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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

11/14/05 - 11/18/05

I have to say right up front that after the show yesterday I was left wondering what is going to happen on Monday.  Now, that's a great feeling to have with this show.  More often than not the Friday show ends and I could care less what happens next.  This isn't a first, but it is one of very few times I've felt this way.  And actually, it's not like anything really exciting happened, that's the strange part.

Oh, I could care less what Sheridan decides to do with Chris, or whether Fancy and Noah get it on in the tub or not.  Those stories just bore me at this point.  Sheridan is going to get mixed up with Chris and have to decide who she really, really wants once Luis gets back, and Fancy and Noah will continue their class warfare, ad nauseum.  Who really cares?

One thing, tho.  Am I the only one, or does anyone else think that the "vision" of Luis was actually another case of someone (probably Chris) wearing a Luis mask and pretending to be him?  Those who have been around a few years remember when that happened before, and Sheridan was sure Luis had turned on her and had another honey on the side, thanks to Alistair, and I just think that's what's going on here again.

I mean, if this was Luis' ghost, she wouldn't be able to touch him, would she?  I don't think so.  And it seemed a bit strange to me that a thick fog came up all of a sudden, then seemed to disappear just as suddenly, or was confined to the one area of the beach where Luis appeared and nowhere else.  No, I think it was a masquerade, and the new hairstyle kind of works toward that scenario, too.  Add the fact that it's pretty convenient that he shows up to tell Sheridan to forget about him and move on with Chris and you've got a good case for some shenanigans going on.  I'll try to keep an open mind on this, but it just doesn't add up.  We know Galen's coming back soon, so Luis can't really be dead.

Ok, now on to the parts that I found interesting enough to make me want Monday to get her faster.  Kay and Ivy, for one.  Ivy, trying to appease Sam after their engagement, seemed to want to bury the hatchet with Kay, even defending her in the whole Singapore computer virus thing.  Kay was surprised, and happy, too, because she really loves Fox and doesn't want Ivy causing them to split up.  Yes, they had words about Grace and what Ivy did to get rid of her, but they came to see neither could rat on the other without causing themselves problems, so it was apparently buried.

Not so fast!  While Kay is really trying to be decent to Ivy at this point, Ivy has no such plans for her nemesis.  She doesn't want "that woman" to be with her precious son, who she only started paying attention to once he came back all grown up and didn't really need her any more.  Never mind that, tho.  She wants to make sure Kay never gets her hands on him, meaning she has to get her fired and make Fox hate her, too.  She simply wants Valerie to be more careful next time, since Kay has figured out she was set up by someone on the inside and is determined to figure out who.

You would think Ivy would be concentrating on Ethan as he lies there comatose, with no one knowing whether he will live or die, or whether he will have any brain function if he does live.  Gwen is eager to pull the plug at the first sign he might live as a vegetable, and while Ivy and Sam don't want her to do that, they feel they have to honor his living will, which makes sense.  But the problem is, Gwen wants to do it as soon as they find out instead of waiting a while to make sure there's no hope, and I'm not sure how Ivy will take that.  

Now, I find it truly strange that Ivy and Gwen both spend more time threatening and worrying about Theresa than about Ethan's condition and what they can do for him, if anything.  Sam even told Ivy to forget about Theresa and give Ethan all her attention and strength, but she and Gwen seem unable to do that.  I understand it from Gwen, since her whole life revolves around Theresa and causing as much trouble for her as possible.  It's cost her two children already, and maybe Ethan, too, since she knew about the poisoned guacamole yet told no one because she wanted Theresa to kill Alistair so she and Rebecca could make sure she got charged, convicted, and executed for it, but she still can't get Theresa out of her mind.

I've heard people say it seems like she's in love with Theresa and angry that she can't have her, considering how much time she spends obsessing over her.  I wouldn't go that far, but I do have to say, once her obsession cost her a daughter and the chance to have any  more kids, I would think she'd drop it and work on making sure her marriage was strong and Ethan was content with her.  That would keep Theresa from being any kind of threat at all.  Now, whatever you think about her, Theresa has tried several times to move on from Ethan, but every time she does he manages to let her know that she is the one he really, truly loves and draws her right back into the fray.

They keep saying Theresa is her own worst enemy, but I'd have to say that applies to both Gwen and Ethan, too.  Gwen can't stop thinking about Theresa and worrying about what she may want, and Ethan can't stop thinking about her, either, and wanting to be with her.  These two create their own problems, just as much as Theresa does hers.  But, anyway, I am anxious to see what the test results are going to be and what Gwen, Ivy, and Sam do once they find out.  It could be a very exciting storyline.

I am also anxious to see what Endora is going to do next for Kay and Fox.  Yes, I know Tabitha keeps telling her there is no way to stop what's going to happen, but you know that little tyke is going to keep playing Cupid with those two, and my guess is she will get what she wants - or else.  It was nice to see Tabby showing she has feelings for Kay and Maria, and isn't happy with the predicament they find themselves in with Ivy and Valerie.  She may be an evil old witch, but she truly does have a heart, and it keeps popping up all the time now. 

Another thing I'm getting interested in is this Passions Red woman.  Who on earth is she?  Rachel?  That's the prevailing wisdom at this point, but I just think that's too easy.  I think it has to be someone we'd never expect.  I was thinking it could be Edna or Beth, but I don't think so.  The voice is wrong.  Oh, I guess it could be Edna disguising her voice, but I just really think Kay and/or Fox would recognize either of them.  But I've got another theory I'd like to share with you, so hear me out.

I thought it was strange that Rachel would know about Jessica Bennett.  True, she thought Kay was her, but she was close.  How would Rachel know anything about her, tho, and why would she want to?  She died when Sheridan was young, well before either Kay or Jessica were born, so she would have no knowledge of them at that point.  Ok, so maybe she's been keeping an eye on the goings on in Harmony, but why would that include the Bennett girls?  It wouldn't.  She'd want to know about Alistair, Katherine, Julian and Sheridan, and the grandkids. She'd have no reason to think about the Bennetts. 

There is one woman who would be old enough to have been connected to Alistair somehow and who would be interested in what Sam did with his life:  his mother!  Now, what if this is his mother, who he believes died years ago, and at some point she was involved with Alistair romantically.  Somehow, for some reason, they split up and she met and married Sam's father.  Now, if Alistair still loved her, or at least considered her his property, that would explain his hatred for Sam's father and the harsh feelings he's harbored for Sam and his family all these years, too.  What if, now that Al has caused so many problems for her son and his family, she has decided to come back and make him pay for all of it?  And what if, in reality, Sam turns out to be Alistair's son, not his fathers, ala Ethan?  Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?

 I don't know what the answer is any more than any of you do, but I think this would make for a really interesting twist to things, much more than just having Rachel show up alive (yawn!) after all these years.  I mean, if the whole world knows who's risen from the dead before the story even started, what fun is that?  Now, I don't have enough faith in the innovativeness of the Passions writing staff to be certain they won't take the easy way out, but I would really love it if they really gave us a surprising twist for once. 

 Ok, I guess that's about it for now.  As I said at the beginning, I am actually anxious for Monday to get here, and I hope when I see it I won't be disappointed.  But you know if I am, you'll hear it here next week.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I am thankful for the chance to write this column every week, and that people like you come in and read it.  Thanks so much to all who make that possible.

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