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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

10/17/05 - 10/21/05

A week of mourning for poor Luis.  Of course, we all know it's not true, but the characters don't, so they're still pretty torn up about it.  Poor Pilar (that seems to have become her new name) just can't be allowed to mourn in full for the second of her sons to "die", for one reason or another.  First and foremost is Sheridan's need to be the center of attention, as if she is the only one who's hurting.

I still don't see how she can be so deeply affected when she had already started getting close to Chris.  For a couple of days there it was like she couldn't figure out just which man to  mourn the loss of.  I guess out of sight, out of mind for her, tho.  Luis leaves, or should I say, she pushes him out of town, and within a few days she's already hung up on Chris, a man she doesn't even really know.  Now Chris leaves town, and her thoughts seem to only be on Luis' death.  I really wish she'd make up her mind.

Yet another week goes by without one word from any of them about how the DNA tests done to prove Sheridan was dead after the boat she was on blew up were faked.  What's it going to take for them to get that memory to come back?  I mean,  you would really think someone would have figured that out by now.  I give Sheridan credit for feeling he's not really dead, but she just won't act on it.  Remember how Luis was telling everyone every day that Sheridan wasn't dead, he would know if she were, etc?  All we get from her is "I just feel he hasn't left me."  As soon as one of the others reminds her of the DNA tests she's ready to back away from that.  What a difference.  Poor Luis deserves so much better than her.

I have to say, tho, I was pleased to see her tear into Alistair on Thursday.  There were flashes of the Sheridan we used to know and love, and it was great to see.  She refused to remain quiet when he disrespected the Lopez-Fitzgerald family and Luis himself by being rude and extremely crude when he came to pick up Theresa.  The man was horrible, but then, when isn't he?  There was no call for him to stand in the midst of the mourners, with Luis' coffin right there, and tell them all he was horny and wanted to take her home and...well, you all know what he said.  Absolutely despicable.

Another one who really ticked me off - although it's nothing new, especially the last few months - was Gwen.  I could not believe the self-satisfied, almost gleeful look on her face as Alistair let them all know he was going to take Theresa home and force her to "service him".  She knows what he does to her, she even  heard Theresa crying and saying "no', and just walked back to her room, turned the music up to drown out Theresa's cries of pain, and had sex with Ethan.  Man, she is nothing but scum.  She was almost wetting herself in her gleeful excitement over the fact Theresa was going to be brutally raped again and again, and could only grin and tell herself she was glad it was happening and hoped it would continue for years.

Now, I ask you, what kind of person is that?  All the Theresa haters out there, I want you to stop and think for a minute what she would do if the tables were turned.  You know good and well she would have done whatever she had to do to keep Gwen from being violated that way, because as much as she hates her, she has never done anything like what Gwen has done and is doing to her now.  Theresa has her faults, the worst of which is being so darned hard-headed and determined to have her dreams come true, but she's not evil nor cruel, but Gwen is.  No one can deny that now.

Jessica seemed to be doing fairly well most of the week.  Once she, Simone, and Paloma got Sam to believe their story, she really seemed to have realized the harm she has done to herself and her family with her actions, and wanted to change.  I truly believe that, with Simone's help, she would have become the Jessica we remember before long.  Ok, so we weren't all that thrilled with that Jess, either, but at least she wasn't endangering and degrading herself.  Darn that rotten Spike for manipulating her the way he does, making her do what he wants with threats and false promises.  But darn her, too, for falling for it every time.  She needs to stand up to him, confess what she thinks she may have done, and turn state's witness against him for what he definitely has done.

Kay seems to have done a lot of growing the last couple of years.  She has finally learned what true love is, and it's only made her better.  Yes, she went to have Tabitha put a spell on him so he would be a success, but that's only because she really loves him and wants him to be happy.  Even after she realized what it would cost her and tried to get it reversed, she came back around and called the reversal off because she realized she'd rather have him be happy than have him for herself.  Now, that's love.  The problem is, he was in telling Maria that, as much as he wants to be a success, it would mean nothing without her and Kay!  But fear not, dear fans, Endora is still on his side, and from the tantrum she was throwing in the kitchen the last time we saw her, she's not going to sit by and watch this happen without a fight.

