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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

11/28/05 - 12/2/05

Wow, three weeks in a row!  Or is it four?  I've lost count, but another Friday has come and gone, leaving me anxious to see the show Monday and find out what's going to happen.  This has to be a record, I'm telling you.  If this keeps up I may have to learn a whole new set of descriptive words because the old "boring, stupid, yawn, and good-Lord-can't-they-speed-things-up" ones just aren't going to fit anymore.

First and foremost, I have to make an admission here.  I am in Fancy's cheering section now.  Ok, now that you've picked yourselves up again, let me tell you why.  First, she has shown a decent streak, something that has been sorely lacking since she first came on the scene.  She actually cares about what Kay is going through at Fox's hands.  Second, she actually did something about it!

How many times have we watched as characters complain about how a "friend" is being treated, yet never do a thing to help, and sometimes even help the tormentor do the rotten things to that "friend"?    I can't even begin to count them, but it's happened with Eve/Grace, Eve/Theresa/Pilar, Whitney/Theresa, among others. But this week Fancy learned Kay was being treated unfairly and she went to try to fix it.  What a girl!

I loved the ear-pulling bit.  I used to do that to my brother, too, since it was the only way I could get the upper hand with him.  He's older than I, bigger and stronger, too, and I could never get the best of him.  However, once I found out his secret weakness was the good old ear twist, my fortunes changed immensely.  So, watching Fox practically crawling across the floor as his sister twisted his ear was a lot of fun for me.  Not so much for him, but....he deserved it!  And her lecture about doing what they always said they would and not be like their parents, while that's exactly what he's doing now, was priceless.  She really laid into him.  Now we just have to wait and see if it did any good.

I always saw Fox as a smart guy, and someone who was good at reading people, but Valerie is just leading him around by the nose.  And she's as obvious as she can be about it, yet he seems not to notice.  I'm disappointed in him, really, and maybe that's another reason I loved watching him writhing in pain from his sister's "loving attention" to him.  That woman is such a skank, and yet  Fox can't see it.  I just don't get it.  Fancy saw it, and Kay is beginning to see it, too, but not Fox.  She spent the week putting Kay down at every turn, and even tho she did it in a nice-sounding way, you knew that's what she was doing.  Why couldn't he see that?  Kay has, and let her know that she's not dealing with such an easy mark after all.

Seeing Fancy and Kay talking together, with Fancy actually caring about what was going on with her, was really nice.  It's so good to have someone on Kay's side for once.  And I think having Fancy giving her feedback on Valerie's actions really helped her see that she does, indeed, need to watch the woman.  I think she already had some suspicions, but she didn't seem to be able to trust her own instincts.  Now, with Fancy's input, she sees more clearly just how Val is working both her and Fox, so maybe she can stop it.  It may take a while, of course, but I think she can do it.

Another shocker - I even saw a more human side to Gwen this week.  Well, Friday, to be exact.  She finally seemed to really be torn over whether to pull the plug on Ethan or not.  It only lasted a few minutes, but it was there, and it makes me think this really is a hard thing for her to do.  All along I thought she just didn't want to be bothered caring for him the way he is, but she really did seem torn yesterday.  Of course, she did it anyway, but it didn't seem so easy.  I loved Ivy, too, when she ran over and turned the machine back on.

See, that would be me.  The thought of making my child die under the circumstances Ethan finds himself in just wouldn't sit right with me, not so darn quickly, anyway.  I still don't see the need to do this so fast.  I see no harm in letting it wait a while, a month or two, maybe three, just to give him a chance to recover, if possible.  I mean, really, it's only been a week or two, our time, and it seems like only two or three days Harmony time, so it's like they haven't even given him a chance.  I simply don't see the need to rush this.

It looks like Theresa might actually be able to save him, tho.  She managed to talk Noah into helping her kidnap Ethan, and using Alistair's money she's gotten everything they need to do it with.  The only problem is the incessant need these two seem to have to talk and waste time.  First he wanted to call Fancy, right in the middle of the kidnapping, and tell her what they were doing.  Now, that is the stupidest thing I've heard in years.  He says he doesn't want to lie to her.  Stupid!

You know as soon as she would have talked to him, she'd have been on the phone telling the police and Gwen herself what was up, and their whole plan would fail.  I understand his need to be truthful, but good heavens, wait until the deed is done and then spill your guts to your little lady.  Anyway, they wasted time with that, but Theresa finally talked him out of it.  Ok, she also managed to break the phone while taking it away from him, but that's beside the point.  He listened to reason, anyway.

Once they get into the room after all the mourners went with Father Lonigan to the chapel to pray and exchange memories and thoughts about Ethan, she and Noah got Ethan all loaded up and ready to go just as the  mourners were returning, and Theresa wasted time talking to Ethan and kissing him, etc!  Just get him out of there, fool!  Gwen and Co. are right at the door, and she's still telling Ethan she loves him and he's going to get better instead of getting the heck out of Dodge!  So, will they make it out or not?  There is a back door, as we know from when Alistair set up her secret visit to Ethan, but will they move quickly enough to get him out before the door opens?  Ok,  yes, they will, but still, she needs to hurry it up.

