be spent with the one you truly love.  I, however, have come to a different conclusion, brought on by Theresa's daydream this week.

I figure what will happen when he awakens is that he will be grateful to Theresa for giving him the chance to come back, but he'll still feel he needs to honor his vows and stay with Gwen, or he will have heard everything but he'll see it as Gwen doing what he wanted while Theresa did what she wanted so he'll pick Gwen to be with.  There's also the possibility that he will wake up and be so angry at Theresa for what happened to him that he will have her arrested and make sure she spends the rest of her life in jail.  

Either way, tho, I don't think she'll end up with him after all.  My reasoning?  Her daydream.  She dreamed that he woke up, that he had heard everything and realizes that she is the one that really loves him, that Gwen is only a Prima Donna who didn't want to be bothered with taking care of him, and he only wants to be with her, making love, forever.  Now, having dreamed that, it can't possibly happen that way.  So, for everyone hoping for an Therethan reunion, don't get your hopes up.

Finally, I am really beginning to wonder about the LRFN.  We know she hates Alistair, and that she supports Eve/Julian, Theresa/Ethan, and Simone, but we don't know why.  I mean, if she is Rachel, why would she care so much about the Bennett's and Russell's?  Why would she be so eager to stop Fancy from letting Gwen and the others know where Ethan is?  Why does she care what Liz is doing to Eve and Julian?  And what does it matter to her how Simone feels?  It's really confusing.  I am still thinking Sam's mother is a viable guess, but I'm just not sure about Rachel.  I don't know.  I guess we're to find out her identity in a couple of weeks, or so they say, so I guess we'll just have to wait until then for the answers to our questions.

All right, enough for now.  I'll talk to you all again next week, and I'm hopeful I will be just as happy with the way the show is going then, too.  I tell you, if the show keeps this up it might just pull itself out of the slump it's in and become a real fan favorite.  Otherwise, next month might bring us news none of us really wants to hear.  But I prefer to think positively, so I have high hopes for this upcoming week.

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