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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

11/7/05 - 11/11/05

Well, this week went from attempted murder to cartoons.  While that sounds like quite a jump, it's not really such a big one for this show.  But I guess we're used to all that by now, aren't we?

So, Theresa tries another scheme to do away with her pig of a husband and it backfires on her, as usual, by almost taking out the man she really loves instead.  Who else but Theresa could do something like that?  I swear, that girl is thicker than a brick!  Hey Theresa, here's a clue for ya  - stop doing everything people tell you not to do!!!  Listen to them, because they seem to know a lot better than you do what will happen.  Pay attention!!

Now, I'm a Theresa fan, and I am despising Gwen more and more as time goes on, but I have to say the things our little twit is getting herself into these days are below the level of stupid.  She's always been flighty and quick to jump into any stupid plan she comes up with, but instead of learning from her mistakes she just keeps getting into even worse situations each time.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone with as little common sense as she has.  She simply never learns, and doesn't even try to.

This time she's really done it, tho.  In trying to poison Alistair, she managed to poison Ethan, and now he's lying between death and life as a vegetable, while Al is still strutting around causing problems for all of Harmony.  I mean, if she insists on doing these stupid things, the least she could do is learn how to do them correctly, you know?

Sheridan has latched on to Chris now.  I still can't get over how she was so torn up and mourning the death of her "one true love", her soul mate, Luis in the morning, yet crying over losing Chris, then acting like the Happy Housewife with him and his son in the evening after the whole Mafia threat was over and he learned he can stay in Harmony after all.  The woman turns on a dime!  I hate to say it, but she's become what I would politely call a quick conquest for men.  It just doesn't take her long to hop from one guy to the next, and that's not a trait I admire in a woman.  She should be wearing a big red "A" on her forehead, or maybe that should be a "W", since she wasn't married.

Anyway, watching her and Chris acting like happily married lovers while bathing James was sickening, especially since she'd just buried Luis earlier in the day.  I simply don't understand how she could switch so quickly.  Maybe that's just me, tho.

Simone, Paloma, Noah, and Sam saved Jessica from Spike yet again, after another apparent murder of a john, and she's safely sleeping at home in her own bed again.  God only knows how long that will last.  I can't say I minded seeing both Noah and Sam beat the snot out of the creep, and Sam even managed to break his arm, but watching them repeat the rescue scene over and over again, with Jess always heading right back to the fool is really tiresome.  They need to move on to something new with her.

I'm not sure what to think about Gwen this week.  You can certainly see the difference in the love she and Theresa have for Ethan, that's for sure.  Gwen sat with him, true, and talked about her love, and what she wants, etc, but she was more than willing to go home and sleep in her own bed afterwards.  Theresa spent her time with him apologizing, of course, but also talking about how he's going to get better, how she will give him her strength, what the future will be like for them, and she slept next to him in his hospital bed.  She is doing what she can to give him the strength to get better.  Gwen's focus seems to be more on herself, what she's missing, and on hating Theresa, with Ethan's well-being as an afterthought.  And according to the spoilers for next week she will be eager to pull the plug on him when she thinks he will be  vegging the rest of his life, if he lives.

Kay is being ganged up on by Ivy and Valerie, even worse than before.  Ivy is determined to keep her away from her son, and Valerie simply wants to take the surest route to the Crane power and money, so they teamed up to get Kay out of Fox's work and love life.  Kay, of course, isn't a dummy, so she sees what's going on, but has no way to combat it.  She has no proof that they are the ones that caused the problems with the Singapore Project, making it look like she did it, but she knows they did it, somehow.  So do Tabitha and Endora, and you know that baby isn't going to let anything get between her brother and her friend.

