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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

11/21/05 - 11/25/05

Sorry, folks, but I don't think this is going to be one of my better efforts, although I will try.  I'm battling either a humongous, ugly cold, or the flu, and sitting here typing is not nearly as enticing as crawling back under my covers with a nice, hot cup of tea.  I'll do my best, but please accept my apologies if it's not complete or doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  The real bummer is, I had my first-ever flu shot a couple weeks ago, even tho I never get the flu, so if this is the result of that shot, I think I'm suing somebody.  Or maybe not.  I might see things in a different light once I can actually see straight again.

Anyway, I have to say this was another week that left me wanting more.  Two weeks in a row!  Things are looking up, aren't they?  The whole business between Gwen and Theresa over whether Ethan lives or dies is still holding my interest, and of course, Endora's Thanksgiving antics are a real treat.  Now we have Edna and Norma back, in the insane asylum and plotting revenge on Tabitha together, and for some reason that even sounds like fun.  Maybe it's the fever.....

Theresa and Gwen just keep butting heads about whether to pull the plug on Ethan or not, and it's kind of exciting.  I can see the merit in both sides for once, so it's hard to condemn either of them, but of course, being a Theresa fan, I wish she could win out.  She loves Ethan so much she can't bear to lose him, and to her, where there's life, there's hope.  The tests came back showing Ethan is in a "persistent coma", meaning he quite likely will never wake up, but miracles do happen, especially in Harmony, (and of course we all know he's not going anywhere, no matter what) so anything can happen.  

 Theresa is willing to give it time, saying his Living Will specified brain damage as the reason to unplug him, while that's not what this is.  Gwen, on the other hand, is determined to do what she thinks he said to do, and although it seems to be a little hard on her, she is willing to do it, no matter what.  As I said, I can see why both women feel the way they do, but I really don't see what the rush is.  Ok, you don't want the guy living for years on machines, but what's wrong with giving him a month or two?  Isn't he worth the effort on the off chance he just might actually wake up after all?

I have to say, tho, there were a couple of things I really got upset at Gwen for this week.  First, when she decided that in order to make up her mind she had to go ask Jane (HUH?), and then called herself "Mommy" to her.  What the heck is her problem?  That child is not hers, she and Ethan have temporary custody only, and she has no right to infer that she is Jane's Mommy.  That's Theresa's job.  Second, once she made her decision, I really hated the way she practically ran to the papers and speed wrote her name on all the pages, then just ran out of the room, leaving Ethan to fact death alone.  What the heck?  And why, why, why does she insist on continually telling him he's dying, there's no hope for him, etc?  You know he hears this, so just what is he thinking?

I'd have to say, judging from the look in his eyes yesterday as Gwen was making her excuses for killing him, that he's thinking "Wait a minute, I'm here!  See me?  I'm here, I'm alive, I don't want to die!"  I find the fact that Theresa spends her time urging him to be strong, to fight, to come back to them and not give up a lot more loving and supportive of him than Gwen's constant "You're dying, I can't stop you, there's no hope now, I need to let you die." a bit selfish and uncaring.  Now, if she didn't know comatose people can hear a lot of the time, that's one thing, but she's been told that, and yet instead of trying to help him come back, she just keeps shoving him over the cliff.

I know, there are those who disagree with me, and that's fine.  I only know what I would like to have happen to me in that situation, and being pushed headlong into my grave without giving me a chance isn't it.  As I said, I do understand where Gwen is coming from, but I just think she's being a little selfish and shortsighted, as usual, and it bugs me.  Theresa only wants to give him hope and strength to get better, and knowing he's going to die and there's nothing she can do to stop it is really hard on her.  I'm so glad Fox was there for her yesterday.  He is so much better at being her friend than Whitney is, since she keeps taking Gwen's side in everything and walking away whenever her "friend" needs her most.  I can't see her being a very good nun.  Fox tells Theresa when she is wrong, but he then comforts her as a real friend would do.

On to Tabitha's Thanksgiving Fiasco.  That poor woman just can't win, can she?  Being a witch you'd think she'd have everything under control, but that just isn't the way it is.  She and Kay tried so hard to keep Endora from finding out it's Thanksgiving because of the shambles she made of their dinner last year, but she managed to find out anyway and was excited and anxious for her favorite holiday to get here.  Now true, so far the hijinks aren't as bad as they were last year, but it was still funny to see everyone ducking and running from the flying turkey she conjured up, and I loved the conversations between her, Maria, and Miles.  That was worth it all in my opinion.

Well, we found out why Paloma and Roberto had turned into drug smugglers, and it was really for a good cause.  They were supplying the elderly with prescription drugs from Mexico that they can't get here, and apparantly even saved some lives by doing so.  Martin and Pilar, who started out so upset with them and blaming Roberto for leading their baby astray, ended up being very proud of them both.  Awwwwww!

Sheridan is still hanging on to Chris, and her mother even encouraged her in it.  I don't know, it just seems so wrong to me.  She needs to at least let Luis' body get cool before she moves on.  Maybe I'm old fashioned, but it's just not decent or respectful of his memory to do that.  And besides, I'm still certain that Chris isn't who he lets on and he's really working for either Alistair or Beth, and Sheridan is jumping headlong right into the trap set for her.

Fancy and Noah got together again once she tricked Esme into leaving for Europe and the man she loves, but once Es realized she'd been had, she headed back and ended the week with the two of them in the sights of her rifle, shooting at everything that moved.  That should be a sign, I'd think, that they should leave each other alone, but we all know that's not what will happen.  Just when the show seems to be getting a little better they throw this baloney at us and want us to swallow it whole.  Not me.  I can't find a thing about that couple that catches my fancy at all, and it actually makes me nauseous seeing them together.

Ok, I think there was more that went on this week, but I simply can't remember at this point.  This is as good as it's going to get for now, so I'll stop.  I promise it will be better next week, but I just can't get enough good, coherent thoughts to stick in my mind to work with now.  Keep watching the show, tho, because I really think it's getting better and will be worth your time.  At least for now.

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