Can you believe Sam told Ivy he believes they were made for each other?  Is he serious?  Ok, he doesn't know all the rotten, evil things she's done, but still, what he does know should be telling him something.  I understand his need to move on now that Grace is gone and seems to never be coming home, but he really needs to get out more and widen his horizons.  Ivy is not the woman he needs to be with.  I don't care how much she's mellowed, or how nice she now seems to be, until she stands up and admits  all the things she's done and then accepts whatever punishment is handed down to her, she is no better than she ever was.

She brought a strange man to town to lie to all of them, saying he was Grace's first husband, just so she could get close to Sam.  She drugged Whitney and almost killed her just to force Eve to keep her secrets.  She threatened Kay more than once to keep her from telling her dad what she knows about her, and she worked with Rebecca to get Theresa charged with Julian's murder, sending her to the death chamber.  And the worst thing is, she's never shown even a smidgen of remorse for any of it.  No, she's not the woman Sam needs at all.  This is only a drop in the bucket of all the rotten things she's done, too.

Eve made her final choice this week.  I think.  Maybe.  Now she's planning on marrying Julian, and doesn't realize he can't marry her at all unless he can find a way out of the contract he signed with Rebecca.  I hope he figures this out soon, because those two need to be together and happily married.  Besides, I want to see Rebecca and Gwen get caught for all they've done and have to pay for it, too.  I figure if nothing else, putting Rebecca in jail will give him a reason to divorce her and give her no way to cause problems for Eve.  I mean, who's going to believe someone who's done the things Rebecca has done?

Well, Noah finally wised up and dumped Fancy this week.  He finally saw she's just about the dumbest thing around.  Her attitude and her ignorance of everything, apparently, should have clued him in a long time ago, but better late than never, I always say.  The thing that did it was that she ran to Grampy and begged him to give Noah a job in his business.  Now, not knowing that apartments don't come with maid service is one thing.  Not knowing that they don't have limo parking in the poorer section of town, and asking how they get anywhere without limos, is really dumb.  But not realizing that the guy who you just had to hock your jewels in order to get him out of jail after Grampy planted drugs and a gun in his care would not want to work for the old goat?  That's just flat out ignorance, and there's no cure for that.

I'm not even adding the fact that he got the guy's dad removed as the police chief and made it so he can't get work anywhere, or that he's killed the guy's best friend and his brother, too.  Oh, and don't forget the fact he set Sam up to look like a crook who took bribes and stole from the town, too.  What in God's name was that bimbo thinking, or was she thinking at all?  Probably not.  All she thinks about is herself and what she wants, along with staying on Grampy's good side so maybe he'll put her back in his will.  Now, I am under no illusions as to what Noah is going to do at this point.  He's going to take her back, of course.  He looooooooves her sooooooo much!  My only question is - why, for God's sake?  Apparently he's carrying on the Harmony tradition of having all the men turn into idiots before they're thirty.

Now, on to Gwen and Theresa.  Or should I say, back to them.  I was stunned when Gwen and Ethan went barging into the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, right into the middle of Theresa and Eve conferring as doctor and patient about what was going on in the mansion, as if they owned the place.  And Gwen just started acting as if Theresa had no right to be in her own parent's kitchen at all.  Plus she heard the tail end of a statement Theresa made TO HER DOCTOR and went right into full attack mode.  Man, that woman has a nerve!

The proper thing to do, in polite society, is to turn and walk right back out when you see someone in that situation.  But then, who ever said Gwen is polite, especially to anyone of a lower class than she?  At least Theresa got to get a few words in after Gwen shut up, for all the good it did her.  Gwen continued digging at her, being as cruel as possible, and enjoying it.  What a loser she is.  She knows Ethan doesn't love her, that he really wants to be with Theresa, and that's why she is so angry at her all the time, but she just keeps hanging on to him anyway, just so she can say she beat Theresa.  Well, Theresa was right, because when he's making love to Gwen, he's thinking about Theresa the whole time.  We've seen that before, and he's admitted it, too.

Well, I guess that's all for now.  I hope next week is a good one, and if the few spoilers I've seen are any indication, it could be.  Let's cross our fingers and hope so, anyway.  And good or bad, I'll be back here next week to let you know what I think about it.  See you then.

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