That's where the cartoon comes in.  Fox decides he and Kay should take the day off and not worry about work at all.  He wants to take her and the babies for a fun day, but Maria is sleeping, so he decides to read Endora a story.  He finds a fairy tale he thinks is good, and as he starts to read it, Endora suddenly causes him and Kay to be sucked into it, becoming cartoon characters.  He is Prince Foxworth, and she is Lady Kay, and they are in the process of marrying, with King Sam and Queen Ivy of Crane in attendance.  The Queen, of course, isn't happy with situation and excuses herself for a few minutes.  After she leaves, a fire-breathing dragon flies onto the scene and everyone takes off running.  Prince Foxworth sees Lady Kay running toward the forest and yells for her not to go there, but she keeps going, with the dragon hot on her heels- so to speak.

The Prince jumps on his trusty steed, vowing to save his Lady fair from the horrible beast, and they take off after the dragon, with him yelling his love to Lady Kay, telling her he's coming to save her.  By this time Endora has also zapped herself and Tabby into cartoonland, and they watch all this happening.  Tabby tells her baby girl that there is nothing they can do against the dragon, and while Endora tries to zap her, she finds out Mom is right, as her magic has no effect on the dragon at all.  As soon as the dragon catches up to Lady Kay, the girl sees the face, and it's Queen Ivy of Crane!  She's transformed herself and swears she will never allow Kay to marry her precious son.  She grabs Kay and flies away with her, while Prince Foxworth chased after them on his steed, and Tabby and Endora watch in fear for their friend's life.

Now, isn't that cute?  But I have to wonder about something.  I know TV execs like younger audiences, so I have to wonder if they are aiming at an even younger audience with this cartoon?  I don't know if they're baby-baiting or not, but it sure makes one wonder.  Ok, I'm not totally disliking it, but I have to say it's not something I've ever seen done before, and it takes some getting used to.  But heck, we put up with an orangutan nursemaid for a couple of years, so why not a cartoon?

Last but certainly least, Fancy is in another of her snits as the week ends.  It seems an old friend of hers, Esme, has come to town on her way to New York for a fashion show or party, or both, and wants Fancy to go with her.  Fancy is still moping around because she can't make Noah do what she wants and petulantly tells her friend she isn't interested.  She had just awakened from a sexy dream of Noah so she's in a particularly whiny mood, and her friend wonders if she's sick or something.  Sickening is more like it, actually.

Anyway, she finally talks the grouch into going shopping at the wharf, and brags about the really hot limo driver she rented for the day.  Somehow Fancy manages to get into the limo without seeing him, but when they arrive at the stores and he helps her out she sees it's Noah, who just got the limo driving job to make more money to help his family, and her mood darkens even more.  She is especially upset at the fact that Esme plans to seduce him before she's through, and he isn't dismissing her out of hand.  Now, let me get this straight.  She doesn't want him, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him, either.  Yep, SLRG Syndrome, for sure.  (That's Spoiled Little Rich Girl)  I am hoping Esme will be able to talk her into leaving with her, and she'll never come back to Harmony.  Quick, somebody introduce him to Gwen.  I think they'd be great together.

Tabby got a collect phone call from Edna, too, although she didn't accept it.  This must foreshadow Edna's return to Harmony, and I simply can't wait!  It seems she's in jail for some reason, and I'm also anxious to find out what that's all about.  Just what has our dowdy spinster cum hot mama gotten herself into this time?  Let's hope it's something good from a storyline standpoint.  I've really missed her, believe it or not.

The Passions Red Lady is still lurking around.  Now, I don't know about where you are, but we simply aren't getting the special scenes with her in them at all.  What we get is the tail end of the message that comes up saying "For more on the Red Lady, go to", or something like that.  I realize that's the fault of our local station, but it really makes me angry.  True, I can go to the website and see them there, but they are always real small, and too dark, and I can't see what's happening most of the time, not clearly, at least.  Anyone have any ideas as to her identity, or are you all still thinking it has to be Rachel come back to life?  I haven't a clue, but that seems to be the prevailing theory so far.

Well, that's about all for this week.  I guess it wasn't a bad week, since there was a lot of action with the characters - movement and all - and that's always a good thing.  At least I appreciate it, and let's face it, with this show, you take what little good you can find and you're grateful for it.

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