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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

10/10/05 - 10/14/05

Well, another week full of things that made me go "GRRRRRRRR!"  Yep, there were so many stinkers in the stories this time that I couldn't get through a show without getting upset at least once.  I guess they figure anything is good if it gets the viewers talking, but I have to tell you, I don't like talking bad about the show.  Yes, I do a lot of it, but if I had my druthers, I'druther be raving instead of ranting.

Again with Sheridan.  Will this never end?  She took a couple of weeks, our time, although it was only a few hours to a day Harmony time, to decide whether she wanted to have Luis come back to get Theresa out of her marriage to Alistair, and yet once she learned he's dead she was moaning and wailing about loving him and missing him and never getting to see him again.  I tell you, it was enough to make me want scream.  And on top of that, the whole time she's "mourning" Luis, she's also telling Chris he can't leave, she can't live without him, she just can't go on without him there, etc.  Now, if that's not a classic example of being two-faced, I don't know what is.

Let's not forget she's the reason Luis is dead in the first place.  She's the one that ordered him to go find "her" son, seemingly forgetting he's Luis' son, too, and she's the one that would never talk to him when he called if he didn't have Marty with him.  She told him not to come back to Harmony until and unless he brought Marty with him, so by all rights, she killed him.  He would never have been in Morocco had she not turned into a screaming banshee and forced him to chase Beth down all alone.  The question has been asked more than once why she didn't go with him if it was so important to find Marty, and I think it's a great question.  It seems it's just easier for her to sit at home and complain about Luis not finding the boy than to go help him do it.

I still say I've had all I can stand of Sheridan at this point.  She's not the woman she used to be, and going through the things she has in no way explains what she's done.  I honestly wish she would take off to find Marty and Luis would come home, safe and sound and then move on with someone else who won't turn into the world's most selfish and self-centered, whining hag just when he needs her most.  But we all know that will never happen.  No, she'll continue to carry on, making herself the center of attention because she's grieving for Luis when she really couldn't care less about him.

Poor Pilar is the one who's hurting.  She's lost two sons, had another take off chasing a woman and only hear from him through e-mails whenever he feels like contacting her, one daughter hates her for something she never caused to happen, and the other daughter is married to the devil himself.  She doesn't even get to mourn her son because she keeps having to comfort Sheridan and her crocodile tears.  Then, on top of that, her husband comes back to her after being gone over 20 years with another woman, he decides to renew their wedding vows and start over fresh, but he just can't stay away from the other woman.  And he makes no bones about the fact he will never get over the woman to anyone who will listen, except Pilar of course.  No, she keeps hearing about it and seeing him embracing the woman and then has to keep it to herself.

Theresa has finally, finally realized she's made the biggest mistake of her life in marrying Alistair, but after Ethan talked her into taking Little Ethan and running as far away as possible, leaving Jane with him and Gwen, Alistair finds out and lets her know she can leave any time, but Little Ethan is his now and he's going nowhere.  So now she has to subject herself to the old lech's pawing her whenever he's in the mood, which seems to be all the time.  Never mind he's making side trips to Rebecca's bed, too.  On top of all this she learns her brother died, and when Ethan is comforting her, Crazy Gwen barges in and starts pummeling her for trying to steal her husband. 

At least Theresa got some honest words in, no matter that Gwen didn't want to hear them.  I was glad it was brought out in the open, that she told her all the things Ethan's been telling her in private but won't admit to anyone else.  Of course, no one believes her, but the words were said, and hopefully she will catch on to the truth of them before long.  She was ranting about divorcing him this week, but once she thought Al was dead she clung to Ethan like white on rice.

Speaking of which, after Martin "shot" Alistair and they all came running and thought he was dead, I loved the looks on Gwen and Rebecca's faces.  They were terrified because now Theresa had all the power.  This is what I've been waiting for, but of course it only lasted a half a minute at best before Alistair popped up after having faked his death.   Just an aside here.  How many of you really believed Martin had shot him?  I mean, the old lizard gave Martin the gun and told him where to shoot him at, and anyone with a brain knows he wouldn't have done that if he'd been in real danger.  Looks like we'll have to wait a while longer to dance on Alistair Crane's grave.

It looks like Kay had doomed Foxay at this point.  Her wish for Tabitha to cast a spell on Fox to make him successful at work had a high price tag, and when Kay found out what that price is she began to see she'd messed up really bad.  But, it's too late now.  In exchange for becoming a success, Fox and Kay will lose their love for each other.  Poor Kay, she just can't get a break in the man department, can she?  Unless Endora can help them.  We'll have to wait until at least next week to find out about that, tho.

Liz was arrested twice, but was let go both times, thanks to Eve.  Now, you would think that would show Liz that Eve isn't bad, that she loves her and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her, but no.  Liz just got angrier because she helped her.  I wish Eve had signed the complaint, or agreed to testify against Liz at trial so the wench could go to jail and lose everything she holds dear the way she tried to make Eve lose.  I wouldn't have given it a second thought myself, she would have been in jail so fast your head would spin.  But Eve simply isn't' that kind of person, so Liz is free.  Noah and Fancy had a nice dinner and a dance in the store room, then went back to the bar to find all this going on.  It seemed to me Noah was rooting for Eve, which probably won't set to well with Ol' Lizzie Borden.  She does a great hatchet job, even if she doesn't use it on Eve physically.

Sam almost had Jessica red handed, but chose to believe the oh-so-weak story concocted by Paloma and Simone as they went along.  You know, for a cop, he sure is dumb.  Oh, he had an inkling they were lying to him, but he wanted so badly to believe Jess couldn't kill someone that he bought what they said anyway.  I hope he doesn't get hurt because of those lies.  

Well, I haven't seen the spoilers for next week so I don't know where these stories are going from here.  I only hope they get real and give us some good ones that make sense.  Too much to ask for?

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