I enjoyed Julian's remembrances of Ethan, and Sam's, too.  But for the love of God, Sheridan, why can't you ever let it be about someone else?  Could that woman be any more self-centered at this point?  Everything has to be about her, what she thinks, how she feels, etc.  She just has to get up and say something, too, but instead of making it remembrances of Ethan, she makes it about how hard all this is on her, how she just doesn't think she can stand any more, and how she's lost so much lately.  Oh, boo hoo!  Sit down and shut up!  And to top it off, Chris ends up making a move on her during her "pain", and she's all for it!  That makes him a sleeze, in my book, and her.....well, we already know how I feel about her at this point.

Poor Pilar just can't get a break, can she?  She goes to see Ethan and spends her time apologizing for her daughter, which is a nice thing to do, but as she's doing it, Rebecca comes in and starts her rude and uncalled for ranting about Theresa and making her pay, etc.  And Ivy joined in with her!  Even at a time like this those two can't stop obsessing with Theresa.  I was surprised Gwen didn't join in, but she didn't, and I have to give her props for that.  Sam and Sheridan told the two women this wasn't the time for that kind of stuff, and Gwen seemed to agree.  Good for her.

Man, Liz is really a perv, isn't she?  Can you imagine, in her sister's office at the hospital, as everyone is getting ready to pull the plug on the man Julian believed was his son for years, she comes in and puts the move on him.  She takes her clothes off and demands he have sex with her, and even says she'll kill Eve if he doesn't.  What a sleeze she is.  (Say, maybe she and Chris should get together)  I don't know what Julian is going to do, but I sure hope he manages to get away from her.  My question is this:  if he raped her so horribly all those years ago, how can she even think about being with him again?  Yes, I know she wants revenge (still!) against her sister, but this is just too much.

I got a kick out of Kay and Simone this week, too.  Simone finally came out and told Kay her secret, and Kay's reaction was really great.  She couldn't have cared less!  What a great friend she is.  It was like Simone told her she had a new freckle on her nose or something, that's how big a reaction she got from Kay at her announcement.  Yes, Kay was somewhat upset that she waited so long to tell her, but other than that, it was no big deal.  I've always known Kay was a decent person despite all the hysterical actions she's taken over the years, so it's not really that big a surprise, but for Simone, after the way her dad, Jessica, and Aunt Irma acted, it really was a relief.  Good for Kay!

Speaking of Aunt Irma, could you believe her this week?  Simone did a really nice thing by going to visit her and bring her a present for her birthday, and the old lady really appreciated it.  The present was a book of African-American history, and Irma recounted what her youth had been like, having lived through the Civil Right's era and experienced things no human should ever have to.  They were getting along so well, and the old lady was actually smiling and being nice for once.

She told Simone she is lucky to not have to know what discrimination was about, and so Simone figured she'd let her know that she, like Irma, has to live with it, too, because she's a lesbian.  Well, that did it, and Aunt Irma blew up, calling Simone horrible names and telling her to leave and never come back.  That was such a good example of how even those who've gone through it themselves can still be intolerant themselves.  I felt bad for Simone, tho, and so having Kay react like she did helped her a lot.

Well, the Lady with the red fingernails sure is getting around, isn't she?  So far she's talked to Kay and Paloma, and Theresa, too, plus she visited Ethan in the hospital.  Now, just what do all these people have in common?  Other than being friends, I don't know.  What I do know is, she hates Alistair, and it has something to do with the Bennetts, Russells, and Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  She has gone out of her way to help Kay, Paloma, Theresa, and Ethan, so she has nothing against any of them.  And none of them recognized her, so she can't be Grace or Katherine.  Oh, yeah, she knew Kay was a Bennett, even tho she thought she was Jessica.

So, what does all this tell us?  I haven't a clue.  I'm still thinking she might turn out to be Sam's mother, and yesterday I got a feeling I could be right when he mentioned how his parents are dead.  I know, that makes no sense, but you know whenever someone starts talking about someone not around any longer they show up, so who knows.  I just hope they let us in on the secret soon.  I mean, it's fun to try to guess and all, but only for so long.  Once it goes on for too long, tho, it ceases to be fun and just becomes a pain.

Ok, that's about it for this week.  As I said, I'm anxiously waiting for Monday to see how Theresa and Noah get Ethan out of the room before the others get back, and to see just what Kay and Fancy will do to Fox and Valerie.  I really wish Kay would learn to use the powers she apparently has, not to do anything horrible to Val, but just to do things like Endora did to keep her off guard and make her slip up.  I really want to know what Julian is going to do, how he will stop Liz, and whether Eve will find out what she's up to now.

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